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Midday Garden Home

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 5 Eggs

As soon as the balloon drops you down head out forwards. Bianca will talk to you and attempt to get you to high-tail it back home while you still can. Ah well, off you go then. Back to the Dragon Worlds. If not then jump into the water under the bridge just in front of you.

035/150 Underwater egg Dave
Directly underneath the bridge.

Go over to the right when you get out of the water and into an ice cave. Skate around here collecting the gems.

036/150 Secret ice cave Mingus
Over to the side, kind of hidden but not really, it's just down a slight cave.

Now head over to the left of the water and talk to Hunter up on the platforms. Talk to him and he'll tell you about opening up a portal. Spit the rock he throws at it to open it up.

Head out of the area and up towards the large building. Talk to Moneybags there and set Sgt. Byrd free from his cage by paying the sum of 700 Gems to Moneybags.

037/150 Catch the thief Trixie
Nearby to the cage is an egg thief. Chase after it to hit it in some way in order to get the egg. Don't take too much of a shortcut across the grass here as the thief will double back to evade you.

Go round to the left from here and talk to Hunter by a level Portal. He'll tell you about climbing, headbash the chest near him for some gems, then swim around in the water here for some more gems.

Over to the left now and up some steps. Head over to the left of this area and head up to Zoe who'll tell you about the superflame powerup.

038/150 Superflame the flowerpots Matt
Go through the superflame and hit each of the four flowerpots with your superflame. The last one you smash will be the one with the egg under. They are only around this area so you don't have to go far, also there is no time-limit apart from how long the superflame lasts. So even if it runs out you can still go back for another boost and continue on with the flaming.

Also with the superflame, head to the area behind where you set Sgt Byrd free, flame the large unbreakable chest there. Then head back to where you got the superflame. Over to the left of this area is a short ladder on the side of the wall. Climb it.

039/150 Climb to the ledge Modesty
It's up here on the ledge.

With all that done, just collect the last remaining gems before heading off to complete the Sgt. Byrd level.

Sgt. Byrd's Base

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

Playing as Sgt. Byrd here, fly or waddle towards Cpl. Gabrielle, you'll be told about the capture of hummingbirds and how Rhynocs have taken over the base. Fly around this small area and go towards the swinging cage with a hummingbird in. Kill the Rhynoc and then get closer until the hummingbird escapes. Fly up above that area now and through a tunnel where Cpl. Gabrielle is waiting for you.

Destroy the large wooden door with your missiles and carry on past it. There is an unbreakable chest here which you can't open just yet. Carry on along with Cpl. Gabrielle destroying things until you get to a large room.

040/150 Clear the caves Sigfried
Talk to Cpl. Gabrielle and you'll get the egg.

Lift the nearby weight and drop it over on one of the turquoise circles. Find the other weight over by a Rhynoc and drop it onto the other circle to open the gate. Also, before going through the open door, go round the area until you reach a hummingbird trapped in a cage. Set it free.

Go through the door you opened and work your way through this next cave to meet up with Gabrielle again. Shoot the Rhynocs in the sky and on the ground then move along further into the level. Cpl. Gabrielle will then teleport you to the portal back to Midday Garden.

041/150 Clear the building RyanLee
Err, you'll be given it by Cpl. Gabrielle.

Now head back into the building you just came out of and take a bomb with you. Fly back all the way to where the unbreakable chest was and drop a bomb on it.

Grab the gems and go down the hole below. Fly along the tunnel until you get to the end and free another hummingbird. Now head all the way back out into the area where the portal home was. Fly around to the left and free the hummingbird in a cage, also destroy the unbreakable chest with a bomb. When you are sure you've got everything around here, head over to the top left-hand corner of the area and go through the lava tunnel. Avoid the fire-breathing things on the side and work your way through to the final hummingbird.

042/150 Rescue 5 hummingbirds Roy
Free the last one and you'll be given the egg,

Now with the level completed, head back to the portal outta here and return to the Midday Gardens Home.

Since you have just unlocked all of the Sgt. Byrd levels, it is time to return to Sunrise Spring and complete it fully.

Once all that is done, carry on with Midday Garden.

Icy Peak

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Inside the ice cave over to the right from where you land in the balloon is the portal to Icy Peak.

From the start, head over to Bob on the cannon. He'll tell you to help clear the way with the cannon, so do so. Shoot out all the ice blockades, boxes and birds around here. When you've got them all, jump up into the whirlwind to the right and land on the platform it takes you to, then after getting those gems, head back to the main platform.

Go along the path here and through a cave, flame all the TNT boxes in here as well as dispatching all of the Rhynocs. Continue through until you get to a room filled with ice, and a crack in the middle of it. Go to one edge of the ice and jump and glide towards the centre, perform a headbash over where the crack in the ice is. Gather all the gems down here then head back up.

Continue along down the level, go round to the right as you get past yet more Rhynocs and TNT boxes. Over here you'll find a rocket to flame. Go all the way up to another cannon which you should then use to destroy all the things around here including birds, ice blockades and a large hole in a wall over on the left of where the level carries on.

Head along through the tunnel where the two ice blockades were previously and then here, go round to the right and jump up onto the pathway here.

046/150 On top of a ledge Maynard
It's right at the end of the path here, take out the single Rhynoc to get to it.

Go back to the last area you were in and take control of the cannon there. Shoot out all of the things blocking places as well as the birds over near the whirlwind. Once done, jump into the whirlwind and go headbash the headbash chest. Then head back to mainland again.

Head over to where Moneybags is waiting on the left of where you were when shooting that cannon previously. Pay him the 500 gems that he wants and go through the portal.

047/150 Protect Nancy the skater Cerny
Ugh, this challenge can sometimes be really annoying as Nancy tend to just keep getting in the way. You need to be able to flame all of the Rhynocs that come towards Nancy. The best way to do this is to memorise the direction that they come from and to act fast.

Once done, head back out and then go round to the left and through the other doorway. Take out the Rhynocs in here.

048/150 Find Doug the polar bear Chet
Head on over to Doug who's standing next to the Gondola.

Next, use the cannon on the right of here to shoot out the ice blockade and the birds, then head into the whirlwind and follow the path round.

049/150 Glide to the sky island Reez
Use the whirlwind at the end of the path to get over to the egg and some gems.

Go down the steps on the left of this area and head through the portal doorway here.

050/150 Speedy thieves I Betty
Another chase sequence here. First chase after the green thief, he's really fast and requires you to keep on his tail the whole time, slowly gaining on him. When you feel you're close enough, attempt to flame him but still carry on charging afterwards just in case you miss. This may take quite a while to conquer.

No rest for you my friend.

051/150 Speedy thieves II Scout
Next is the red thief. Even faster then the thief you just chased so this one will be even more difficult to catch. Use the same tactics as before though and you should eventually get him.

This place isn't just thieves though, along the paths here you will find a few places with gems on the side. Once you've got them all though (make sure to use the whirlwind to get up high) head on back through the portal you came in through and then back out through the end of level portal.

Most likely, you'll now see a cutscene involving Bianca, Hunter and Spyro. Nothing special but it shows what Hunter feels about Bianca.

Enchanted Towers

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Head on over to where you hit a target to open up a portal.

Go talk to Pablo who'll yabber on about building a statue for the Sorceress. Well anyway, head forwards and use the green rocks to kill the flying things if you want, there's no need to waste your time at the moment though, you can always come back later to get rid of them a lot easier.

Go on over to the left and go through the tower taking care of the Rhynocs in here. Glide over to the next tower where there are yet more Rhynocs.

052/150 Glide to the small island Gladys
On a platform over to the left in a tower here.

The next glide will maybe require you to hit one of those green things with a rock again, but it's not necessary. At the top of the whirlwind here, glide on over to the green area with the large Sorceress statue in. Flame the rockets here to destroy it.

053/150 Destroy the sorceress statue Peanut
As soon as it's gone, you'll be given the egg.

Jump up into the newly crafted hole and go through the portal here.

A nice new skatepark is here. Hunter will start to teach you how to do tricks properly now.

054/150 Trick skater I Caroline
Follow Hunter's instructions and perform the tricks he shows you.

Well, after that intense training, Hunter will challenge you.

055/150 Trick skater II Alex
You'll really need to do a lot of tricks here and get good points for it. There are a few jumps that will give you a lot of points just for completing them. These include Triple Towers which involves you jumping across the three large towers near the start of the level, a second is Half-pipe Leap which is to jump across the whole of the half-pipe longways. Each of these will give you a 1000 point bonus the first time you complete it and as with other tricks it decreases each time you do it. Hunter will nearly always do the Triple Towers move quite early on and will normally end up with around 4000 points, you need to beat him to get the egg off of him.

Remember to collect up all of the gems in here before you go.

Jump back up into the whirlwind and then carry on past the end of level portal and into another whirlwind. Glide across to the platform behind you and take the bone off the little blue fella. Next glide over to the right and headbash the headbash chest there, glide over to the left here and headbash a second one. Now head back to that whirlwind and glide across to the right over to a new area. Here, go through the portal straight ahead.

056/150 Rescue the lost wolf Lys
Walk straight ahead and talk to Mowat who's lost his wolf Farley. Head down the hole and take the ball from Farley. Throw it onto the button in the next room and Farley should go over to it and raise the platforms on the right. Flame the button at the top to open the door.

Next head round all the way to another platform that moves and throw the ball onto it. Farley will jump onto it, then throw the ball up to the left and go press the button that raises the platform, Farley will jump over and then you should follow.

Here, get Farley to go stand on the platform on the right with a button on, but not quite on the button, then take the ball and stand on the platform over near the button, throw the ball so it lands on the button and Farley walks onto it to raise you up. Flame the button the simply work your way through to Mowat again to get the egg.

Once out, head over to the right and up the pathway, allow Sgt. Byrd to patrol the perimeters. You now have freedom throughout the level and can shoot down those large green monsters with ease. Fly around the level collecting all the gems and finding all of the bones for Ooga who is located over to the left of where you come out of the Sgt. Byrd portal.

057/150 Collect the bones Ralph
The bones are located all over the level, inside towers and in the open. Once you've got them all you'll be 'treated' to a bone dance which you might remember from the previous game in Skelos Badlands.

All done now head on back to Midday Garden.

Spooky Swamp

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Up a ladder next to Hunter you'll find this one. The level's full of Haiku poets I tell ya!

Don't go into the water for too long here as piranhas will attack you. Well, straight off you should kill the gator attacking Homer the Firefly (strangely unlike the fireflies in Season of Flame though). Head up into the lamp behind him and flame the candle. Go through and along the level killing all the Rhynocs and flaming all the candles until you get to a locked chest, you can't unlock it just yet though.

058/150 Jump to the island Michael
Past the locked chest is a bridge that has no middle, and to the left of this is a small island with the egg on. Jump to it over the piranha.

Carry on through until you reach Moneybags and pay him the 500 gems he wants. Again more basic stuff to do that just involves going down the path and flaming stuff. Anyway, once you flame the final candle, a large door will open, but glide over to the platform with gems on. Follow these treetops around until you reach an egg.

059/150 Across the treetops Frank
Land on the platform with the egg on and walk over to it.

Now head over to the last platform you were on and go to the right instead of to the left. Grab the key here and then head all the way down to where the locked chest was to get the gems out of it.

Go back to where the ladder to the fourth candle was and talk to Shiny the Firefly.

060/150 Find Shiny the firefly Thelonious
He'll give you the egg after a short piece of poetry.

Go round the corner here and talk to Bubba the Firefly who is standing next to the large door you opened earlier. Go through into the portal to face a creepy wizard who for no particular reason has his face as one of the icons you can select for your save file at the start of the game.

061/150 Defeat sleepy head Herbi
Charge the bombs he throws back at him, also flame the gators he sends out to kill you. Not too difficult if you line up the shots right.

Head on through to what is a really annoying Sheila level.

Talk to Basho the Firefly.

062/150 Escort the twins I Peggy
Really, really annoying. You need to learn his exact path and to make sure that all the obstacles are out of his way, but if you go along too soon and get too far ahead, the obstacles can pop back up and end his run. He takes the stupidest of routes possible (well, maybe not, there's still the other twin) but you need to keep ahead of him just enough to stomp on all of the obstacles.

Ugh, back to escort the other one now, Buson the Firefly will annoy you this time.

063/150 Escort the twins II Michele
Argh! This one takes a different route and seems to enjoy the most pointless of direction pathways ever. Same as before, keep just enough ahead of him to destroy the obstacles and get to know the route well.

Once you've done all that, explore the area here and gather all of the gems. Make sure to get the ones hidden behind walls such as the ones in each of the large caves that are located up high inside them and the one right next to the place that those fireflies blow up, it's large a white and doesn't look especially smashable.

That should complete the level for you now, so head on all the way back to Midday Garden.

Bamboo Terrace

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

This level's entrance is located in the area directly in front of where you come out of Spooky Swamp. Go to the right in this area and through the large portal you should see dead ahead.

Talk to Ling Ling who'll inform you about Rhynocs and the whirligig to take you to Evening Lake. Meh. Well get moving along and talk to Li over on the right (sometimes the water buffalo will charge into you whilst talking to her, but it doesn't hurt you). Wander around the area and kill that water buffalo and the pandas will move a boulder for you to get past.

More Rhynocs and buffalo around here, save the pandas that are being chased and attacked by the Rhynocs in order to get past and along the level. There is a small island just off to the left of where you come into this area, you can jump onto it from nearby.

064/150 Glide to the small island Dwight
Walk up to the egg.

However go round to the left of the area and round behind. Follow this pathway around and then glide over to the platform quite far off.

065/150 Glide to the hidden cave Madison
Flame the large Rhynoc and walk over to the egg.

Also remember to go into the lake here and go through the cracked wall to get four free lives. Then just continue through the doorway. When you get out here, head to the right and follow it around, jump on the platforms in the water to get across, but don't forget to get the gems in the water here too.

When you get over this water, flame the rocket Rhynoc and go talk to Sing Sing in the building ahead.

066/150 Clear the pandas' path Tom
She'll give you the egg.

Head over to the right and you'll see a blocked entrance to a Bentley level. Also further along here you can glide to an island with a Mystery Vase on. Flame it to see where it ends up next. You'll need to follow it flaming each time in order to get the gems when it finally appears right next to the start. Anyway, head up the newly opened ramp and chase down the thief.

067/150 Catch the thief Pee-wee
When you finally catch him he drops the egg.

Once that's done, head back up to the top of the ramp and head to the right. Go through the portal doorway here to get to a nice shooting level.

068/150 Shoot from the boat Rusty
Shui will tell you about helping her friends get home and stopping some Rhynocs. Here you will be forced into first-person view mode with a super-flame that will last as long as you need it. As the boat goes round, you need to fire at each of the Rhynocs, making sure that none of them gets to one of the pandas. This may take quite a while, but then again you might get it the first time around. You will need a good aim and to be aware of what the Rhynocs will be doing, oh and don't shoot the pandas yourself either.

With Bentley so far still locked up, there's nothing more you can do in this level so head on back to Midday Garden where you will be taken to the whirligig to let you go face the end of world boss.

Country Speedway

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

You don't want to be doing that just yet though, you might as well complete the speedway while you're here. Head back round to the place where the Bamboo Terrace portal was and continue along, the next portal you get to is the speedway. Remember not to exit a race or challenge (or the level) until you've won it.

First things first, select the Time Attack from what Sparx says.

069/150 Time attack Gavin
The best way to get this level completed is to go through all the rings first, then fly in the same direction as the tractors are going whilst flaming them, and next flame all the beret wearing cows. Then off to the planes flying against them flaming them as they go. Sparx will give you the egg when you get them all in one.

And now for the race, remember not to quit.

070/150 Race the pigs Shemp
You will need to be flying through every possible star you can get to. It's always never the best route that the red dots show so as long as you manage to go through the rings it will be okay to cut the corners. You should be 3rd at the start of lap two and at least second by the start of the final lap. The best way to win is to know the course and all of the stars well so that you don't lose control every time you attempt to go through a star. Anyway, once you get into first place while going through the final ring, Sparx will give you the egg.

Select Time Attack again and fly over to Hunter who is located inside the large farmhouse in the middle of the level.

071/150 Hunter's rescue mission Roberto
This little Hunter mission is quite easy. Jetpack ahoy! As you go, just shoot all of the space cows that you see, the shots almost seem to auto target themselves really and no shots at you can actually hit you. If you miss one you will need to start again. This mission doesn't take too long and will be over before you know it. Hunter'll give you the egg after completion.

That's all folks. Head back to Midday Gardens and jump onto the whirligig. Select Evening Lake and get ready to fight yourself a boss.

Spike's Arena

Orb 1 Egg

As you enter the level, you'll be treated to a cutscene called Spike is Born. And indeed, Spike is born, well, made by the Sorceress.

072/150 Defeat Spike Monique
Sgt. Byrd will help you out by dropping the occasional thing for you to use in fighting Spike. You'll need to charge the large rocks at Spike until his health drops far enough so he breaks up the ground (three hits), then you use powerups to defeat him. Run into the red spike things and you'll be rewarded with a super-flame to use against him once, not quite the super-flame you're used to, but a powered up flame anyway, also beware as he can too use the powerups to attack you. After another three hits, the powerups will become blue and you'll now be firing out a blue thing to hit him with, three more hits and he's dead.

All done, you'll be whisked away to Evening Lake.

This next part is for those on a return journey from Evening Lake.

Bamboo Terrace - Part 2

Gem 500 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Head all the way through the level to where the locked Bentley level was and go into it.

Bartholomew will tell you to get to the top of the top of the hill. Smash up everything that gets in your way on your journey up the hill. Smash the large panda looking boulders that are here as well and as you walk up the slope smash the ones that roll down at you. Do this until you reach a doorway in the side of the hill where there are several Rhynocs inside. Smash some stuff and continue on up the hill to the top. There's nothing complicated with this level at all.

081/150 Smash to the mountain top Brubeck
Once you reach the top walk up to the egg to get it.

This should complete the level for you, so head on out and back into Midday Garden.

Spider Town

Gem 200 Gems | Orb 1 Egg

Meet up with Zoe over near the entrance to the speedway and she'll inform you of another level for Sparx to complete.

No training section this time, it's straight into the action. Head down and kill the bug in there, grab the gem and the butterfly too as well as the key in the corner. Back up to the doorway where you started and head through shooting the small bugs as you go. Go around the corner and destroy the large flower pot they are coming out of. Then off to the right and another plant pot and loads of little bugs. Next up to kill another large shooting bug and a another key as well as two different butterflies. One gives you invincibility which you can use to charge through the next part of the level.

Head over to the right in the next large area and go up through here all the way to the key to open another doorway. Head back out into the area again and through the doorway up at the top. In here kill the bugs, grab the key and run over the button to allow you to kill the flower pot in the previous area. When the area is cleared, head through the doorway on the left and kill the bugs in here too.

Head to the bottom of this part and grab the key which unlocks the door at the top of the area. Go through it and shoot dem bugs. Work your way through this place killing all the bugs and plant pots you can and grab the key and press the button too. Back out again into the area before this door and you can now take out that plant pot. Next through the door at the bottom and kill the bugs you find here. Follow the path along till you get to the protected flower pot, charge round it to press the button and then destroy it. Go down next and kill the large bugs in your way. Prepare for the big battle now.

Just keep shooting at it and sliding along so that you can shoot it effectively as well as the small bugs it sends out. It shouldn't take too long to drain it of health.

082/150 Go to town Tootie
Once the bug is destroyed you get the egg.

With everything gathered leave the level through the portal. Zoe will now tell you that Sparx now has the gem finding ability! Yey! No more searching endlessly for those gems you've missed. Well, that's all for Midday Garden now. Say goodbye and head off into the whirligig to get back on track in Evening Lake.

#48 darkspyro199 16:58:56 20/11/2018
SPIKE is so easy on reignited in comparison to the original!!!
#47 willspyro 04:34:55 26/10/2013
Spike is the hardest boss in this game
#46 MugoUrth 21:34:37 17/05/2013
Actually, Spike is only difficult after you have beaten him. I remember him being the easiest boss in the game the first time you fight him, but is a lot harder if you fight him afterward.
#45 kardonis 22:19:13 11/12/2012
spike is the HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME!!!!!
#44 ilovespyro11 21:01:11 09/06/2012
spike is harder than the flipping sorceress -.- and the music for Nancy's minigame.......well, i'm scarred for life, and i used to do ballet!
#43 spyrorules1298 06:20:30 14/11/2011
#42 miniquiny999 19:20:10 06/07/2011
what....................... stupid... glitch
#41 CleoTheGood 15:51:54 11/12/2010
Oh my gosh! No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to be able to get past the Country Speedway because of that stupid glitch! I would really appreciate help, somebody.
#40 adjam91 22:10:47 16/11/2010
spike is such a nuissance to defeat
#39 Sparky5 21:34:48 07/11/2010
Fighting Spike is like fighting Ripto in Spyro 2! Except instead of orbs, you have to collects spikey things before Spike does. And instead of fighting Ripto, you're fighting Spike. Also, instead of Hunter dropping things down to you, Sgt. Byrd does.
#38 adjam91 20:58:12 28/10/2010
that super charge complex in icy peak is awesome
#37 adjam91 18:30:47 30/09/2010
enchanted towers is one of the best levels in any spyro game. the skateboard park is awesome and i love flying sgt byrd and blowing up those weird green flying pig lizards
#36 adjam91 18:29:31 30/09/2010
spike is really hard, even harder than the sorceress. it took me ages to defeat him.
#35 CleoTheGood 17:40:58 05/09/2010
Yeah and no one answers me smilie
#34 CleoTheGood 20:20:21 22/08/2010
Do you have to have to complete the race in a certain amount of time to get an egg? Because I always get first place in all the races but I still don't get an egg....
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