The Temple Gardens

2 11

First up is a simple tutorial section. Simply follow the onscreen instructions on how to jump and attack the enemies that you find along the way. Start by going to the right, jump up the steps and then down to a Bulb Spider on the other side. Since the only attack you have right now is to charge, charge into it.

Jump up to the first gem of the game, red gems will refill your health bar. Jump straight down following the gems floating in the air. Now we're going left, wow. There's another Bulb Spider just down here, charge into it again, this time in the other direction!

Jump up to the left, down the steps and then down to the right. As you reach some green gems floating in the air you're going to need to jump and glide over a larger gap, if you miss you can just jump back up to the ledge to try again. Green gems refill your magic meter, and yellow gems refill both your health and magic meters. Once over jump over the spikes and exit the tutorial by walking into the purple crystal.

The Elementary Vault

After falling asleep you face a battle to test out your new Fire Breath. Press 5 to use it.

The Elementary Dragon is a large white dragon head that moves around the area trying to kill you. Your opportunity to attack is when it is moving up and down the sides, you should jump and use your fire breath on it. This will irritate it and it'll start going back and forth along the roof. It'll stop directly above you on the second pass and will fire a large ball of energy, so get out of the way.

It'll then go up and down one of the sides again, jump and attack it. Then avoid the overhead attack and finally jump and attack the next up and down approach.

The Dragon Temple

20 20

Go right and jump up to a Bulb Spider, kill it with either your new breath or your normal charge attack. Keep going to the right and jump over the pit of spikes. There's a Toadweed just down the steps, it doesn't move but has a short attack. Jump and flame as you fall to hit it.

Jump down beneath some floating platforms and kill a Bulb Spider. If you charge into the wall to the right you'll find a couple of hidden gems. Jump up onto the platforms above and attack the Toadweed on the next one. Jump along them to another Bulb Spider. Right after the spider there's a Dragon Statue, smash it by charging into it and you'll get a yellow gem.

Jump up the platforms on the right and you'll meet a Soldier, it patrols but takes two hits to kill. If you jump down after him to just before a spike pit, go down the supposed dead-end to the right and charge into the wall, it'll explode and you'll find six green gems hidden away there. Charge the wall in here and you'll find a statue with a Magic Pearl inside.

Jump back up and over the spike pit, kill the Toadweed that's sitting in the way and then jump up the steps to a save point. These work by returning you to this point if you die - you'll go to the last one you triggered, you can retrigger past save points if you return to them and have triggered another one elsewhere.

Kill the Soldier walking about beneath you, then jump up the platforms at the end. Kill the Toadweed and the Bulb Spider at the top. Heading to the right now avoid falling down the hole here as you'll just end up going in a circle to get back again. You'll find a transparent door with a red marker in the middle of it, you can't go through it so jump up to a Relic. This will give you Fury for a brief time. Press 5 to use it and destroy all enemies on screen, it also opens any doors with the corresponding element that you use - more the intended use than killing.

Go down to the right through the now open door to get a few green gems, then jump back up and go through the door that was above it - if you go to the left instead there's a blue door which you can't get through. Before jumping up the platforms you can hit the wall at the bottom to find a couple of gems.

Jump up, kill a Toadweed and reach a save point. Kill the Toadweed on the other side of the spikes and then jump up to the right to grab another Fury Relic. Quickly drop down to the left and use it to open the door. Go through, drop down and to the left is another wall to smash through - there's a statue inside. Go right, kill another Solider and finish the level.

Leaving the Temple

2 31

A flight level. The level is fairly straightforward, try and keep ahead and don't go down the path with the Green Door. There's a brief split in the track when the game tells you to press 5, you can attack the Bulb Spider from a distance and still go down to grab the relic - not actually useful as you don't have Earth Breath yet.

The level will start to speed up once you pass by the green door so try not to get stuck behind objects otherwise you'll quickly find yourself off screen and starting again.

The Dragon Peak

It's a boss fight! This time against the Assassin!

Walk along in front of it, pausing a bit and then jumping out of the way each time. You should see the eyes glow and the Dreadwing strike its claw, attack it. It can also bite down where you can again hit it. He should drop back off the screen into the darkness and then immediately pounce back onto you, so move out of the way. Keep attacking it every chance you can until it dies.

The Elementary Vault

Very similar to the previous vault except that now you need to use Ice Breath. The dragon also has different attack patterns. Hit it as it goes up and down the side, then when you see it pop out from the roof move out of the way, it'll zoom straight down with a beam of fire behind it.

It'll then zoom in horizontally, breathe Ice at it as it approaches to stop it. Then it'll go up to the roof and fire a ball of energy like the first dragon did. Hit it as it goes up and down the sides and you'll win.

You can now return to The Dragon Temple and complete it fully.

The Dragon Temple

Remember to switch back to Fire Breath, Ice is useless here. Make your way through the level until you get to the first Fury. Grab it and go up to the left, switch to Ice Breath and destroy the door.

Switch back to Fire and then drop down to the left. Jump up the tiny platforms on the left, jump and kill the Toadweed and then glide back to the left from where it was. Jump straight up and then to the right, kill the Toadweed and then step onto the teleport pad.

Go right and charge into the wall there. Jump over the spikes, kill the Soldier over the next ones and then jump over them. Smash the statue to gain an Ice Pearl - your Ice Breath is now stronger! Return to the teleport pad and then go to the right once you return to the original one. Kill the Toadweed, grab the yellow gem, kill another Toadweed and then drop down to just after the Fury location. Now just finish the rest of the level as you did originally.

The Ancient Grove

20 22

Jump up the tiny platforms and kill the Fire Beetle that's floating up and down. You'll need to use Ice Breath (or charge) to damage it, fire is useless. Jump up to the right and then down onto a lone platform. Drop below it to a Magma Worm, kill it with two blasts of Ice. Grab the Fury Relic and jump up to the right. Jump close to the Grove Beast so that you can also see the door beyond, use the fury and then charge it to finish it off.

The next jump is vital, below is a darkness that will kill you. As you reach the Fire Beetle there's a small dimple in the wall to the left, jump into it and charge at the wall. There are three green gems in here and if you charge into the end wall as well you can get to a teleport pad.

Stand on it and it'll teleport you to another pad not too far away. This gives you the height needed to jump and glide down to the left and grab the Magic Pearl that gives you a slightly larger magic bar. Kill the Magma Worm as you land and then jump and kill the Fire Beetle in the air to the left. Jump over the gap to get to the save point.

Kill the Magma Worm after the next gap and then another Fire Beetle flying side to side ahead. Jump and glide over the large gap and then jump up the platforms on the left. Jump up onto the long thin platforms with Fire Beetles on and kill them both. Go to the right and glide over a large gap. Kill the Grove Beast with fire and you'll reach another save point.

Jump up and to the left then jump and glide over some spikes. Charge into the wall to open up another secret bit with a statue with a Life Pearl inside. Jump back over the spikes and then up to the platforms in the air. Kill the Fire Beetle, the Magma Worm over to the left and the two Fire Beetles above it.

At the top jump to the left and into the end of level crystal.

The Ascent to the Grove

7 15

It's another flight level. This one has nothing of interest in, you won't need to come back later. Use Ice Breath for the enemies in here, try to avoid hitting the edges as some have spikes on them.

The Canopy

Time to fight a giant wood monster called Arborick. He'll stamp around in the middle area and raise his feet as a warning sign that he's about to attack you. When he raises his foot try and attack the other one. It should hurt him and his whole body will collapse onto the floor, walk out through the side where the leg is in the air to avoid getting hurt yourself. Turn around and breathe Fire on his head.

Occasionally he'll attack by slamming his fists at the ground, just get out of range to avoid these. Repeat all this until he dies.

The Elementary Vault

Without so much as a piece of dialogue we're back in the vault. This time to learn Earth Breath. The dragon hasn't learnt anything new this time, just repeat what you did for the previous go.

Avoid from above, shoot at the sides.

Now that you have Earth Breath you can go back to Leaving the Temple and get the Pearl there.

Leaving the Temple

Make sure to switch to Earth Breath and to go down the correct paths - that's along the bottom. You'll first reach the Fury Relic along the bottom path and then shortly afterwards is another path split with the door and the Fire Pearl.

The Ancient Grove

Head all the way to right before the end of the game. There's a Green Door just below the exit and a Fury Relic up to the right, grab that and use Earth Breath to destroy the door.

Drop down and then jump over a teleport pad, if you hit the wall just past it you'll find a collection of gems hidden. Jump onto the pad and kill the three Fire Beetles flying up and down to the right - obviously switch back to Ice Breath for this. Glide over the gap and charge into the statue to gain an Earth Pearl.

Now just return to the teleport pad, jump up the side and to the exit. You can also Earth Fury the Scavengers above the exit if you want to kill all of the enemies in the level.

Fellmuth Arena

19 28

If you hadn't encountered the false walls before this level forces you to as it's a major part, that and you start out in a room with one as the only exit. Charge into the wall on the left and then drop down the gap.

Charge into the thin wall to the right, then jump up the steps and use Earth Breath on the Fire Beetle. Step down, avoiding the spikes directly below you, and then up some more steps and down again over some more spikes, these slightly further on than before to try and trick you.

Charge into the wall and then grab the lines of gems along the ground and the platform above. Jump up to the right and through another thin wall. Kill the Scavenger with a blast of Earth (two if you haven't gone back for the upgrade pearl yet) and a second right after it. Smash the statue for a yellow gem before jumping up the platforms to another Scavenger and a Save Point above it.

Go left and take the lower path, kill the Scavenger here and smash the wall on the left. Smash the wall in here to to reach a yellow gem and then smash again to find a Magic Pearl. That's all the smashes. Go back and jump up the platforms.

Go to the right at the top and jump and kill the Scavenger walking about on the small platform. Jump up the sides to a couple of Fire Beetles above you, kill them and then drop down falling through a Fury Relic. Switch to Ice Breath and open the door.

Kill the Scavenger on the other side and then a couple more after a spike. Kill another after a gem and then you reach the outside of your original prison. There are four coloured doors here, one Ice, one Earth, one Fire, and one Electric. The Fury Relic to use is up to the left behind the Scavenger beneath the Save Point.

There's not much of interest in any of the doors except the Electric one, but you don't have Electric Breath so you can't go through it. Jump back up to the save point.

Continue off to the right (switch back to Earth), kill the Scavenger and jump over the spikes to a teleport pad. Jump over the pad and charge into the wall a couple of times to destroy it. Glide to the right (falling here will mean having to go back around to get back up), then again to a statue with a single green gem inside. Jump up to the left and then again higher to the right. Jump once more to the left, kill the Scavenger and claim the gems. Glide to the left and there's another statue with just a red gem inside.

Jump up into the tiny alcove and hit the wall to find a Life Pearl. Drop down, skip the teleport as it is just where you'd end up if you had taken the previous one. Just jump up the steps and finish the level.

The Captain's Cabin

Skabb will zoom around side to side quite quickly before pausing and sticking his hook out. He'll zoom again so jump over it as he does so. Next he jumps into the air and a shadow will appear showing that he's aiming directly for you, move out of the way and attack where he is about to land in the hopes of hitting him as he does.

Keep avoiding him and then the subsequent cannonballs that he fires. He'll then also side swipe with his sword using his other hand. Just keep trying to hit him when he jumps on you and you'll defeat him quite quickly.

Fleeing the Arena

11 16

Yep, it's another flight level, and yes you'll need Electric Breath to get the Pearl. Just make sure to be using Earth Breath and you should easily make it through. The last Fury Relic doesn't seem to have a purpose except for kill the enemies.

The Celestial Caves

17 23

Switch to Fire Breath and Fury the first door. Then switch to Ice and destroy the second one too. Glide over the water and then charge the wall. Stand on the teleport pad to get teleported an incredibly short distance.

Jump up to the right, then up to the left where there's a Ghost floating about, use Ice Breath on it. Jump further up to a Mushroom which you'll need to use Fire Breath on, make sure to not be too close as it has a long range attack when it dies. After killing it charge the wall behind and then drop down into a room of teleport pads.

The one you want to move on is top left. Jump down and grab the save point before killing the Mushroom. Glide down the gap and to the right to avoid the drop at the bottom.

Fire Breath will work on the Bulb Spider here, there's another to the right and a teleport pad to step on. Ice Breath the Ghost and glide over the gap to another Ghost and then another teleporter.

Charge into the wall to your left, jump over the water and onto a platform with some spikes at the end. Jump and glide over them to another platform with a statue and the very last Magic Pearl inside.

Jump back over the teleport pad, hit the save point and kill the Mushroom next to it. Jump over the spikes and Fire the Bulb Spider running about. If you charge into the wall just above the next spikes you'll find a Blue Door, the Fury Relic is a little further on though.

Jump up to the left, kill the Ghost with your Ice Breath and then another Ghost after another jump. On solid ground jump up to the left and charge into the wall. Kill the Mushroom with Fire, then charge into the wall up to the left again. A slightly tricky glide is needed now, you need to fall and then glide back to the right to get the Life Pearl beneath you. Charge into the wall and you're back at the save point.

Jump down and get back up to where you first entered that secret section after the two Ghosts. Jump up to the right and kill the Ghost floating here, then jump and kill the Mushroom on the platform to the right after the spikes. Jump up onto it and kill the Bulb Spider on the left. Grab the Fury Relic and then drop all the way down to the secret Blue Ice Door beneath the Green Earth Door on the right.

Step onto the teleporter and go to the right. Drop down carefully to avoid the Mushroom and the water below. Glide over that water after killing the Mushroom, kill another Mushroom and then jump up the side of the cave.

At the top jump to the left, grab the Fury Relic and use Earth Breath to destroy the two doors either side of the Fire Pearl. Jump down to get it and then make your way back to the teleporter. Jump all the way back up to the left to grab the Fury Relic out here and then take it to the Green Door on the right to open it.

Smash the statue in here and then take the left teleporter to a small room with some green gems inside. Teleport back and then jump on the right one to go to a room with several doors in a row again. First fire, then ice, then lastly earth. Try to avoid the end of level crystal by only jumping on the corner, jump up to the left and smash the statue to find a gem, then jump and glide over the crystal to another statue on the other side with another gem inside. With that done, jump into the crystal.

The Elementary Vault

One last time we're training a new breath. Same tactics as usual, hit it when it goes up and down the sides or is attempting to horizontally power through the screen.

With your new Electric Breath you can finish off the rest of the previous levels.

Felmuth Arena

Continue all the way through until you get back around to the area with the multitude of different colour doors. Go through the yellow one with your Electric Breath. Charge into the wall behind it and then jump up to a teleporter.

Switch back to Earth Breath and kill the Fire Beetle and then jump and glide over the gap. Kill another Fire Beetle and jump another gap to a statue with an Electric Pearl inside.

Return through the teleporter and finish the level as before.

Fleeing the Arena

Not too far in there's a Fury Relic followed immediately by a Yellow Door along the ground level, behind which is an Ice Pearl.

Approaching the Well of Souls

8 15

Flying again, use Electric Breath to kill the enemies in here. The first two Fury Relics are only there to help you kill enemies, the second being to destroy a Death Hound that follows you (as long as you get close enough to annoy it) - otherwise unkillable as it's behind you. Right after that though is the third relic, take the lower route to grab it and then use Ice Breath to destroy the door on the next high path. The last Earth Pearl is behind it.

After that it's pretty slow and easy to the end.

The Well of Souls

20 23

This level is much like the previous one in that there are many spikes on the floors and ceilings. Jump over the first one and then drop and glide to grab the gems on the right. Drop down to the left then to the right where there's a Mushroom to kill with your Electric Breath.

Grab the gem before you jump and kill another Mushroom. Go up those steps and to the left at the top to grab a gem in the air. Drop down on the right to kill another Mushroom which will kill the other one opposite it. Continue onwards to the right onto a teleport pad.

Kill the Solider with a few bursts of Electricity and then drop down to the right. Charge into the wall here to find a Fury Relic. Use it to kill the next Soldier and continue to the left. Drop down and head right before going left and down to the floor. There's a Death Hound patrolling here, kill it with Electric Breath as well as its pal further ahead.

Hit the save crystal and drop down on the right. Jump along the small platforms avoiding the green water below until you reach a teleport pad. Jump on it and then kill the Death Hound walking about below. Jump up then drop down to the right, kill the Mushroom and then jump up and grab the gem.

Continuing downwards kill another Death Hound before reaching the Save Point below. Drop down directly and land on a small platform, charge into the wall on the left and jump on the teleporter.

A simple jump to the right will give you the Electric Pearl - if this is your last breath pearl you'll unlock a secret level! Continue onwards down to the right back to the last Save Point. Kill the Mushroom just down to the right from the Save Point and then glide inbetween two more. Kill one and try and jump to let it kill the other, if not then just kill the other.

Jump up the small platforms in the air on the right, kill another Mushroom on the wall and then continue up to a teleporter. Jump on to be taken to another save.

Make your way up to the Solider above, kill him before turning around and killing the Mushroom on the left. Jump up the platforms to another Soldier. Follow the path behind him and jump over a large drop to a little ledge and a wall you can charge into. Ignore it for the moment and instead jump down the gap, glide a bit to the left to hit the alcove with a statue in. Smash it for a gem and then finally drop down to the right to find the last Life Pearl.

Jump down to the right onto the teleporter, go back up to that last breakable wall and step onto the teleport pad inside. Jump up to the platform above you and kill the Mushroom sitting there. Continue upwards to the top, kill one more Mushroom and then switch to Fire Breath. Drop down into the Fury Relic, go to the right and set it off to destroy the Red Door. Make it through the spikes and you'll reach the end of the level.

Before you go fight the final boss you if you managed to find all of the breath pearls there is a secret level that you can access.

The Illusion Maze

11 9

A very spike filled level. Jump down to the right, then up onto a platform with spikes on it. Jump over those spikes and glide down onto another platform. Jump onto the one in the air on the right, then down again to the edge.

Glide down to the left and then up onto a small platform above a long line of spikes. Jump and glide across them to reach a Fury Relic. Glide back and then down to the right and use Fire to destroy the red door there. This is the end of the spikes for now. Drop down at the end, use Electric Breath to kill the Mushroom before going left and jumping down to a row of Mushrooms to kill.

Switch to Earth Breath to kill the Fire Beetles next up, jump over the first one so that you can actually hit it. Then drop off to the right onto a platform on the wall, kill the second. Glide across to the left and kill the third, then glide over the water to the right and another Mushroom to kill with Electric Breath.

Kill the Grove Beast with Earth and then drop down to the right with a quick glide into the small ledge. Charge the wall to find three statues and a Fury Relic. Grab it and smash through the wall, jump onto the teleporter and then use Ice Breath to Fury the Blue Door below, this is quite tricky as you need to be fast. Basically jump perfectly from the Relic to the teleporter and then down and glide to the right from the destination, hitting the Fury as you just glimpse the door at the edge of the screen.

Go through and step on the middle of the three teleporters, the other two just teleport you from one side of it to the other. Drop down to the pad below you now, and then glide to the one directly beneath this destination too. Jump to the right onto another pad and into a small room with yet another teleporter in. It'll take you to another pair of pads, switch to the next one.

Finally as you will have gone through the Relic in the wall use Earth Fury to destroy the Green Door to your left - if you don't do it in time simply go back through the teleporter again.

Jump up the ledges to the platforms above, then just walk along the invisible ledge over the water. At the end of the visible platform jump up the invisible steps to another visible platform in the air. Jump up some more invisible steps to the left and then up the visible platforms to gain enough height to land on top of a tall invisible barrier between you and the Fury Relic.

Jump down to it and then back up the invisible platforms to the yellow door on the right of those floating visible platforms. Go through to another Fury Relic which is infact the Ultimate Breath! You can now fire a Fury whenever you like by pressing 0.

Quite a useful thing for Fellmuth Arena as you can immediately get out through the red door now. Also useful for killing enemies.

On with the final boss.

The Final Showdown

When Gaul's eye goes upwards he's going to slam a sword down at you, move out of the way and then charge at it. He'll also occasionally go to the sides and swipe the air with a claw. Jump and use Fire Breath on it.

After a while his eye will fall and the screen will shake, Gaul will then finally appear properly.

Switch to Electric Breath to defeat the occasional Soldier that he sends in and charge attack his fists as they hit the ground trying to hurt you. If you hit it he'll move it back off the ground away from the fight. Concentrate on his other fist then and once you hit that he'll fall onto the floor. Use the colour breath that matches the gem on his helmet to attack him.

Then switch back to Electric to kill another Solider that he'll send it. Hit his hands a couple more times and once more hit him with the colour of the gem. Victory!

#4 Brazilian Spyro 22:32:46 21/12/2009
(Needing an Edit button here) I fear there's no escaping for this, I've searched for answers today and what I found is that there are two versions that work in my phonne: The one I have here - Simplle and incomplete - and another version with the screen way bigger than what my phone can take
#3 Brazilian Spyro 19:00:32 21/12/2009
Yeah, but my ANB here worked fine, why wouldn't TEN work as well?
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:46:32 20/12/2009
The walkthrough was written with the highest end version of the game. Other versions have various enemies, dialogue, and levels removed in order to accommodate the phone that you're playing it on.
#1 Brazilian Spyro 19:30:09 20/12/2009
Hey, many of these levels weren't in the one I have here! The Assassin, Arborick, Skabb and the Illusion Maze weren't in my version! It's unexplainable

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