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Cheat Codes

These codes are for the original PlayStation game, cheats for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy are found on the cheats page for that game.

All of the cheats for Spyro: Year of the Dragon, just pause the game and enter them there.

2D Spyro

Left Right Left Right L1 R1 L1 R1 Square circle

99 Lives

R2 L2 R2 L2 Up Up Up Up circle

Big Head Spyro

Up R1 Up R1 Up R1 circle circle circle circle

Black Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Down

Blue Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Cross

Easy Mode

circle Square Right Left Right Square circle Cross

Extra Hit Point

circle R1 circle L1 circle R2 circle L2 circle

Green Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Triangle

Hard Mode

circle Square Right Left Right Square circle Square

Pink Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Square

Red Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up circle

Squid Skateboard

Up Up Left Left Right Right Down Down Square circle Square

View Credits

Left Right Left Right Left Right Square circle Square circle Square circle

Yellow Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Up

Voice Access

Square Square circle circle Square Square circle circle

Press Up and Down to access different voice clips from the level you're in.

Level Warp + Movies

And here are all of the level warp and movie playback codes, simply enter the following code and then the corresponding button to do what you want:

Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right Square

Sunrise Spring HomeCross circle
Sunny VillaCross Cross
Cloud SpiresCross Square
Molten CraterCross Triangle
Seashell ShoreCross Right
Mushroom SpeedwayCross Down
Sheila's AlpCross Left
Buzz's DungeonCross Up
Crawdad FarmCross R1
Midday Garden HomeSquare circle
Icy PeakSquare Cross
Enchanted TowersSquare Square
Spooky SwampSquare Triangle
Bamboo TerraceSquare Right
Country SpeedwaySquare Down
Sgt. Byrd's BaseSquare Left
Spike's ArenaSquare Up
Spider TownSquare R1
Evening Lake HomeTriangle circle
Frozen AltarsTriangle Cross
Lost FleetTriangle Square
Fireworks FactoryTriangle Triangle
Charmed RidgeTriangle Right
Honey SpeedwayTriangle Down
Bentley's OutpostTriangle Left
Scorch's PitTriangle Up
Starfish ReefTriangle R1
Midnight Mountain HomeRight circle
Crystal IslandsRight Cross
Desert RuinsRight Square
Haunted TombRight Triangle
Dino MinesRight Right
Harbor SpeedwayRight Down
Agent 9's LabRight Left
Sorceress's LairRight Up
Bugbot FactoryRight R1
Super Bonus RoundDown circle
Title ScreenLeft circle
An Evil Plot Unfolds...Left Cross
A Powerful Villain Emerges...Up Down
A Desperate Rescue Begins...Up Left
No Hard FeelingsUp Up
The Second WarningLeft Square
Bianca Strikes BackLeft Triangle
Byrd, James ByrdUp R1
Hunter's TussleLeft Right
Spike Is BornLeft Down
A Duplicitous, Larcenous UrsineUp L1
An Apology, And LunchLeft Left
A Monster to End All MonstersLeft Up
The Dancing BearR1 Circle
The EscapeLeft R1
Deja Vu?Left L1
A Familiar FaceUp circle
Billy in the WallUp Cross
One Less Noble WarriorUp Triangle

Play Crash Bash Demo

At the title screen, hold L1 and R2 then press Square

#150 jaxinator 15:54:52 19/07/2012
Left, Right, Left, Right(2), Left, Right(3), Left, Right(4), Left, Right(5). on the demo for Crash Bash to play the entire game
#149 Vikky J 07:36:45 18/07/2012
can sumone plz tell me how to go back to normal from the voice accsess plz i tried it and now its stuck playing over and over again plz help
#148 ilovespyro11 20:54:41 25/06/2012
the cutscene ones dont work!? WHY!?!?!?
#147 TLoS fan 4ever 17:42:10 11/05/2012
I got a new PS2 and now I have tried all the cheats now. smilie They're really good!
#146 TyronTheDragon 15:44:40 11/05/2012
#145 TyronTheDragon 15:44:22 11/05/2012
#144 crashdragon 21:28:19 08/05/2012
What are the cheats for the levels for?
#143 SuperSpyroFan 06:26:11 06/05/2012
Let's see. In my childhood, I've used 99 Lives, Easy Mode and Extra Hit Point, and I have done the Big Head Mode/Flat Mode and Colours of Spyro, just for fun.
#142 ghostfury 19:33:27 16/04/2012
spyro 3 the best and rareest of the lot
#141 Titancrasher01 04:20:59 07/04/2012
Last time I played this game I used the extra hit code so I could beat the Agent 9 mission in Dino Mines but I didn't know how to turn it off so after I beat the Evening Lake Sparx mission my game glitched since I already had the reward so I couldn't get the last egg to get into the Super Bonus Round. So yeah I was pretty annoyed after that.
#140 crashdragon 19:08:40 05/04/2012
Oh and also the Crash Bash and Black Spyro cheats.
#139 crashdragon 19:07:57 05/04/2012
If I have this game I'll use the 99 lives, Red Spyro, and the level warp - movies cheats.
#138 crashdragon 19:06:16 05/04/2012
Thats alot of cheats o-0.
#137 TLoS fan 4ever 20:15:05 28/03/2012
So many cheats! smilie
Sadly, my Spyro 3 doesn't work... smilie
#136 wspyro 06:49:37 18/12/2011
Oh Sweet a Hard Mode!
And a black Spyro too? Can't wait to try these out!
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