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You won't get far if you don't know how to kill the bad guys.

Real World

A small blue, white and red crab that runs around on beaches. Very low health and a simple charge will kill it.
A large simple creature that is stopped in its tracks by a flame attack whereas other attacks may let it continue its belly flop attack.
It looks like a goat. Melee attacks are ineffective until you hit it with a flame attack but chi attacks are usually quick dispatchers of this creature.
A tall lizard who attacks using its tongue rapidly. If approached it will curl up into a ball which your melee attacks won't hurt it. Use a Chi attack if it is in this state or a flame attack to paralyse it if it is standing upright.
A blue monkey that throws things at you. Very little trouble should be caused by this as all attacks harm it.
A flying enemy. These like to hang around caves and fire projectiles at you. Use tail attacks, flame attacks or chi attacks to kill it. They have quite high HP but are quickly taken down by chi attacks.
Looks exactly like a sheep funnily enough. Has no attacks and dies in one hit to give a butterfly.
Much like the sheep this looks like a chicken and has the same fodder function.
Another, less common, fodder that exists purely to give you a free butterfly.

Shadow Realm

Long Legs
The most basic of Shadow creatures. It's mostly made up of legs and a small head. These just require repeated hits with melee or one or two chi attacks.
Heavily armoured creature but has a significant weakness. Flip it over using your horn attack and then destroy it in one hit with the tail attack.
A shadow enemy like no other. It stands stationary at its prescribed location and will pop out of the ground to attack. Too quick for melee attacks, use your chi attacks to kill them fast.
An armoured cyclops. Smash its shell with a tail attack to open it for easy killing.
Tail Whack
A blob like creature who's tail will cause a lot of damage if it. Jump to avoid their tails and melee or chi attack them.
A tall humanoid shaped creature with a sword and shield. Even more armoured than Shelly this creature requires his armour to be destroyed first with a tail attack before you can do real damage.
A psychic creature that casts spells. It looks sort of like a floating brain. Hit it with a chi attack then melee it to death as it lies helpless on the ground. To avoid their attacks simply jump.


Ice Minion
The first boss of the game. Destroy its ice sword with your fire breath and then attack it with your horn attacks when it gets tired of swinging its shadow claw around.
Fire Minion
The second boss. As with the Ice Minion you defeat it by using Ice Breath on its sword when it gets stuck and then attack with your horns once he gets tired of swinging the mace around.
A large red dragon, not really a boss, more of a small obstacle. Attack him twice with the Shock spell.
The Sorcerer
The final boss of the game who turns out to be a huge purple dragon much like Spyro himself. Reflect his spells back at him using Banish and then attack him with your horns when he's down.

#15 Ross 20:44:35 28/08/2008
There. He added it in.
#14 Ross 21:01:42 26/08/2008
I've already said this to dark52, but while we're talking about the Brains, at highest Deflect Magic you can make their attacks hit themselves by saying "no" into the DS mic.
#13 SFRB 00:49:32 08/08/2008
#12 Cynderfyre 12:14:34 29/07/2008
The yeti in the game look more like giant bears!
#11 Biggestspyrofan 00:36:39 26/06/2008
Also upgrade critical hit to full. It will nearly always kill enemies in one hit.
#10 Biggestspyrofan 00:27:57 26/06/2008
Tip: Upgrade your wing shield to full. Use it when attacking Brains for their attack will not hurt you while in shield mode (L + R)
#9 SuperSpyro700 01:17:14 20/03/2008
Say Dark52. Those Brains gives me the creeps!
#8 Dancinkayley 09:29:33 23/11/2007
The shadow knight guy that you have to find in the Fairy Realm is at the far west side of the level.
#7 hiiiiiiiiiiii 12:31:58 31/12/2006
where is the shadow knight or summat i need 2 find it quick!
#6 Lover of Spyro 08:57:03 09/12/2006
yeah! the dragons are not alike!
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 12:09:44 16/09/2006
I have absolutely no idea what you just said.
#4 Black Minx 11:24:14 16/09/2006
To dark52..........

I know that the sorcer has no SOCLIE fechers like the Spyro we all know and love on this sight! But i`m just saying that they are PHISICLY alike

#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:34:55 13/09/2006
I just meant that they're both purple dragons not that they look alike (they don't).
#2 Black Minx 22:19:05 13/09/2006
I had no idea that the sorcerer is a dragon!!!!!! ( Letalone a dragon like Spyro!!!!!)
#1 Dragginwings 21:58:17 12/09/2006
Nice, dark smilie I don't have a DS,though smilie (YET!!)
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