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Sunrise Spring

Sunrise Spring Home

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 5 Eggs

Welcome to a brand new adventure. You'll see Hunter running off in front of you, there's no rush so just explore the area around you and collect all the gems you can find. Familiarise yourself with the controls for now.

001/150 Egg by the stream Isabelle
Found very near to the start, just to the left-hand side of the first area you are in.

After getting the first dragon egg, head on over to Zoe near the large portal to Sunny Villa. She'll talk about moving the camera. Then head on over towards the Sunny Villa portal. Bianca will appear and threaten you.

Don't go into the portal just yet, instead carry on through the level collecting more gems, then go talk to Moneybags who's standing next to a cage with a kangaroo in. He'll tell you about his 'deal' with the Sorceress and tells you to get more money in order to free her. You'll need 300 Gems in total to rescue her.

And carry on till you meet up with Hunter up on a slightly raised platform.

002/150 Learn gliding Coltrane
Follow Hunter over to the portal, and then talk to him again. Do as he says and glide over to him. He'll give you the egg.

Next, hop down the gap next to you further into the cave. Talk to Zoe who'll tell you about the powerup there. Unlike the previous game, powerups will always be active as there are no Spirit Particles in the Forgotten Worlds.

003/150 Fly through the cave Ami
Use the powerup to get to the end of the cave and land on the slightly platform at the end with the egg on.

Drop down off the platform and back into the main part of the world. Head along past where you met up with Hunter and go up through the dark trees. Talk to Rocky who'll tell you all about gathering enough eggs to get his portal working.

004/150 Head bash the rock Liam
In the area near the Rocky's portal are some large but small rocks. Use your headbash ability on them (X + Triangle) to smash them open. One of them will have the egg inside.

Then go talk to Hunter, he'll tell you about swimming and an egg at the bottom of the lake. Jump into the water and collect all the gems.

005/150 Bottom of the lake Bruce
It's just in the water near to where Hunter is standing above.

Remember to go into the large room with the balloon in to get some more gems. Talk to Snappy the Seal in the middle of the lake and he'll tell you about his portal which just closed on him. Again you'll need more eggs. Head up the series of platforms over to the left and grab all the gems up here. This should complete your collection of gems in the level to a nice round 400.

With all the gems and eggs in the level collected, you'll see the new Level Complete sign appear on the screen. Amazing huh? Well never mind that, go on over to Moneybags and pay him the 300 Gems he wants to free Sheila. Then watch the 'hilarious' cutscene that follows and head on into the portal behind where the cage was. While this doesn't follow the order in the Atlas, it does make a lot more sense to complete her level before going through the levels in the order listed.

Sheila's Alp

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

On arrival, talk to Billy the Mountain Goat. He'll ask you to help him with his clever plan to take their houses back. Hmm, well jump up following the goats and kill the Rhynocs around here. Then double jump up to the right and do Sheila's stomp move, which is identical in button pressing as Spyro's headbash, on the chest up here. Talk to Pete the Mountain Goat and he'll instruct you to double jump up to the platform with the house on.

006/150 Help Billy get home Ruby
Talk to Billy who is in front of his house.

Head along to the right and into the cave. Jump up to the right in here and smash a couple of boulders. Go through to the end of this cave and collect the gems in here. Go back out and talk to either Pete or Bobby who'll both say the same thing. Kick the moose and kill the Rhynocs too.

007/150 Help Pete get home Jenny
Once the goats have gone past where those Rhynocs were smash the boulder in front of Pete's house and then he'll give you the egg.

After that egg, head out to where Bobby is standing and kill the moose there. Then in the following area you'll have to stomp the mushrooms that the Rhynocs keep coming out of. As they will keep coming out of the mushrooms, the Rhynocs won't dissapear until you get rid of all of the mushrooms.

Make sure to double jump onto the high up platform in this area to get some more gems and a life. Jump up to where Bobby has gone now.

008/150 Help Bobby get home Nan
Talk to Bobby and he'll give you the egg.

Jump up to the cave on the left (after Zoe annoys you again with a pointless bit of info) and collect the gems in here to complete the level.

Sunny Villa

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Now that the first level with Sheila is complete, you can move onto other levels in the game. The first being Sunny Villa. The portal to this land is located in the area at the start of where you began the game, just a bit to the right of where you exit from Sheila's Alp.

Go talk to Councillor George who'll inform you of the level's problems. Rhynoc invasion who have kidnapped the Mayor. Great. Well, run around the area here killing off the pesky Rhynocs that are here. Over to the left is another person called Citizen Paulus. He's being terrorised by a couple of Rhynocs, so kill 'em and he'll thank you (well, sort of).

Head up the steps nearby and talk to Zoe. She'll inform you of how to kill the large Rhynocs. Flame them. Okay, well again, wander around here and kill all the Rhynocs you can find as well as collecting all the gems.

009/150 Egg by the building Vanessa
Up on a slightly raised platform near one of the large Rhynocs who is even higher.

Yes, well head up slightly higher up the steps and glide around on the tops of the buildings here. Work your way around to a place where you can glide into the building in the centre. Use the whirlwind inside there to get up really high. Then glide off forwards onto a far off pillar with just enough room to stand on. Glide onto a second one and then onto a place with the river coming off.

010/150 Glide to the spring Miles
Right at the end of the small pond up here, easy to see.

From here, head back all the way to the top of the whirlwind again, and this time glide over to the left and go into the Sheila mini-level. If you hadn't completed Sheila's Alp then this mini-level wouldn't be available to you meaning you would have had to come back later.

As Sheila, talk to Marco who'll tell you about his lost love. Well jump down off here and kill the spear wielding Rhynocs. Go round to the right and jump up to where there is a stomp chest. Next head over the wall back down in the main path and jump up to a cave above. Go through here.

Then return to the main pathway and go through to the end and up into another cave past the one you just went it. Drop down at the end and then go into the large tower here. Ignore the annoying camera movement here and work your way to the top.

011/150 Hop to Rapunzel Lucy
Go right up to the top of the tower and talk to Rapunzel there.

Once you've got the egg and all the gems you can find in here, head back to the place where you came in and the gameplay will return to Spyro.

Jump off here and go to the pathway leading off the area here to the left. Zoe will tell you about zapping and how it'll rescue you if you get into trouble. Carry on along here and kill them Rhynocs. A short way down here and a small rather pointless cutscene will occur. Anyway, head on a bit further and kill the Rhynoc chasing Citizen Horace. He'll thank you. Move on to the left and flame the large Rhynoc there. The bars to the left will open up. Go through and talk to Mayor Leo.

012/150 Rescue the Mayor Sanders
The Mayor will give you the egg.

Mayor Leo will then run off through the portal he just opened for you to get back to Sunrise Spring. Ignore it for now and continue along down the passageway. Go through the mini-level portal at the end.

Talk to Hunter here to accept a challenge.

013/150 Lizard skating I Emily
You'll need to go around the area and hit all of the fifteen lizards. There's no time-limit so take your time in learning how to jump and exploring the area. There are a few lizards held up by balloons, just flame these as you jump at them and they'll die. Once all fifteen are gotten, Hunter will give you the egg.

And Hunter'll speak again.

014/150 Lizard skating II Daisy
Same thing, but with a three minute time-limit. You will need to exact revenge on each and every one of the fifteen lizards apparently without wiping out. Once completed you'll get the egg.

You'll now be free to explore the skateboarding mini-level by yourself now. Feel free to attempt to beat the course record if you want. Grab any remaining gems that should bring your level total up to completion.

Cloud Spires

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

And on to Cloud Spires. The portal to this level is where Hunter took you on the first jump.

From where you start, head forwards and kill the large flying Rhynoc there to rescue Nimbus. Collect the gems and flame/charge the big red button near where Nimbus is standing. Use the moving platform to get up higher so you can talk to Cirrus. He hints on a glide so do so.

Here you're going to want to take care of the Rhynocs and then jump into the whirlwind. It'll take you over to another platform. Talk to Zoe who'll tell you charge the Rhynocs with metal armour. Carry on past her and kill the several Rhynocs out here.

015/150 Run along the wall Stephanie
Over by a large flying Rhynoc. Quite what wall the title refers to I don't know.

A simple case of hitting a button is all that's needed here so press it. Step onto the platform and head up. Go talk to Moneybags and pay him the 200 Gems he wants. He'll start up a couple of bellows for you. Go across and talk to Zoe again.

Glide across the gap and kill the Rhynocs. Head to the right and go talk to Fluffy.

016/150 Turn on the cloud generator Henry
Fluffy will turn on the cloud generator and then give you the egg.

Go through the mini-level portal over on the right.

Walk over to Cumulus and he will start talking.

017/150 Plant the sun seeds LuLu
Flame the first sunseed and follow it closely, keep flaming it until you get it to jump up into the pot. When you've done that head back for a second one. This one will head round to the right when you get into the place with the pot and has a shorter life then the previous one. Once done get a third, this one will head up and to the left, same thing as the other two but you need to be a bit faster. Once all three are in they'll form a sun and you'll be given the egg by Cumulus.

Head on out of there once you've collected any gems you missed and jump into the whirlwind near to the end of level portal.

Talk to Stratus to get a challenge.

018/150 Bell tower spirits Jake
There is no challenge here really. Jump through the powerup and then fly through all the bell towers flaming the evil spirits as you go past them. There are six in total and once they're gone they don't come back. Simple.

Grab all the gems around here and chase after the egg thief.

019/150 Bell tower thief Bryan
When you get the egg thief he'll drop this egg for you.

This won't complete the level just yet, so head back out of there and go back through the level all the way to where there was a life you couldn't quite reach as it was too high up. There is now a whirlwind just next to it so jump in that to get up there. Follow this path round and kill the Rhynocs on the roof, then glide over a bit further and carry on along here till you are near a platform with an egg on.

020/150 Glide to the island Clare
On the platform mentioned prior.

This should complete the level for you. Head on back to the Sunrise Spring Home.

Molten Crater

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Head on over to Rocky who was previously standing next to a portal that had lost its power. You should have enough eggs now to go through. Talk to Rocky first though and he'll jump through before you.

When you arrive in the level, go on over and talk to Clay. He'll tell you about Rhynocs and the Tiki Lodge. Nothing important really though.Go round this small area and kill the boar and Rhynoc. Then move along up the steps at the end and flame the large bear-like Rhynoc up there. Head out into a large open space beyond him and wander around here. Kill all the Rhynocs out here as well as collecting all the gems.

021/150 Egg by lava river Rikki
The egg is located behind the large pillar of rock in this area, just down at the bottom near the lava river coming out of it.

Head through the cave at the other end of the area and talk to Zoe, she'll tell you about keeping Sparx healthy. Anyway, head into the final area of the level now. Go to the left and jump onto the platforms as they go around the place in the centre of the level. You'll find the key around here. Keep going until you get back round to the main path. Then head to the middle and talk to Rocky.

022/150 Get to the tiki lodge Curlie
Rocky will give you the egg as he opens the portal back to Sunrise Spring.

Head over to the right and over the bridge, here you'll find a mini-level entrance for Sgt. Byrd, you haven't yet freed him so you can't access this part of the level just yet. Head over to the right and talk to old Moneybags. Pay him the 300 gems he wants and then head off to the right. Go through the newly opened doorway to the start of the level and walk up to the locked chest. It will open now if you picked up the key earlier. Now head back to Moneybags and go through the mini-level portal.

Talk to Stoney here and he'll tell you about a thief he's seen.

023/150 Catch the thief Moira
Head to the supercharge ramp and chase after the thief. The supercharge currently doesn't work so don't worry about that. It may take a while to catch up with the green egg thief, but when you're getting close, attempt to flame him. This way of getting the thief can be a lot more effective than actually charging into him.

Stoney will tell you about another, and he'll turn on the supercharge this time.

024/150 Supercharge after the thief Kermitt
Same place as before. The thief (now red) is a faster then the previous one but the only thing that should worry you is falling off the track. Again attempt to flame it when you get close as it is going to take a while to get close enough to charge into it.

Once done, gather the gems around here and head on home as you can't yet complete this level.

Seashell Shore

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Go talk to Snappy the Seal who's in the middle of the nearby lake. He'll open the portal for you as long as you've collected 14 eggs.

Talk to Sebastian the Seal who is just in front of you. Swim around the area killing off the enemies here, then charge down the wooden door in the giant shell. Go through here and to the right, then head back to here and go straight on. Head up out of the water and kill the large shells here. Jump into the water here.

025/150 Under the docks Jason
At the other end of the water, on the far right.

Kill the stuff in here as well as getting the gems. Head back up and walk over the docks. Either jump over the barrels or knock them back by charging at them. Either way, kill the Rhynocs who are throwing them. Head through the wooden door (charge it down) and kill the things in here. Carry on through and go to the right when you get out. Go up the steps here and then turn around. Glide down the steps and attempt to land on a platform there. Grab the gems up here.

Instead of right now, go to the left and continue along here, jump up at the end and then glide over back the way you came to get to the Sheila mini-level.

Go along the path until you reach a large green cannon, stomp it and then hop up to the left and into a cave.

026/150 Hop to the secret cave Jared
At the end of the cave just mentioned

Stomp the chest in here and head back out of the cave again. Carry on along to the left and talk to Snappy the Seal.

027/150 Destroy the sand castle Mollie
The best way to take out the cannons is by stomping on their turrets, so you don't need to get all the blocks above them. However this can mean that Rhynocs above will be able to hit you with their spades so watch out for them. If you do it with this method you should easily get it done within the time given. Tha castle will then explode and Snappy will give you the egg.

Get the remaining gems around here and head back to the start of this mini-level.

Now back as Spyro, head back to the place where you glided to here from and jump into the water there. Kill everything you can find in here and then charge through the wooden door at the bottom. Kill the octopus holding Stanley the Seal.

028/150 Free the seals Dizzy
Once you've saved him he'll give you the egg.

Now head along the pathway to the right and get the gems. Head back to the large underwater area you were just in and head up to the top of it. Go through the mini-level portal out here.

Talk to Smelt the Seal.

029/150 Defeat the shark sub Jackie
Take on Bluto. Drive into crates to get more ammo as you go, don't waste it on the Rhynocs out here though. When in the area with the large shark, fire at it at every oppourtunity and avoid the missiles it fires at you. Eventually the health bar will decrease to zero and you'll win.

Head back into the area and collect all the gems around here and under the water. Go back to the main part of the level once you've finished up the level's gems. Swim back down into the large area and head through the underwater mini-level portal in here.

030/150 Clear out the pipe Duke
You'll need to swim into the tunnel behind Sandy the Seal. Make sure to hit every single Rhynoc as you go past, if you miss one you have to start again. Also avoid the mines as they'll also force you to start again. You won't lose any lives in this challenge though so play until you get it right.

This should complete the level for you so head on back to Sunrise Spring Home where you'll now be taken to the balloon in order to fight the end of world boss. However there is still time for that later. Head on over to Mushroom Speedway.

Mushroom Speedway

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

The speedway is located very near to Seashell Shore over on the shore and up some steps.

Sparx will ask you which challenge you want to do first. Choose the time attack.

031/150 Time attack Sabina
First fly through the rings one by one, then flame the dandelions until you've got them all. After that flame the swinging bugs and then finally go after the butterflies right at the end. Simple really.

OK, the next part might be more difficult for you, but whatever you do, don't exit the level until you have earned the egg. There is a bug in the game which can prevent you from getting the egg after leaving the level without winning. The only known way to avoid this is to complete it before exiting the level. However in newer versions of the game this bug has been fixed, but since I don't know any thing that would denote whether or not you have the newer version or not, it's best to play it safe and complete the challenge before exiting the level. Oh, and a far as I know this bug affects all of the speedways although I've only ever experienced it in the speedway of Midday Garden.

032/150 Race the butterflies John
A nice race between you and some butterflies. Don't miss any of the rings as they will end your run and say you've gone off course. You should be able to beat the butterflies if you go through all of the blue stars which speed you up, also when you go through one of the red stars, fire the rocket only if there is a butterfly in front of you as it will home in on them and slow them down for a bit. Three laps of the course and if you finish in first place you win the egg.

And again, Sparx will talk to you, this time select Time Attack again. Fly around the level until you get to a large mushroom over to the right, land down next to it and talk to Hunter.

034/150 Hunter's dogfight Tater
The first time you play as Hunter is here. Not the nicest of challenges though. Shoot down the seven sheep saucers while avoiding all their shots at you. This may take a while but I recommend holding down the speedup button as well as the shoot button the whole time in order to complete it faster.

And that's all for Sunrise Spring for the time being, head on over to the balloon and jump on in. Select Midday Garden and watch the following cutscene.

Buzz's Dungeon

Orb 1 Egg

Yep, a boss battle. One of the least satisfying ones though as you didn't know about it before, the 'boss' was just a simple Rhynoc moments before and you haven't gotten to know it at all like the bosses in Spyro 2. But whatever, you've still got to defeat the Venusaur.

034/150 Defeat Buzz Grayson
Not exactly the toughest of bosses really, charge into it until it falls into the lava, Sheila will then smack it down further and injure it. It will then roll out of the lava and straight at you. To avoid this roll attack, simply charge towards and past it, then going round in tight circles around the middle until it stops. Repeat this process a few more times to beat it. As soon as you beat the boss you get the egg.

Once you've beaten it you'll be taken to Midday Garden.

Molten Crater - Part 2

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

This is for after completion of the Sgt. Byrd level in Midday Garden. Once in the level, head along to the right and through the tunnel to the last part of the level, head around here until you reach the Sgt. Byrd portal which is now open.

Talk to Shale.

043/150 Replace idol heads Ryan
For this challenge you have to locate all of the heads of Shale's friends. They are located around the area here and once you get one fly it to any body and drop it on it so it connects. Any heads lost in the lava will regenerate back where you found it.

Along the journey you should have collected all of the gems now.

044/150 Sgt. Byrd blows up a wall Luna
In the main area of this place, look around until you see part of the wall that looks like it can be destroyed. Fire at it and go inside to grab the egg.

That completed, head all the way out of the level and when back in Sunrise Spring head towards where the balloon is, but just before the entrance to the building, go to the left and talk to Zoe who will let you enter the first Sparx level of the game.

Crawdad Farm

Gem 200 Gems | Orb 1 Egg

The controls here can sometimes be quite difficult to master, but they should eventually be easy for you to know how to control Sparx. You get a short training exercise mission from Zoe before you get into the main part of the level. Once each challenge is completed, go through the doorway to get to the next one.

Straight off collect the gems near you and the move along down the path taking out the scorpions. Continue along here killing red scorpions until you reach a box they are coming out of. Destroy the box to stop the scorpions. Just after this Zoe will zap you when you pick up a red key.

In this large area there are many red scorpions and a box in the middle which for the moment cannot be destroyed. Head over to the top left corner of the area and go through the red doorway. Destroy all the scorpions and boxes in here and grab the green key.

Head back out into the last area again and go through the green door this time, it's over on the left. Grab the yellow key in here. Off to the yellow door in the far right corner of the area. Go through here and go over the red button to allow yourself to destroy the scorpion box in here as well as grabbing the blue key and all of the gems.

Again, back out but you can now destroy the scorpion box in here. Next go through the blue door which is on the right. Kill them scorpions and work your way through here and then get ready for the big boss battle through the next blue door.

045/150 Take Sparx to the farm Nora
Slide from side to side shooting the large scorpion constantly while avoiding his fire. Once destroyed you'll get the egg.

Collect the last few gems of the level and go over the portal back to Sunrise Spring.

Zoe will tell you that Sparx can now pick up gems that are further away then before. Slightly useful, but not the best really. Anyway, that's the whole of Sunrise Spring completed! Jump back into the balloon nearby and head on back to Midday Garden.

#45 Spyro Fan 95 20:23:44 04/05/2015
I cant find the secret cave in seashell shore!
#44 DragonDog 00:08:22 05/10/2012
i love this egg!
Defeat Buzz Grayson
So sad my game broke!
#43 Spyrothedragon4 01:03:34 19/08/2012
I'm missing 5 gems one cloud spires, it's really starting to tick me off. >:c
#42 Skyhunter 22:34:35 16/08/2012
"Large but small rocks" ...what?
#41 Lukethehedgehog 01:09:39 20/06/2012
¡Seashell Shore! SO. MANY. MEMORIES.
#40 ilovespyro11 20:56:05 09/06/2012
"We've hidden them in places you'll never find in a thousand years!"
Isabelle wasn't exactly hard to find.
#39 spyrorules1298 02:49:53 10/11/2011
epic sauce!
#38 huge dotd freak 02:12:59 19/10/2011
WHATS WITH THE GIANT CHICKEN, its so wierd why is it there
#37 miniquiny999 14:47:11 30/07/2011
i havent goten an answer and my post before this was at least 3 weaks ago
#36 miniquiny999 19:17:41 06/07/2011
it's anoying in seashell shore where u have to hit all the enemys in the pipe

#35 adjam91 18:27:39 30/09/2010
swimming is pretty cool. its annoying in seashell shore where you have to hit all the enemies in the pipe. fighting bluto is really fun though. don't know why he bothers fixing his submarine. it just opens him up to more damage
#34 Riala 22:46:32 28/05/2010
Lol I feel bad for the baby dragons who have huge buck teeth. :{
#33 dyz 06:16:49 09/04/2010
this game is the best
#32 C1nder 02:11:02 31/05/2009
When I was 3 or 4 or 5, I was up to defeating Buzz. I couldn't do it! Then a random man (I think he was a friend of my parents) came to my house, and I asked him to help me with the game!LOL!smilie

But he actually did help me and he was really good!
#31 Selene 21:37:42 28/12/2008
The first time I ever played this, I found a glitch. Seriously. In Sunrise Springs, I jumped in the big pool with Sparx, swam to the bottom, and when I hit the bottom, Spyro walked. Seriously. And since I was 4, I thought that was normal, since I hadn't heard of glitches at the time. So, the next time I played it, I thought that not walking on the lake bottom was bad. Seriously! (P.S: The game was at Tops. So it wasn't mine, and I still don't have it!!!!!)
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