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A collection of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night links. Websites may change, move or delete content so in time some of the following links may cease to link to what they say they do.

Dragon Generator
A tool to recreate your Spyro's Lair dragons and share them with others.
An interview with Don Meadows, Producer for the game.
A GameSpy preview article for the game.
Crash and Spyro's Launch!
A Flash game related to the Act II promotion. Code 'WMA2EXCL'.
The Crash and Spyro Gamemaker Getaway
Crunch 'n Munch and Act II competition.
Krome Studios
Krome Studios' page for the game.
A couple of gameplay vidoes.
A video showing off all of the new attacks.
Official Site
The official website for the game with new screenshots.
Gaming Universe.de
A German website (in German of course) with the Vivendi Games Press Release (also in German) at the bottom of the page beneath all of the images.
WorthPlaying with the first screenshots from the PS2, Wii, DS and GBA versions.
ESRB lists The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night on GBA with a rating of E (Mild Cartoon Violence).
Spyro: The Eternal Night appears on the German software ratings organisation's website, just a GBA version. Listed as a Jump'n'Run
Codename Revolution
Codename Revolution
The first appearance of the rumour on Codename Revolution.

#9 cynder1111 00:17:33 15/07/2009
realy is there a other game called spyro the darkest hour? if threre is i bet it has dark spyro and cynder in it
#8 spyro 123 20:03:00 04/08/2008
yep im the new gal nice web sites r some of them
#7 Shrazer320 06:11:32 07/06/2008
Wrong game, Skyqueen!
#6 Skyqueen 05:52:53 05/06/2008
its really called Dawn Of the Dragon, not Darkest Hour!
#5 Cynder812 16:23:35 22/04/2008
Hey guys! Go to www.SpyrotheDragon.com. You can make your own dragon,play games,and chat. Anyway, I heard there is a new game called The Legend of Spyro: Darkest Hour. Its coming in Fall I think.
#4 spyrofan 13:33:47 24/02/2008
go to www.spyrothedragon.com
#3 TrueSpyroFAN 16:38:29 14/01/2008
It already has!!
#2 SilverDragon 19:45:49 16/12/2007
Does anyone know when official sites are gonna update?
#1 Brazilian Spyro 16:57:43 10/12/2007
no new sites?

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