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In a few levels there are areas where Spyro can get on a skateboard and start doing tricks, some of those tricks are very simply named and easy to work out how to perform while others have names that are less clear.

The levels with skateboarding sections are Sunny Villa, Enchanted Towers, Lost Fleet, and the Super Bonus Round. The latter two are just races but performing tricks while racing will get you extra boost to make yourself faster, and the higher the score you get from a trick the more boost you get.

To help you plan how to beat the course records here are lists of all of the tricks and their score values, be aware that each time you successfully perform a trick the score you get the next time you perform the same trick will be half.

If you manage to perform a trick more times in a row than is listed you will just earn the same value as the largest trick in that set.

Half Pipe Tricks

Spins are performed by jumping off a blue ramp and holding Left or Right on the Dpad or Analog Stick.

Single Spin Left50Single Spin Right50
Double Spin Left100Double Spin Right100
Triple Spin Left200Triple Spin Right200
(Quad Spin Left)
(Quad Spin Right)
Big Gulp
(Quint Spin Left)
2000Orange Crush
(Quint Spin Right)

Ramp Tricks

Rolls, flips, and twists are performed by first jumping off an orange ramp or going off a blue ramp without jumping and then holding Triangle or Y and holding in a direction on the Dpad or Analog Stick. Rolls are Left or Right, Flips are Up or Down, and Twists are Diagonal with Twisted Lemons holding Up and Left or Right and Twisted Limes are Down and Left or Right.

Single Roll Left50Single Roll Right50
Double Roll Left100Double Roll Right100
Triple Roll Left350Triple Roll Right350
Dr. Shemp
(Quad Roll Left)
1000Toasty Twist
(Quad Roll Right)
Quint Roll Left2000Quint Roll Right2000
Single Front Flip50Single Back Flip50
Double Front Flip100Double Back Flip150
Triple Front Flip350Triple Back Flip350
Quad Front Flip1000Quad Back Flip1000
Quint Front Flip2000Quint Back Flip2000
Twisted Lemon300Twisted Lime150
Twisted Lemon x 2750Double Twisted Lime750
Twisted Lemon x 32000Triple Twisted Lime2000

There are also combinations of different moves rather than simply repeating the same one several times.

A Gnasty Gnorc is performed by doing a Single Front Flip and then a Twisted Lemon.

A Raging Ripto is performed by doing half a Flip so that you're upside down and then performing a Triple Roll Left or Right. In the Reignited Trilogy this has been modified so that while you still need to perform the half Flip you instead only have to then perform a Single Roll Left or Right, so it is much easier to perform.

Thrash Master is fairly worthless for points but for the sake of completeness you perform this by performing half a Twisted Lime or Lemon so that you're upside down facing left or right and then performing a different Twisted trick. So if you did a left turning Twisted Lime you can do a full right turning Twisted Lime or a full Twisted Lemon in either direction.

The Super Thrash Master is also fairly worthless but it is done by performing the regular Thrash Master and then performing another Twisted trick that is different to the full one you just pulled. So for example a half a Lime, then a full Lemon, then a full Lime. You'll need plenty of air time to perform this but even then this is difficult to pull off in a way that the game recognises that you've performed it consistently.

Note that the Reignited Trilogy does not appear to have the Thrash Master or Super Thrash Master tricks.

Gnasty Gnorc2500Thrash Master100
Raging Ripto3000Super Thrash Master300

Special Tricks

And then you have the special tricks exclusive to the Enchanted Towers skatepark that are earned by performing a specific action rather than a move.

The Half-pipe Leap is granted when you jump lengthways over the blue half-pipe using the orange ramp, you can only do this when coming down from the highest point and not the other way.

And the Triple Towers is for when you jump across the tops of all three of the towers near the entrance.

Half-pipe Leap1000Triple Towers1000

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been using this tutorial recently! thanks for updating it with reignited information

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