Dragon Teeth

These increase the size of your magic bar. They're floating white teeth.

1. Dragon Temple 6
Across from the chandelier at the start.
2. Ancient Grove 3
In the cave with the mirror.
3. Gladiator Arena 7
On the mast at the end of the level.
4. Celestial Temple 2
On a platform near the start. Cross the river and climb.
5. Well of Souls 3
In the highest cave at the start.

#5 foxishsolitude 01:56:10 06/01/2012
they are soo random and easy to get smilie
#4 sora9 19:42:08 16/02/2010
I got them all on my first try it so easy
#3 Cynderlover1996 12:05:03 06/06/2009
Yay ive got them all now!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 American Spyro 14:20:23 18/04/2009
#1 Doomdrao 18:49:29 03/03/2009
yay i can get them all now smilie

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