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Midnight Mountain Home

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Walk forward a little and Bianca will appear in front of you and tell you that there is a way to fight the Sorceress and to get more eggs. Strangely enough, if you've collected all of the eggs so far available you can go fight the Sorceress straight away if you want to, however, I'll save that for after all of the levels in Midnight Mountain.

Head around to the left and up the steps here. Glide over to the island just off the top here.

108/150 Glide to the island Saki

Now jump back to the mainland again and head to the left and over the bridge to talk to Moneybags who is standing next to a caged monkey. Pay him the 1300 Gems he wants to free Agent 9.

Back across the bridge and go over the other bridge now. Headbash the chest here and then go to the left and chase the thief there.

109/150 Catch the thief Maiken
Use the same tactics as you have for every other thief.

Across the bridge now and collect the gems here. Smash into the cracked wall her and glide over to the egg.

110/150 Shh, it's a secret Billy

Back in the whirlwind and go through to the left now. In here Bianca will tell you that you have enough dragon eggs to confront the Sorceress now. Well, jump over to the right.

111/150 At the top of the waterfall Evie
Jump over to it on top of the waterfall.

Now back out to of here and then go to the area with a cracked floor. Headbash it and walk up to the egg.

112/150 Stomp the Floor Buddy

That's all of the eggs in the level currently, ignore the last one on the list as you can't get it just yet.

Jump back out of the hole and continue along with the rest of the level collecting the last few remaining gems around until you've got them all.

Agent 9's Lab

Gem 700 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

It's really the Professor's lab but who cares eh? Located exactly where you freed Agent 9 from his cage.

For the first time you'll be playing as Agent 9. Learn his moves and get used to him at the beginning of the level here. Jump over to where the Professor is now and he'll tell you to shoot the dummies. Shoot them all and the Rhynoc hiding behind the tree. Go into the cave on the right to get a few more gems, but the unbreakable chest is still unbreakable at the moment.

Talk to the Professor at the door and then shoot all of the Rhynocs that run out in the next area. Shoot the red box in order to stop them. And again a bit further on you'll face some more of them, and again you'll need to be shooting a red box to stop them. Go through into the building here and talk to the Professor.

Shoot all of the 6 Rhynocs as they popup near the screen. Then go on into the next room where you will once again find the Professor. Go into first person view and snipe all of the birds in the nests.

113/150 This place has gone to the birds Beulah
The Professor will give you the egg after you kill all six of the birds.

A second load of birds will appear now so shoot them all again and then move on with the level and out the newly opened door. Talk once again to the Professor and he'll instruct you to use the bombs in the vending machine to destroy Rhynocs in armour. Make sure the cross goes green before throwing any bombs as otherwise you'll miss. Go all the way back through the level to where the unbreakable chest was and use a bomb on it, then head back here.

Go to the door here that is still electrified. Use a bomb to aim over the forcefield and destroy the red box. Go through and now shoot all of the six Rhynocs in boats on the water.

114/150 Snipe the boats Tony
The egg will appear from the last boat.

Remember to shoot down the balloon here to get the gems from it. Then go back to the main path and talk to the Professor by the doorway.

Kill the last few Rhynocs in the next area and you'll be taken to the Professor again.

115/150 Blast and bomb the rhynocs Rowan
He'll give you the egg.

Level complete. Head back through to Midnight Mountain and then back onto the rocket all the way back to Evening Lake to finish it off.

Crystal Islands

Gem 700 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

The portal to this place is located just along to the right and over the bridge when you come into the world.

Talk to The Marvelous Magnifico who'll tell you about the problems of the land, nothing important though. Jump into the water and kill and collect everything here. Out of the water and flame the tree things. Then glide down towards another area. Kill the things here and then go into the cave here. Jump into the water and collect the gems and things in it.

Talk to The Great Zamboni and then use the floating crystals to get on with the level. Out here kill the tree things as well as the large bear. Glide off towards an egg on the right.

120/150 Glide to the island Manie
Walk over to it.

Head all the way back to where you were before the egg and then glide over towards The Fantastic Frederico who'll start a whirlwind, but ignore it for now. Kill all the stuff around and collect all the gems including the ones in the water. Then go talk to the Fantastic Frederico again and use the whirlwind this time.

Pay Moneybags the 1000 Gem donation he wants to extend the bridge. Go over the bridge and talk to The Astounding Arturo. Kill the bear and then go into the water and kill everything in there too. Then go talk to the Astounding Arturo again to get him to perform his new trick. Go along over the floating crystals to talk to the Magnificent Marvelo.

121/150 Reach the crystal tower Lloyd
Talk to him.

Go through the portal to the left side of him.

122/150 Ride the slide Elloise
This one can sometimes be really annoying. You need to control your slide all the way to the bottom of the ramp, collecting gems as you go as well. Don't over press the directions as you will just end up dead. Once you finally reach the bottom just walk up to the egg.

Head out of here. Go round to the right of the exit and glide down to a locked chest. Into the whirlwind and then go straight into a Bentley level.

Move the large boxes so you can get to the unbreakable chests, then head along and talk to the Amazing Randini.

123/150 Whack a mole Hank
Usually simple, sometimes annoying. Smack only moles here and avoid hitting his gnome friends. One hit of a gnome and you fail. Twenty moles in 1:05 is quite tight but you should be able to do it.

That done, collect any gems you haven't got and head back out to the main part of the level with Spyro.

Head to the left and go through the flying powerup. Chase after the thief here, flaming as you get close to him.

124/150 Catch the flying thief Max
Flame the thief

Go back into the powerup and fly over to above the first building of the level.

125/150 Fly to the hidden egg Grace
The egg is located right on top of the doorway.

Up here flame all of the exploding vases then head all the way back to the flying powerup as you'll have lost it by now. Fly back to here and onto a platform at the end to get the key. Back to the locked chest to open it up. Again you'll need to go back to the powerup to fly around the level to get the last gem which is located on top of a building over to the left of the powerup. Once complete, head home.

Desert Ruins

Gem 700 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Located straight over the bridge in front of you.

Talk to Gus right off and he'll ask you to save his girlfriend Tara. Jump over onto the platform in the green lava and quickly jump onto the next part as it will sink. Here kill the scorpions and go round onto the large hand. Then charge into the thing heating up the metal pathway nearby. Repeat for a second one further on and then glide over onto some more sinking platforms. Across here, go to the right and repeat with another heater thing.

Glide across to the scorpion here and kill it. Go left now and jump over some of the green lava again. Up the ladder and glide down to the left where there is a Sheila the Kangaroo level.

126/150 Krash Kangaroo I Lester
Nice and easy side-scrolling adventure here. Wander along the path killing scorpions and just make it about halfway through the level to get the first egg egg.

Continue along the level until you reach the next egg.

127/150 Krash Kangaroo II Pete
Walk up to it.

Now exit and back to the main level.

Glide over to the right and into the cave there. Glide over to the sinking platforms and go all the way in.

128/150 Sink or singe Nelly
On the first solid platform in here.

Go through further and smash down a wall to get to a passageway with a key at the end. Go back all the way to the locked chest and open it. Next go back to just before the Sheila portal.

Go up the ladder and along the pathway here to collect some gems and things, turn and glide down to the right. Along the hand and to an egg.

129/150 Give me a hand Andy
Walk up to it.

Head back up the ladder again and this time turn around straight away. Glide over to the hand you can see and again over to the chest there to get the gems in it. Head all the way back down and towards the building.

Go inside and talk to Moneybags and pay him the 800 Gems he wants to open up the tomb. Go through and kill the scorpions and heater things. Head around here and up the heatable ladder. As you go up, make sure to keep off the ladder about to be heated. Kill the heater at the top and then go along a bit and into the hole here.

Go through the portal and swim over to Hunter.

130/150 Shark shootin' Sadie
Blast some sharks. Shoot all eight of the sharks to complete.

Once you've gotten that egg, you should now go around collecting all of the gems here now, you can use the mantaray for fun which is useful for going fast and being able to smash all the chests around. Once that's all done, head on out again and back to the main level. Glide down to the 25 gem and the extra life nearby, then out of the door to the outside.

Tara will burst down a door and give you an egg.

131/150 Raid the tomb Marty
Just watch and you'll get it.

No reason why she would go through the portal now, but she does anyway. With that all the level should now be completed so head on home again.

Haunted Tomb

Gem 700 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

To the left and forwards you will find this level.

Talk to Dan who'll set you a riddle which you'll need to have solved by the end of the level. Well collect all the stuff in here and then step onto the button to get to the next room. Go through the door and as the Earthshaper throws something at you, dodge it and then pick it up. Take it back to fire at the sarcophagus in the first room.

Back out again and use the things the Earthshapers throw at you to destroy both themselves and the sarcophagi. Head over to the left and kill the two Anubis door guards to get past, they die with a simple charge attack. Press the button a bit back to actually open the door though.

Here you'll need to do a bit more killing of things with those rocks again. Press the button when you're ready and head through the door. You'll need to dodge loads of falling rocks now to get past, do so. Kill some more of the Earthshapers in here as well, and go up the short ladder.

132/150 Climb the wall Christine
Walk over to it.

Through the door by pressing the button back a bit and past some more falling rocks. Kill one Earthshaper here and press another button. Through a door and kill some more, both an Earthshaper and a sarcophagus, then go through the portal.

133/150 Tank blask I MJ
Slightly difficult thing here. A demolition hovercraft competition will being. The answer is twelve years. Fire at the four other hovercrafts, remember to slide a lot to avoid their attacks. Each time you die you lose a life amazingly. Complete to get the egg.

The championship round now.

134/150 Tank blast II TJ
Slightly more difficult as there are more opponents, you just need to keep more on your toes and to go around the whole arena rather then just the first area as they will all be hiding ready to attack when you come near them. Once all ten are gone, you win the egg.

Out again and go up the nearby ladder, slide down here until you get to the egg.

135/150 Snake slide Malcom
You should automatically get it when you get to the end of the slide.

Glide back down to the mainland again and work your way back to where you were just before. Go along past here and talk to Allgeier. He'll ask you the riddle again, the answer is egg.

136/150 Release the temple dweller Will
He will now give you the egg.

Allgeier will now run off through the portal. Go to the right now and through into an Agent 9 level.

137/150 Clear the caves Roxy
Not too difficult really. Ali will tell you all about the five deadly trials of King Rover. The answer to the riddle is footsteps. As soon as you get to the middle, start shooting all of the snakes, avoid them as much as you can as they will hurt you.

The second room has baskets of which you will need to destroy as they will keep regenerating the snakes. All fifteen snakes need to be killed before you can get to the third room.

In the third room you've got mummy Rhynocs now as well as snakes and baskets. Shoot them all quickly to get through to room four.

You now have the Sarcophagus which also need shooting to prevent the mummies from regenerating, twenty things to kill in total.

Room five has some Earthshapers as well, these need to be killed via use of their rocks that they throw at you, kill everything else first then use the rocks like you used the bombs in Agent 9's Lab. Once you've killed all 25 things here, you get the egg from the last room.

This should now complete the level for you. Head on back to Midnight Mountain now.

Dino Mines

Gem 700 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Located just outside here, near where you headbashed the ground.

Straight off, glide around the corner here and grab the egg.

138/150 Leap of faith Dan
It's gonna be a leap of faith as the title says, just make it around the building and press Triangle to get the best height on it at the last moment, but before you hit the side and fall to your death. Remember to flame the cactus here as well for a gem.

Go back to the main land and kill all of the dinosaurs around here, go talk to Sheriff Wyatt in the jail, then head around to the left and out here, kill some more dinosaurs and flame some more cacti to get the gems out of them.

Across the bridge here and into a building with triceratops in shooting at you. Go through it and out to kill some more dinos. Jump into the water here and swim through, charging into all of the seahorse Rhynocs as you go. Smash into a wall on the way as well.

139/150 Swim through the wall Romey
Go up to it to get it.

Continue along through the water and out the other side.

Kill the green T-Rex out here and flame the cactus. Head to the right now and flame the blue dinos here as well. Head over the bridge here and around all the way up to the ladder, head to the left and charge into the wall, freeing the Sheriff.

140/150 Jail Break! Kiki
He'll give you an egg for freeing him.

Now head back and up the ladder. Dive down into the water and then into the portal here.

141/150 Shafted! Elliot
Deputy Holiday will tell you about an egg at the end of the mine shaft. All you need to do to get to the end is get to the end. Avoid all the falling things and just concentrate on getting there without hitting anything other then the seahorse things if you want to.

Swim back out through the portal. Up to the surface and glide off down to the Agent 9 level below.

142/150 Gunfight at the Jurassic Corral Sharon
A simple kind of first person shooter level this time, no moving by yourself, just shooting. Shoot everything that pops up as you go along, make sure not to let anything get enough time to attack you. Eventually you should finish it up and get the egg.

Now explore the rest of the area grabbing all of the gems that you couldn't get before, there are also ones behind the windows here too.

Inside one of the buildings where several dinosaurs popped up in, is an egg behind the ledge which blocks the view of it when you're outside.

143/150 Take it to the bank Sergio
Walk up to it.

This should now complete the level for you so go back to Midnight Mountain yet again, this time to go finish up before the Sorceress.

Harbor Speedway

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 3 Eggs

Harbor? Pah! Harbour it should be. Anyway, the portal is located over the bridge in front of you and past the Sparx sign. It's a big lighthouse.

144/150 Time attack Kobe
Fly the same way as the seagulls flaming 'em, then through the arcehs, then flame the lobsters, then after the boat riding fish.

Select the race now.

145/150 Race the blue footed boobies Jessie
Same as all previous races really. Go through every single blue star possible and flame the seagulls as you go past them. It might be a good idea to charge along on the boat as you get to it, but I really can't tell whether you go faster or not. You should be aiming for being in second place at the start of the second lap in order got you to get a first place achievement even by the start of the final lap, keep in first place to win. Anyway once you've gotten that first place and through the winning posts, you'll be given the egg by Sparx. Oh, and remember, don't quit till you win.

And now back to the Time Trial option to do the Hunter mission.

146/150 Hunter's pursuit Sara
Go find Hunter who is located insdie the large lighthouse. His challenge this time is to fly through the smoke rings chasing the UFO until it crashes. You'll need to get through the rings before they vanish.

Sorceress's Lair

Orb 1 Egg

And now for the battle you've been waiting for. It's you vs. the Sorceress. Her lair is located right in the middle of the world, go through the large doors that Bianca will have opened for you earlier.

147/150 Defeat the Sorceress? George
Not too difficult boss battle really. As each of the invisible things land on the ground after Agent 9 shoots the balloons, jump onto them and fire at the Sorceress, making sure not to get hit as she tries to attack you. First it's a stationary cannon that Agent 9 drops which has only nine shots to hit the Sorceress with before dissapearing again. After three successful hits, Agent 9 will drop driveable cannons. Then after a while he'll start giving you flying saucers to fly around shooting for as long as you can go without getting hit by the Sorceress. Shoot her until she is defeated. The egg will fly off towards you.

With the Sorceress defeated you will be taken off to a cutscene in the Dragon Realms where Bentley interviews you much like you were at the end of the original game. Just watch out for Spyro's eyebrows, they seem to have gone a bit crazy here.

Midnight Mountain Home - Part 2

Gem 400 Gems | Orb 6 Eggs

Head out and around until you find Moneybags on a bridge between Crystal Islands and Desert Ruins.

148/150 Egg for sale Al
After talking to him, chase after him and charge into him at every oppourtunity. Keep doing this until you get all of your gems back off him and he gives you the egg he had on him. Strange thing really, he says he's off to Spooky Swamp, but goes into the Crystal Islands portal.

Bugbot Factory

Gem 200 Gems | Orb 1 Egg

It's not all over yet though head on over to the Sparx sign near to Dino Mines and Harbor Speedway.

Go up and chase down the bug with a key. Shoot it and it'll drop the key for a second, just enough time to grab it. Then go up through the door to the north and shoot all of the ladybirds as well as the ladybird maker, go on a bit further to kill another one. Get the key here and go through the north door.

Shoot the ladybirds here and go to the left, then go the other way. Chase after the key thief and then use it to go through the door in the north-west corner of the room, shoot the ladybird maker thing straight away. Next go and grab another key off another key thief in the middle of the large room. This key gives you access to the room in the east side of this room.

Another load of ladybirds here and the place in the centre of the room will also turn off. Chase after yet another key thief here to get through the doorway in the south-west corner, but remember to grab any other gems beforehand.

Ladybirds galore. Head round here and then to the south as you get to a turning. Destroy the ladybird maker and then carry on past where it was. Shoot the green things here and then go to either side next. Destroy the ladybird makers in both sides and then chase down the key thief here as well. Go back up and then to the right at the top to get ready to fight the final Sparx boss.

149/150 Shut down the factory Anabelle
Not too difficult really, just keep shooting it as much as possible and it will slowly reduce in size, also splitting in two quite quickly. Just stay around the area near the door and keep shooting away until both ends are destroyed and you get the egg.

Now Sparx can warp you to any level and has the ability to smash open baskets for you. All's done now. 149 eggs, 15000 gems. This means that you can access the fabled Super Bonus Round, located in this world, just go along past the Harbor Speedway and glide down to an area with loads of lizards on.

Super Bonus Round

Gem 5000 Gems | Orb 1 Egg

The final supreme level of the game. With 5000 gems to collect it might seem pretty big, however it's not all that much as you get a lot of them from each thing you do. Head straight forwards and talk to Bianca. She tells you about the thieves in the level. Chase after all the ones you can see to get a lot of gems from each of them. Gathering certain amounts of gems will allow you to access different challenges within the level through the large doors that will open for you.

The first of those is behind the 16000 gems door. Here you have to use a mini-sub to lock-on and destroy several thieves in other subs. There are seven in total, when you've gotten all of the you will have over the 17000 gems you need for the next doorway.

Just across from the 16,000 Gem door, is the 17,000 Gem door. This challenge involves you racing several Yeti's. The best way to win here is to perform a massive backflip combo on the first ramp you get to, and using that turbo boost to get all of the way around the course, then on the second lap, repeat the jump again to get the same boost. And again for the final lap, taking you all the way to victory, as long as you stay on track the whole time it should be easy. Remember to go back around getting any gems you've missed on your goes round.

Now with enough gems to open up the 18,000 Gem door which will now allow you to fly after those thieves in the air collecting the last of the gems from this world, bringing your total all the way up to a nice round 20,000 gems. This will open up one last door in the game for you. Found right up near the top of the level, head on through for the grand finale of the game.

150/150 Woo, a secret egg Yin Yang
The title doesn't really explain much, but you've got to fight the Sorceress for one final time in order to get her last egg. This time you're set up in a flying saucer from the very start, just keep firing at the Sorceress until she's run out of life.

And that my friend, is that. The whole game completed. 117% gained. The only thing left to do is gain the Skill Points in order to unlock the full epilogue.

#46 RyanFirefly 11:32:35 25/07/2017
Ryan is my name I'm glad they put it in the game


I've earned YinYang but I only have 140 of the eggs and definitely not all the gems
#45 Robert2007 22:08:06 19/11/2014
Hey How do you guys post skylanders

So..... I guess it's the Chinese new year
#44 willspyro 05:05:13 22/09/2013
one of the dragons name is Will ! (that's my name)
#43 CleoTheGood 21:08:08 22/12/2012
Ugh, I despise those speedways. Just because a bug is in the Midday Gardens, I can't earn one of those eggs, therefore earn the Secret Level through 100% completion.
#42 ilovespyro11 20:07:11 27/06/2012
does anyone know how to get on that really tall island
#41 ilovespyro11 17:46:23 23/05/2012
Hunter makes me lol in desert ruins getting the Shark Shootin' egg:

"If you see Bianca, tell her to meet me here. I....uh....promised to give her diving lessons!"
Sure you did, Hunter...
#40 ilovespyro11 09:28:52 13/05/2012
in agent 9's lab when you kill the birds just stay on that ledge the professor talks to you on then enter sniper mode then shoot, that way you won't get hit and waste sparx's lives. do the same for the 12 bird thing.
#39 JamesFakeman 12:04:37 27/03/2012
I never found all gems in Crystal Islands for some reason...
#38 Purple 00:42:15 08/12/2011
i need help on tank blast part 2. any tips?
#37 KirstyMarie061 21:38:58 25/10/2011
@Leela I re-started a new game a few days ago and i'm having the exact same problem... I've completed Spyro countless times and i've looked everywhere for the 10 gems. D:
#36 miniquiny999 19:32:36 06/07/2011
yinyang is reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute. with a typo i thought of a cuter nickname
#35 spyro93 19:57:15 23/06/2011
I have useful information!!! in the super bonus world, when you race the yeti's, instead of doing lots of backflips right at the beginning ramp, do a gnasty gnorc, it fills the meter right to the top and you can blast your way around the level smilie hope this helps.
#34 doctorwhofan042 05:00:46 09/02/2011
I've just entered the Sorceress' Hidden Loot. And guess what? The Sorcerss lived on! But I defeated her again...And now...It's all over.
#33 doctorwhofan042 18:09:16 07/02/2011
I've just got to go through The Haunted Tombs...Plus...I'm feeling pretty concerned on what's behind the strange portal...
#32 doctorwhofan042 18:15:01 06/02/2011
I've just defeated the Sorceress, I think, I thought I saw her hand coming out of the lava...Anyway, I've just got to collect a few more gems, eggs, "skill points", and open the strange portal which needs all the gems on this side of the planet, as well as 149/150 eggs.
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