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Evening Lake Home

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 5 Eggs

As soon as you arrive, Bianca will fly in and warns you to leave the Forgotten Realms. Nothing you need to take notice of though. So head around the area and collect the gems and flame the toads for butterflies. Then jump on into the lake and swim around.

073/150 Belly of the whale Jonah
Swim towards the large whale swimming around the lake and into its mouth. Inside you'll meet up with the egg.

Heh, nice. Anyway swim back out of the whale and explore the rest of the lake. Collect all of the gems you can find and then head down to the middle where there is a breakable wall.

074/150 Break the tower wall Stooby
So break it already. The egg is inside.

Next, head up to the first area and make your way round to see Zoe and her invincibility powerup to get past some flames.

075/150 I'm invincible! Stuart
Erm, the egg, go towards it.

Continue along here by jumping round the corner and go up the ladder. Follow it round. Go through the doorway just past the area that encircles the rocket.

076/150 On the bridge Ted
On the bridge sort of thing here.

Head up the ladder in the middle of the first area of the lake and collect the gems up here, then glide over to the platform nearby.

077/150 Glide to the tower Hannah
Walk over to it and say hi.

Swim down under the ladder in the middle of the lake, and then back up inside it. In here you'll find Moneybags who is looking after a certain Yeti in a cage.

Pay Mr. Moneybags the 1000 gems he wants to free old Bentley.

This is where you go into his level now that you have the whole level completed.

Bentley's Outpost

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

As soon as you arrive and take over control of Bentley, walk over to Bartholomew and smack him on the head. No reason. Then smack the boulder so it smashes and Bentley's little brother can pass through. Smash up the large totem pole things here to get to the unbreakable chests on top, or in this case not so unbreakable as your smash attack will take care of them. Also kill those pesky Rhynocs that attempt to hit you with a torch.

Talk to Bartholomew again and he'll tell you how to get on further, use the spin attack when he throws out a snowball to hit the gong.

078/150 The gong show Brian
After hitting the gong, simply walk over the new bridge and over to the egg on the left.

Walk over to Bartholomew again and you'll need to now use your spin attack to hit the seals with the snowballs they throw at you. Remember to destroy the totems here as well. The 'really mean' seel just moves about a bit more then before. And afterwards Bartholomew will make you cause an avalanche with another gong. Whatever, go through the tunnel on the left to get to an unbreakable chest which you'll need to gather all of the gems from, some do fall below onto the floor.

Once back, cross the bridge and talk to Bartholomew again. Time to do some pushing. He'll just wander past. Walk up to the egg here.

079/150 Snowball's chance Charlie

Again Bartholomew will tell you what to do, but ignore him for a minute and smash all of the things around here. head through the tunnel on the left to get some gems and then off to the right and smash the large snowball to a gem. Now push the boxes into place and jump across following Bartholomew. Talk to him again and he'll give you an egg.

080/150 Help Bartholomew home Eric
Walk up to Bartholomew and he'll give you something for Bentley's rock collection.

And that should complete your collection of gems and eggs in this level. Head on back to Evening Lake. However rather then going on to Frozen Altars right off, you should head back to Midday Garden to finish off a few things first.

Frozen Altars

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

The entrance to this level is located directly ahead of where you land off the whirligig, you should be able to see it under the water from where you are standing.

As soon as you arrive you get given the most useless power for an ice world, ice breath. Amazing, you can freeze frozen things. Ah well, head into the tower nearby and move the beam around so it melts the ice blockage. Continue along past where it was and around so you can glide over to the place on the right.

Again, go into the tower here and melt the snowman blocking the way. You'll need to hit him till he pops. Here you should freeze Ernest and use him as a prop to get up to the temple steps. Walk all the way to the top and then glide off to the left where there is a platform with a few gems on. Head all the way back up and this time glide over to the tower nearby. Walk round it and then glide over to the small island nearby.

083/150 Glide from the temple roof Cecil
Just glide on over.

Go along through the cave he was guarding and freeze Eustace to get up to the treasure. Skate on by to where Zoe is waiting to zap you.

Into the tower here to melt another snowman. Head out and round to a Bentley mini-level.

084/150 Box the yeti Aly
A nice easy yet sometimes annoying challenge. This first go is a lot easier then the second though and is probably here just to train you. To get this egg, all you really need to do is keep tapping either the Big Hookaroo or occasionally either of the other two if you think it's appropriate.


085/150 Box the yeti again! Ricco
Yeah, three rounds and mysteriously he's gotten a lot better then before. The best tactic here is to back off as he hits but to then do a Big Hookaroo on him quickly. However it is advisable not to be actively walking away from him as he hits, more of just being out of his reach as he swings. Keep doing this and remember that you're in a 3D arena and you can move around a lot more then just corner to corner. At the end of each round you and the other Yeti will get healed up a bit, less each round though, but not fully unless you have hardly any damage. If you haven't beaten him in three rounds then you lose and don't get the egg, however if you knock him out before the bell at the end of the third then you'll get the egg.

Once both eggs are yours, you're back to the main level. Head round to an area full of the ice mammoths. Go all the way around here and up onto the platform at the end. Glide to the gems on the right and walk along a bit to glide over to the left and onto the rim of the tower you used earlier. Walk around the main building here.

086/150 Across the rooftops Jasper
The egg's just sitting there around the corner.

Glide over to the left and onto the first tower you used. Now jump back down to ground level and head all the way back to just before the area with loads of ice mammoths in. Here, jump up to the right and through to Moneybags and Eugene.

087/150 Melt the snowmen Jana
Just talk to Eugene to get the egg.

Now walk to the left a bit and talk to old Moneybags who's as ever willing to help you out. Pay him the 800 gems he wants to let you through to play cat hockey.

088/150 Catch the ice cats Ba'ah
For this egg, Errol will tell you to take his place and beat the Rhynoc in a game of cat hockey. Here you have to freeze the cats and get them into your goal, not the opponents. A way to slow down the Rhynoc is to freeze him. Once a cat is in your goal there is really no way to get it out again, nor from the opponents goal either, however cats can sometimes just wander in there by themselves. Five cats in your goal to win.

And back out again as the level should now be completed.

Lost Fleet

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

As the name suggests, the portal is located on the side of that ship you saw under the water in the lake.

Talk to Crazy Ed as he runs up to you and he'll tell you some things. Great. Well here you should run around killing crabs and flaming the large ghosts then finishing the two Rhynocs that appear out of them. The flying ones can only be taken down by either the cannon nearby or the small green spitting rocks. With the cannon, shoot into a cave nearby until you near the sound of a chest smashing, also destroy the red cross on the wall of a ship near to Crazy Ed.

Go through there and work your way across this area until you get through the cave at the other end of it. Here you're going to want to jump over the acid water as it hurts if you touch it. Use the cannon here to shoot another red cross on the side of the ship here. Also shoot as many of the birds as you can. Then go along up and through the hole you just made in the ship.

089/150 Find Crazy Ed's treasure Craig
Talk to Crazy Ed and then walk over to the egg.

Head into the second room now and go through the powerup which will allow you to swim in the acid. Continue along forwards until you reach a dead end where you should get out of the water. Destroy all of the crabs around here and to the left, but when that's all done, head off to the right of where you appeared and go into the portal at the end of the path.

090/150 Skate race the rhynocs Oliver
This time instead of a points race, this is a timed race. Head over and talk to Hunter who will tell you of a challenge he's set up between you and the Rhynocs. To gain more turbo charge, perform massive tricks. A great oppourtunity to do this is when you are in the air, perform tricks such as the Twisted Lime several times in a jump to get a lot of energy. Also going through crabs will also get you a little bit more of a turbo boost, and when you go through the blue stars even if you are pressing the turbo button it doesn't decrease your meter. When you finally complete the race in first place Hunter will give you the egg.

Once that's all done, Hunter will challenge you himself.

091/150 Skate race Hunter Aiden
Use similar tactics to how you beat the Rhynocs except that now you have to get all of the crabs which isn't so bad, you probably did anyway. Hunter is quite good, but not good enough that those rockets can't touch him so if you can see him and you have a rocket, fire it at him in order to catch up or overtake.

Once you've done all that and gathered all of the gems from in here, head on out again to the big bad world of Lost Fleet.

Head along here and then go to the left as soon as you can, now go all the way back to the ship with the powerup in. Use the whirlwind in here to get up to the top of the ship. Use the cannon on the front to shoot down all of the birds you can see, then walk up along the front part of the ship that sticks out and glide over to the cave you shot into earlier. Collect the gems then head all the way back up to the top of the ship again. Jump back into the acid water with the powerup active, and swim all the way through it until you end up in a cave with an egg in.

092/150 Swim through acid Chad
Walk up to it.

Now head along through the cave and when you get to the end, glide off down to the left and into a cave above the acid river. Go into the portal at the end of it.

093/150 Sink the subs I Ethel
Talk to Crazy Ed in here and he'll tell you to clear the lake of Rhynocs. You will need to lock on to the enemy subs before you can hit them so full speed is required the whole time. You will need to keep on their tails the whole time, make sure that they don't turn too fast for you. It shouldn't take too long to get all six of them.

And again.

094/150 Sink the subs II Dolores
Repeat again, it's just that there's an extra one and now they like to drop mines to attempt to kill you.

Use the powerup here to swim around in the lake collecting all the gems. Any chests that you didn't smash with the sub before will need smashing with it so go back and talk to Crazy Ed to get a ride in it. The gems in here should finish off your collecting in this level so head on back to Evening Lake.

As soon as you arrive back, you'll see a nice cutscene involving Hunter and how he is captured in a cage. Unfortunately this will prevent you from doing any of his challenges until he is free again.

Fireworks Factory

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

The portal to the Fireworks Factory is located inside the red underwater tunnel in the lake, just to the right of where you should be now.

Run down and talk to Greta who is fighting some Rhynocs. She'll tell you about Handel. Around this area are many ninjas, most of them will keep reappearing so don't worry about them just at the moment. Carry on through the archway and off to the left to pick up a rocket. Use the rocket across the bridge to destroy the large Rhynoc there.

Go around to the right and jump over the lava to get to a small island,

095/150 Hidden in an alcove Noodles
Talk to it.

Grab all the gems in this area and use the rockets to destroy the unbreakable chests. Remember to get the gems that are inside the two buildings here as well. Now go through into the next part of the level directly ahead of the bridge. In here is one Ninja on the roof who will jump down to try to kill you. Once you've gotten rid of him, go up the ladder here and run along behind the large Rhynoc and flame the TNT on his back. Now just carry on through till you get to Greta.

Jump into the cannon to get across here. Go around the back of this area to find several Ninja boxes which you will need to destory. Then go inside the building and take care of the ninjas that drop down. Fire a rocket at each of the two large Rhynocs on the bridge and go left as you get off it. Grab all of the gems and head into the portal round here.

096/150 Ninja HQ Sam
Talk to Handel who will tell you to take the long way round. Simple enough really. Go through the door way and flame the backs of the large Rhynocs. Then over to the green platform and kill some ninjas. All the way through here and to the right at the end. Fire a rocket at the Rhynoc in the tunnel and carry on past him. To the right as you get to another large Rhynoc and kill the ninjas in here.

Back out of the room and through the other doorway at the end of the passageway. Destroy the large Rhynocs and ninjas in here and then go through the final doorway to get the egg.

Back to the bridge and go over to the other way then you went before, that's right to the right. Jump over to the top of the tower just ahead and then jump over to another one with a portal on, go through the portal.

097/150 Bad dragon! Evan
This one might take a while. The objective here is to destroy both of the large chinese dragons by shooting them with the powerup Handel tells you to use. Each hit will take off a section off the end of the dragons, but if you leave it too long between hits they will start to grow back again. You can see the overall status of each dragon at the bottom of the screen. The powerup is unlimited here so there's no need to worry about that. Destroy both dragons to get the egg.

Collect any gems you didn't get whilst flying after those dragons then head back out into the level. Head all the way back to the main path and head up to the building straight after the bridge. Talk to Greta who will now kill all of the ninjas in the next room.

098/150 Destwoy the wocket! Grady
As soon as the cutscene is over you'll be given the egg.

Head back into the previous room and gather the gems here. Down the hole where the rocket came out of is an Agent 9 level, but as he is so far still locked up you can't access it or complete the level. Head on back to Evening Lake where you should now see a cutscene involving Hunter and Bianca.

Charmed Ridge

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

The last needed level of Evening Lake. The portal is located on the bridge under the water.

Liz will tell you to help them save the princess from Prince Azreal. Glide over off this small island and kill the Rhynocs before going up the ladder. Go along here killing things till you get to Eileen. Jump down here and kill some more things. Run along here and go up to a moving giant tower. Wait for it to slam down as you approach then walk past it.

Talk to Moneybags here and pay him the 600 Gems he wants. Now head up the stairs, jump onto them just before they form stairs again and then rush up them. Carry on along here and over the platform. Go over to Alicia and talk to her. Then use the sliding platforms to get up to a chest. Gl;ide down to an egg straight ahead of you.

099/150 Egg in the cave Benjamin
Land near it and then approach it.

Go through the tunnel here and use the powerup, go up the ladder and shoot the two cat wizards above the moving steps. Now back down into the tunnel and along to the other end. Here shoot the cat wizard on the tower to the immediate left and jump up to it using the Triangle button to gain extra height.

100/150 Glide to the tower Moe
Just turn around and walk up to it.

Once that's done, jump over to the platform just beyond the tower that moved previously and get the couple of gems. Now go back to where you last were and now glide over to the platform with the cat wizard who is moving the large platforms. Glide down to the cave on the right and go through here killing all the things. Then go through the portal.

Jack'll tell you about a golden goose.

Take the yellow seed ad plant it into the spot on the right, and put the red one of the left. Jump up to get the chest and then switch the positions of the seeds to get to a more useful spot. Here put the yellow on the right and the red on the left. Jump up to the platform here and grab the extra seed. Then swap the positions of the seeds and use them to get up to the high part.

Take the extra seed up with you and plant it into the spot up here. Jump up again and Jack will now appear nearby.

101/150 Jack and the beanstalk I Shelley
He'll give you the egg as well as three more seeds.

All of them being red, put one in the ground here and then put the other two in the ground up where you get to. Here you'll find two red and one yellow. Take the red ones and plant them into the ground ahead, but take the yellow one back to the previous seed location and swap it with the red seed which you will then need to plant in the final seed spot. Use the bouncy mushrooms to get all the way up to the goose.

102/150 Jack and the beanstalk II Chuck
Jack will once again jump up to you and give you a second egg.

Collect the gems up here and headbash the wooden bit behind Jack. Then headbash the chest in here. Head all the way back through the portal and into the main part of the level again.

Jump down to the right and then use the ladder and carry on along to the left and then to the right as you get to the top of the now stationary steps. Kill them cat wizards up here and glide over to another one on the left to open a door. Then jump to the door and go through it. In here kill all the things and flame the exploding vases.

Go up the whirlwind in the middle here and flame the cat wizard.

103/150 Rescue the Fairy Princess Sakura
Princess Ami will tell you to keep quiet about here and Azreal eloping and gives you the egg.

Head back to where you were last and turn around, flame the Mystery Vase and follow it where ever it goes until you get the gems right back at the start of the level. And again head back to where you were and then jump off to the right and follow this round so you can see a Sgt. Byrd portal. Glide over to it and go on through.

104/150 Cat witch chaos Abby
Waddle up to Isabelle and then through to the next room. As you get in here, shoot like crazy at the witches coming out of the door as this is the easiest time to kill them. For the ones that you miss, just stand around on the ground and shoot at them as they fly towards you.

A second wave of ten witches will now attack. Same as before just more of them. Once all ten are gone, you'll be treated to another wave of witches this time making the floor so you can't stand on it. You will now need to be flying as they fly at you, same thing as before, wait for them to attack you to shoot them. Once all ten are gone you'll finally be given the egg.

Level completed, head on back to Evening Lake.

Honey Speedway

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

Swim straight forwards and into the Speedway.

105/150 Time attack Chris
Go through the honeycomb rings first, then the bee hives, then flame the bees on the flowers and finally fly in the opposite direction to the boats on the honey, flaming them as you go.

And select the race the bees.

106/150 Race the bees Henri
Same as every other race really. Use all te stars you can and make sure to go through all of the rings. By lap two, you're going to want to be at least 3rd, and by the final lap you want to be at least second. Remember again, don't quit the level until you win this race.

Unfortunately as Hunter is still a captive of the Sorceress, you won't be able to do his challenge at the moment, so head on back to Evening Lake and go to the rocket to fight the big ol' boss.

Scorch's Pit

Orb 1 Egg

Select Midnight Mountain from the menu when you step onto the rocket and you'll be taken to the boss level.

107/150 Defeat Scorch James
A surprisingly easy boss for this stage in the game. Just collect the rockets and shoot at him all the time he doesn't have a shield up. Just remember to avoid the falling fire balls and to kill the crabs and things he sends out to attack you.

And you'll now be taken to Midnight Mountain as well as seeing Hunter be set free by Bianca.

And again, this next part is for those on the return journey from Midnight Mountain.

Starfish Reef

Gem 200 Gems | Orb 1 Egg

The third Sparx level now. You should have the hang of the controls by now. Located up the ladder in the first area of Evening Lake, talk to Zoe who will take you there to do this level.

Go up and shoot all of the starfish and in the next room you will need to shoot some more. Go through once they're all dead and then shoot some more in the next room to destroy the seashell they are coming out of. Head through to the next room and shoot all of the starfish in here as well. Go through the north door to another couple of exploding starfish, once they're both completely dead head out and through the doorway to the east.

In here you will need to kill the eels that shoot at you. Go through here to the north and destroy the two seashells and then go through the door to the east. Shoot another eel in here and then a whole load of starfish and their seashell. In the next room you'll find several exploding starfish and a seashell dispensing them. To the south are some eels and a seashell making them too. Go through the to door to the north and destroy yet more starfish in here.

Head back out again and go through the doorway to the east again. A ton of starfish will suddenly appear so shoot them and then head south. Go around to the west down here and shoot the seashell pouring out starfish and then head to the eastern one too. Go through the doorway to the west now. Shoot the oncoming starfish and then the eels in a line, then another load of starfish. Go through the next door to face the big boss of the level.

This one will require a lot more manoeuvring then previous bosses at it is quite fast and goes in crazy directions. Destroy the mini mantarays in fires at you as well as hitting it as often as possible. It may take a while but you should eventually kill it, the whole thing splitting in two as it gets to half health

116/150 Beach Party! Ahnashawn
Once the mantaray is dead, you'll get the egg.

Head through the doorway to the south and then go through the portal back to Evening Lake where Zoe will now tell you that you now have an extra health point, however strangely they forgot to add an extra colour for him. When you die and get reborn, Sparx will be yellow but not at full health as he needs anther butterfly to get him there which won't change his colour and you won't be able to tell if he's at full health or not, but it will protect you for two hits before changing to blue now.

Fireworks Factory - Part 2

Gem 600 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Now jump into the cannon near the start of the level and then proceed along to where the Agent 9 level is situated for what is generally a quite difficult mission.

117/150 You're doomed! Patty
Handel will set you off on the mission to shoot all of the Ninjas ahead. At full health in here you have 100 points at the bottom if you completed the Sparx level beforehand. Anyway, head out of the first room and shoot the ninjas as they come out of the room, especially the ones with guns. Remember to strafe out of the way of any bullets they manage to shoot at you. Go into the room the ninjas were coming out of and destroy the box in there, then head back out and along the corridor to where many more ninjas will attack you.

Shoot them all and grab a butterfly if you need one. Head through the door here and into the next area. You're going to have to go out here and shoot the box over to the left whilst also watching out for the ninjas on the roof. Once the room is empty, head on through the door to the left of where you came in. Shoot the ninjas on the roof in here and grab another butterfly if you need it. The next room has several ninjas in so shoot them and go through to the room after it. Shoot the box here to get rid of them.

This room here has a few ninjas in, as you go through you'll want to kill those hiding in the sides, once you shoot one, all of them attack. Go through the door at the end of this place and into the last room. This place is full of Ninjas so as soon as possible clear the room of them and destroy the box spawning them. Once clear, head through the other door, shoot the last ninja in here and walk up to the egg.

Now you've got to get back.

118/150 You're still doomed! Donovan
From here the rooms will be called as if you are going through them for the first time from where you are rather then going backwards through them.
Go into the room beyond the door behind you and shoot all of the ninjas in here, there's a box directly to the left of where you come in. Now go through the next door and kill the several ninjas that will come through. Destroy the box at the other end of this corridor as well as all of the ninjas in it.
Go through the other end of it and to the left. Shoot all of the ninjas there making sure not to get hit. Then go through to the left of the exit to destroy the box out there. A large room looms upon you now. Go to each side of the door here and destroy the boxes to either side of it. Then go out into the room and destroy the box at the other end of it. Once the room is clear, head through the door to the right and shoot the ninjas that appear straight away. Go round the corner here a little and destroy the box here, turn into the room to the right when you get round here and finish off the ninjas in here too. Now go through to the final room here before the end.
Destroy the ninjas and their boxes really quickly before they kill you. Now once that's done head through to Handel to get the egg off him.

Complete. Head back to Evening Lake now.

Honey Speedway

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

Back here to complete the Hunter challenge, he's located right near where you start off, just around to the right and then to the left to talk to him.

119/150 Hunter's narrow escape Nori
Simple challenge this time. Just jump over all the logs and avoid the rocks. Hit too many of them and the UFO will catch you, but if you get to the end you will get the egg.

Anyway, with Evening Lake fully completed, head on back to Midnight Mountain to complete the game off.

#38 StormDragon21 16:45:54 06/10/2019
For the second yeti fight, I won by jabbing him until he put up his guard, then going for the low attack. You get hit a few times, may need to put up your own guard if he’s going for a big punch, but I won within the two rounds needed for the Skill Point.
#37 theuone 18:22:13 28/12/2013
I found Greta to be quite epic in the factory level, she was an awesome fighter and ought to be Spyro's second sidekick(sorry sparx hehe)
#36 willspyro 19:59:40 26/10/2013
Evening Lake worlds are awesome smilie
#35 spyrothe111 10:23:07 10/05/2013
The biggest challenge in this whole game for me is fighting that stupid yeti...
#34 Jaggedstar 16:35:53 04/05/2013
Haha, Hunter gets trapped smilie
Oh wait....
#33 Lumanare 02:18:07 11/08/2012
actually, you CAN tell if sparx is at full. he will not have a color change from gold, but a sparkleish star will be in his glow on him, indicating the extra hp point.
#32 JamesFakeman 13:35:34 03/06/2012
There is a trick to do "Box the Yeti Again" easily! Just start and go "Exit Area" then reenter and do the same thing and when you enter to the third round box the yeti! This isn't that hard for me!
#31 crashdragon 21:21:18 30/04/2012
In Lost Fleet when you do the skate challenge do you have to do the challenge after Hunter is freed by Bianca?
#30 spyrothe111 15:23:24 08/12/2011
And Another Thing...
In The NTSC Version, I Can't Get The Egg When You Race The Bees In Honey Speedway, But I Have An EXTRA Egg In Midnight Moutains.
Very Weird
#29 spyrothe111 15:21:07 08/12/2011
The Soundtracks Are Different:
Greatest Hits Version: Real Theme
NTSC Version: Reused Sunshine Spring
How Weird...
#28 miniquiny999 19:28:10 06/07/2011
my fav 2 names in this game 4 the chalenges are "ur doomed" and "ur stil doomed" smilie x90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
#27 adjam91 18:35:57 30/09/2010
fireworks factory is awesome as well. the "you're doomed challenges" just take your time. back out of rooms when the ninjas chase you. they are easier then. those twin dragons are fun. bit of a nuissance that they grow back though
#26 adjam91 18:34:41 30/09/2010
honey speedway is my favourite speedway in any game. i love spitting rocks at the bumble bees. thos hunter challenges in the speedways are so annoying.
#25 adjam91 18:32:21 30/09/2010
when you box the yeti just keep pressing triangle. i did that and won easily. it does massive damage and the only time it doesnt is when he blocks but he isnt doing any damage to you so cool
#24 SpyroCrazzie 19:19:15 04/09/2010
Haha one of those baby dragons has same name as me xD 104 is Abby! yip thats my fave dragon... lol
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