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The Dream Weavers Homeworld

Treasure 300 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons

Welcome to the world of the Dream Weavers.

'These Dragons are peacekeepers of the night. From their island in the clouds, they flit through the dreams of other creatures of the world, making sure that no nightmares bother dragons while they're sleeping. Anyone who has bad dreams at night can call on these Dragons for help.'

Right in front of you are two different kinds of creatures. One is very tall and has red hair and is therefore unchargeable, but flamable. The other is large and covered in metal, therefore unchargeable and unflammable. However, a cannon in the middle of the area can change them into a smaller version of each of them, which are more vulnerable to defeat. For some reason they are randomly changed every now and then.

A bit further into the level you'll spot the butterfly creatures, this time they are small mushrooms that hop around a lot.

Dragon #59/80 - Lateef
Location - Near the portal to Lofty Castle
Colour - Blue

Work your way around the level until you get to the cannon in the centre. Use it to shoot the two big metal creatures that are blocking a doorway.

Dragon #60/80 - Zikomo
Location - On a platform near the cannon
Colour - Turquoise

Just through the nearby corridor, you'll find an open area with a dragon and a fool in. Flame the fool and it'll lower a nearby platform for a short period of time.

Dragon #61/80 - Mazi
Location - Near the portal to Haunted Towers
Colour - Blue

Head off to where the two large metal creatures were and charge them now. Go up the steps and continue along here until you reach a couple of fools. Flame them both and use the platforms to get further along in the level. Once you've got all the gems, that's the level done.

Dark Passage

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 5 Dragons

Much like the creatures in the homeworld, there are a couple of new creatures here that have two forms. One large and almost invincible, the other small and weak. The way to alter their state is by flaming the fool with a lamp, when it is bright they are small, when it is dark they are big. Simple.

Dragon #62/80 - Kasiya
Location - At the top of a whirlwind
Colour - Green

And a little further on you'll meet a red devil-like creature who fires arrows. Again, these cannot be charged but can be flamed. Avoid the arrows as they hurt.

Dragon #63/80 - Azizi
Location - A bit further on
Colour - Purple

Make your way along, flaming the fools and killing the creatures.

Dragon #64/80 - Bakari
Location - Next to the Return Home vortex
Colour - Green

Just below the platform with the unbreakable chest on, you can see a passageway with gems in. Glide down to here. Go past the whirlwind and collect all the gems. Then, glide down further to a level with several of the dogs on. Then go inside, flame the fool, then charge the little creatures, then use the whirlwind to get up higher.

Dragon #65/80 - Apara
Location - Near where you come out of the whirlwind
Colour - Green

Carry on through here and over some gaps.

Dragon #66/80 - Obasi
Location - At the end of the path
Colour - Blue

Next, glide down to the right onto another platform. Go through and kill all the devils, dogs and turtle things in here, then use the whirlwind to get up higher again. Flame the firework at the end of the path and go collect the gems from the now exploded chest. These should be the last ones, so head on home.

Lofty Castle

Treasure 400 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons

The entrance to here is located near to where the two Gnorcs block a passageway, but to the right and round the corner.

A few of the levels' creatures are seen almost straight away. First you can see a flying creature that seems to have no basis on any real life animal. You can also see a large Gnorc fitted out with full frontal body armour. He is killed by flaming the balloon he is holding onto.

Get over to the place where there are a couple of those devil cupids and free the fairy in the cage. Once you free three fairies, they will form a new whirlwind for you to use.

Dragon #67/80 - Mudada
Location - Right where you land after the whirlwind is formed
Colour - Green

Head over the pathway and jump over the gap after the devil cupids. Then glide down to the platform there and proceed to free another three fairies as well as the dragon.

Dragon #68/80 - Baruti
Location - Next to a river
Colour - Purple

Ignore the fairy whirlwind for a while and glide down to the walkway with several of those flying pig things. Go into the building there. Go up in the whirlwind and use the height to glide down around the circular place to free the fairies here as well as killing the Gnorcs.

Dragon #69/80 - Useni
Location - On top of where the fairy whirlwind takes you
Colour - Green

Yep, welcome to Lofty Castle 2: The Second Castle. Anyway, grab the key and jump over the whirlwind and right onto the top of a super-charge ramp. Charge down it and head to the right-hand side of the spiral bit. Go along it and then fly off towards a platform above where you have been before. Make sure to stop though. Jump down into the area below and free the fairies, flame the devils and open the locked chest.

The resulting whirlwind will take you back to where you've been before. Now head to where you made a whirlwind, but didn't use it. This time go into it. Go through here and jump off towards the place you haven't been.

Free the three faries over here to get a whirlwind to both the final fifteen gems of the level, and the Return Home vortex.

Haunted Towers

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons

Entrance to this level is situated to the left of the place where you first enter the world.

Right next to you is a pile of collapsed metal. This is the inanimate remains of a knight. When activated by a wizard they jump up to form the knight as you will see in a minute. In the next room (smash down the door) there is a green Gnorc who will throw grenades at you. As well as that there is a blue version of the green lightning wizard you found in Magic Crafters.

Ignore all the large knights as they are currently invincible, and charge on through to the room at the end. Kill the Gnorc in there and then let the fairy kiss you. This will give you a super charged flame breath with which you can destroy both the knights and any metal doors.

Take another blast of the super-powered flame breath and go through the whirlwind, and kill the knights over there too. Then go free the dragon.

Dragon #70/80 - Kosoko
Location - Near an unbreakable chest
Colour - Blue

Go past the rest of the knights and over a bridge to a sort of castle. In the middle is another fairy who will kiss you. Use this flame to destroy all the rest of the knights and the unbreakable chest if you haven't already.

Go up in the whirlwind and charge all the way down into a larger room full of doors. The first door has a third fairy in which will allow you to destory some more doors and knights in here.

Dragon #71/80 - Lutalo
Location - In the third room
Colour - Green

Now for something that'll make the rest of the level quite easy. Go back up to the top of the super-charge ramp and charge all the way down, go out the doorway that leads out to the left, jump over the gap (still super-charging) and up the ramp which you went up earlier. Make sure to press X right at the last point of ground and you should get enough height to reach the platform.

Dragon #72/80 - Copano
Location - Just inside a bit
Colour - Blue

Yep, that's 90% of all the dragons done. Only 8 more to go! Woohoo! Anyway, in the big room to the right are load of the knights. You will need to race to the top before they all are activated in order to kill their wizard. If you fail, just go back to the dragon and then come back again. Go into the room at the top and let the fairy kiss you. This kiss is permanent for the rest of the level now. Take out those knights and destroy the unbreakable chest too. Then go down the hole in the middle of the room. Now just go throught the rest of the level easily.

Icy Flight

Treasure 300 Gems

The portal to Icy Flight is located on a platform reached by passing those two impassable creatures.

Straight away go for the lighthouses whilst also the chests. The get the one train and head in the direction it came from. Flame the three copters in this area and go after the train that should arrive. Then continue along the track and get the next two, then flame the remaining five copters.


Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

The portal to Jacques is located right near to the balloonist.

Ugh. I hate this level. No idea why, but for some reason I always have, it's not that the boss is hard, it's just that I don't like the feel of the level. Anyway, a strange monkey thing with armour on is nearby as well as another really weird looking thing that looks like it's wearing a dress. Flame the fool to move on up. Go right and flame the second fool you get to to move on further. Continue along until you reach a locked chest. Go down the stairs here.

Dragon #73/80 - Revilo
Location - Down the stairs, just in front of Jacques
Colour - Blue

Uh, yeah. A battle huh? Just follow it around, attempt to flame it when you get near and just wait until it dies at the end. Waste of time really. Once you've got the gems next to the Return Home vortex, glide back down to the dragon and back up the stairs.


Head down in front of you and take out those metal monkeys. Move along a bit further and flame the two fools at the same time to raise up a platform for you to access a cave above where you'll find a key. Now glide down to the platform just to the left and then on again. Hop up onto the wall here and over. Head round to the fool you didn't flame before, then head back to the wall and flame the fool there. Use that platform to jump up onto the wall and then jump down onto the newley lowered platform below. Wait till it rises and then glide across to the dragon on the left.

Dragon #74/80 - Unika
Location - Just at the end of the glide here
Colour - Orange

Head down the path and then go off to the left. Use the whirlwind to start a swerving glide to flame the four monsters on high up platforms. Then flame the fool and head off down the right path. Jump on the platform that just moved out and then into the whirlwind. Then glide to the right to collect some more gems. Now head all the way back to the locked chest to get the last remaining gems of the world.

Amos the BalloonistAmos the Balloonist

With that all done, it's time to move on to the final world of the game, Gnasty's World. With 90% of the game completed, the final stretch is in sight. Go and talk to Amos the Balloonist to get there.

#45 Crashfan25 14:03:42 12/10/2009
Copano: The hardest dragon in the whole game.
It took me 15 years to get him. smilie
#44 gaul2 16:22:58 19/06/2009
whats with all the dream weavers dragons have 3 syllable names?????????????????????????????????
#43 claw 17:00:53 07/04/2009
look youtube the video for relesing copano if someone want find him.
#42 claw 16:57:46 07/04/2009
dragon copano is hardest dragon to find in this game....
#41 SD-King 21:11:54 29/08/2008
Dragon #65/80 - Apara looks a little like Yoda!Because of his skin colour.
#40 spyrohelper 14:20:58 18/08/2008
'These Dragons are peacekeepers of the night. From their island in the clouds, they flit through the dreams of other creatures of the world, making sure that no nightmares bother dragons while they're sleeping. Anyone who has nightmares at night can call on these Dragons for help.'

world 5 guide
#39 SD-King 23:09:27 09/08/2008
#38 spyro52 15:45:58 04/08/2008
i dont need help now
#37 spyro52 13:08:12 04/08/2008
#36 spyro the hero 14:57:17 16/07/2008
how do you get copano
#35 SD-King 03:18:18 24/06/2008
#34 spyrorules5000 22:22:24 19/06/2008
The little guys with the wings in dream weavers has a weird head.head is Skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#33 American Spyro 19:42:43 15/05/2008
I think this place is better than the other worlds.
#32 ragospyro 22:33:59 10/05/2008
i beat Jacques easily my first time while alot of people have trobule with him.
#31 spyro_is_cool 00:23:01 14/04/2008
jacques was a ignoing boss
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