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Welcome to my complete walkthrough and guide to the Nintendo DS version of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.

Basic Controls

Control Action
D-Pad Move
A Breath Attack
B Jump
B + B Double Jump
B + B (Hold) Double Jump and Glide
X Dodge
Y Melee Attack
L Switch Element
R Camera Reset
R + D-Pad Camera Look
Select Pause Menu
Start Level Up Menu



Red gems heal you.

Green gems allow you to use your elemental attacks.

Purple gems fill your fury bar.

Blue gems help you upgrade your elemental attacks.


Throwing enemies up into the air results in a juggling game which requires you to swipe the screen with your stylus in the same direction as an arrow indicates. Get it correct three times and the enemy dies and you gain some blue gems.

Most enemies will respawn a few times before vanishing for good.


The light puzzles from A New Beginning return. Unfortunately they do so without any new puzzles, they're all just exact copies of the old puzzles. Align the coloured lights with the corresponding coloured light receptors to complete.

To activate a puzzle stand next to it and tap it with the stylus.


The furies in this version of the game require you to fill a small purple bar by collecting purple gems. You then activate it by tapping a purple circle that appears on the bottom right of the lower screen and play a memory game. You need to watch as the game shows you a sequence of coloured circles and to repeat it by tapping the circle in the same order. It increases the pattern by one circle up to five and the more you get right the longer the duration of the fury.

Fire Fury doubles your damage for a short time.

Ice Fury regenerates Spyro's health.

Electric Fury causes Spyro to move and attack quicker.

Earth Fury makes Spyro temporarily invulnerable to damage.

Time to begin the walkthrough.

#24 Cats love spyro 00:58:34 11/12/2019
This game is great. Play it. I got it for free with Dawn Of The Dragon for DS This is better smilie
#23 miniquiny999 01:33:02 20/02/2014
V It's pretty good, but a bit different than the console. Some scenes. and the order you get the elements in is re-sequenced.
#22 cynder1111 05:56:36 03/07/2011
hey I'm wondering whether to get the ds version. Should I get it???
#21 wanderist 01:50:19 07/04/2009
I just got the DS version today. I'm stick on the beginning of the 3rd part of the temple. The rolling thing comes and runs me over. What am I supposed to do?
#20 Cynderfyre 21:06:08 28/12/2008
I got DS version and I'm stuck on gaul
#19 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:26:32 18/12/2008
You can find the solution to Fire 17 on the Power Crystal Puzzles page.
#18 cat 17:53:17 18/12/2008
help need to know how to do the purple box - fire 17 - to move a huge bolder .
#17 YellowBananas 04:31:36 18/08/2008
haven't got a clue.
#16 poetica 17:53:07 02/08/2008
how do you jump the chasm in well of souls 2? after the acid swamp with the platforms and three puzzle pieces?
#15 YellowBananas 12:15:09 29/07/2008

i got it the other day!
very different to PS2 tho...
and whats with fighting terrador volteer cyril and ignitus in the dreams??
#14 spyro luver 02:04:01 25/06/2008
i might get it for my birthday!!
#13 spyrorocks 10:41:18 07/06/2008
how do you defeat gaul on the DS????? I REALLY NEED HELP.
#12 jeditad 15:43:26 24/05/2008
how do you beat the red dragon.(the first boss of the game).
#11 spyrorocks 15:53:44 21/05/2008
sorry about the annymous it's spyrorocks
#10 Anonymous 15:52:42 21/05/2008
thanks truespyrofan i did it!!!!!!
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