Dragon Challenges

After beating Gaul you unlock this and access it from the Extras menu on the title screen. Beat each challenge to unlock the next, and the fifth to unlock Dark Spyro, a new form to use during any replay of the game on the same save file.

Dragon Challenge 1

For this first battle in the Dragon Temple you'll be randomly switching element. The enemies are all apes of various sizes, going up the longer you're in the fight. Really all you need to do is make sure not to get into the middle of a load of enemies, keep away and watch your element so that you know exactly what you're attacking with. The enemies are the sort that have a general weakeness to everything so the type changing doesn't really make that much of a difference.

After the soldiers leaders are added. After the leaders come Commanders, watch out for their green ground blasts, and then Death Hounds are added right towards the end. When you've finally killed them, it's victory.

Dragon Challenge 2

This one is time limited, so it should only take five minutes if you do it right. Fellmuth Arena is the location for this one so avoid the edges. The enemies here are of the scavenger variety, as well as a Blunder Tail right at the end. You can use the edges to your advantage by knocking enemies off it, that along with the freedom to switch between breaths yourself should mean that you can complete this well within time.

Dragon Challenge 3

This one's challenge is simply to defeat all the enemies, there's no time limit nor are there any other restrictions. Set in the Well of Souls where you fought Gaul, you can again knock enemies over the side if you so feel. Enemies are the type you'd expect to find in the Mountain Fortress, soldiers, leaders (that can teleport for some reason), death hounds, invisible commanders, then finishing off with a few Dreadwings at the end. They can be affected by an Electric Orb, even if they're nowhere near it.

Dragon Challenge 4

You can't use Dragon Time for this fight. That means relying on your own button pressing abilities. Wowsers. It's set in Concurrent Skies, one of the levels from A New Beginning. The arena is completely sealed in so there's no throwing of people over the edge either. The enemies here are the kind you found in Concurrent Skies. We begin with soldiers, move on to leaders, followed quickly by Death Hounds and then Dreadwings. Then it's Commanders with a purple ground attack.

Dragon Challenge 5

The fifth and final Dragon Challenge is just a kill all type affair. The arena is sort of Celestial Temple, knocking things off the edge is possible and there are gem clusters about. The enemies are a varied bunch, all the different designs in one place. Starting as usual with soldiers you quickly get into the leaders, then commanders after a while. It's all types of Commander, including the invisible ones.

#15 spyrothedragon 11:21:27 28/02/2008
I can't Do them!
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 17:41:55 24/02/2008
Press up on the Dpad to switch back to fire breath (or press the + button a few times if you're playing the Wii version).
#13 nichim 11:06:56 24/02/2008
I am nichim and I need desperate help at the Grove Underground Level
where I flame the fuse inbetween the boxes on the left.
How the hell I'll do this without having the ability ( I have only the one
with the ice)?
I would appreciate if someone has an answer.
My e-mail : himonas@msn.com
#12 alexis 121 20:33:30 23/02/2008
dark spyro is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#11 Spyro 08:23:14 19/02/2008
I love Dark Spyro! I can finish the game in like 3 or 4 hours now.....I LOVE what happens when you press Triangle (PS2 or PS3) and he does that cool combo move! oh and if you press L3 while hes doing the combo he will continue to do so but it'll be normal Spyro.
#10 Anonymous 05:40:15 19/02/2008
use l3 in playstation to activate darkspyro
#9 spyro 20:54:41 14/02/2008
what button do you press 4 dark spyro
#8 gaul 20:33:27 24/01/2008
dark spyro is realy cool as its a totaly new breath (the same 1 as u fight gual with) the z attack is the best ever
#7 Ross 20:28:03 11/01/2008
You call that comment long? Welcome to my world, Elora.

I can't wait to try out Dragon Challenges, then most importantly of all Dark Spyro!
#6 Elora 12:05:52 06/01/2008
i think num 4 was the most hard because it was so small num 5 easy because if you only kill one type until they gone you don't get all the big one trying to kill you at the same time"pant pant" that was long smilie
#5 catherin9 16:16:22 04/01/2008
how can i get dark spyro on nintendo ds ?
#4 Cynder 20:35:31 27/12/2007
When you won all Dragon Challenges it will unlock Dark Spyro and his breath is poverful.
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:51:06 22/12/2007
Neither of you can read then.
#2 Black Minx 12:48:12 22/12/2007
I aggree.
#1 Spyrodude25 23:57:28 07/12/2007
Nice, you should ad the fact that you unlock darkSpyro when you beat them all.
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