Dragon RelicA more detailed description of where to find each of the relics in the game. The numbers are the order you can find them through the game but the relics are grouped by level.


1. Double Jump
You get this in normal progress through the tutorial level.
2. Glide
Again as with all of the relics in this level you can't really miss it.
3. Air Launch
Defeating a Frog Weed at the end of the level will reward you with this.
7. Charge
More tutorial simplicity here.
8. Wall Jump
Right next to the Charge relic.
9. Air Dive
Towards the end of the level.
13. Health Upgrade 2
Inside a tusked vehicle right next to where you met Cynder.

Hall of Fang and Claw

4. Additional Melee Combo Attack
A combo of 5 or more will open the door to this.
5. Additional Air Combo Attack
A combo of 10 or more will open the door to this.
6. Elemental Melee Damage
A combo of 15 or more will open the door to this.

Temple of Fire

10. Health Upgrade 1
To the top left-hand corner of the first part of the level. You can use Wall Jump to get it but it looks like it's designed to be Wall Climb.
11. Energy Upgrade 1
Down to the left after the Fire Door to the right of the start.
12. Energy Upgrade 2
Towards the middle of the second part of this level.
17. Health Upgrade 5
Behind an Earth Door to the bottom right of the second part of the level.

Ancient Grove

14. Health Upgrade 3
At the end of a canopy of mushrooms near the start of the level.
18. Mid-Air Charge
Behind a rock wall you need to smash with Earth Breah to the right as you enter the cave area.
38. Energy Upgrade 9
Climb some vines in the cave area of Outer Grove.

Temple of Earth

15. Health Upgrade 4
At the top right corner of the second area of the temple.
16. Energy Upgrade 3
Below the exit of the second part of the level at the far right.
26. Additional Melee Combo Attack
Behind the Ice Doors down to the right from the start of the level.

Deep Grove

19. Increased Melee Damage
At the start of the level, take the path upwards and then to the right.
20. Additional Melee Combo Attack
Inside a hive of beetles which you can't fail to find in the third part of the level.
21. Slide Attack
Just as you enter the cave area, it's in the room above.
39. Raging Fury
Inside a room locked with a Runic Switch, reached by a Wall Climb near the fire in the first part of the level.
40. Health Upgrade 7
In the cave area of the level, use Ice Breath to cross the water and reach the relic inside a cave there.

Fellmuth Arena

22. Additional Air Combo Attack
To the bottom right of the first part of the level, past a green barrier.
23. Energy Upgrade 4
Prize for defeating the denizens of the forest in the arena.
27. Dragon Fury
Defeat the Maleforian Snail Rider after waking up.
28. Hover
Top right of the part after the fight with the Advisor.
29. Increased Defense vs Spikes
Towards the middle of the outside area, at the bottom of the climbable mast.
41. Health Upgrade 8
In a room needing Wall Climb to reach directly above you when you start the level.
42. Health Upgrade 9
From the top of the mast in the outside area, go right.

Temple of Ice

24 Increased Defense vs Physical Attacks
Found to the bottom right of the first area.
25. Piercing Claws
In the part below the water in the second area of the level.
33. Energy Upgrade 7
The top left of the first part of the level, behind a Lightning Door.

Temple of Lightning

30. Increased Melee Damage
To the bottom left of the first area of the level.
31. Energy Upgrade 5
To the bottom right of the first part of the level.
32. Energy Upgrade 6
To the bottom right of the second section of the level.

Celestial Temple

34. Increased Defense vs Non-Physical Attacks
Over some water you need to freeze and behind a Lightning Door in the first part of the level.
35. Health Upgrade 6
Behind an Earth Door above the water in the first part of the level.
36. Wall Climb
Over some water above the exit of the final part of the level before the boss.
37. Energy Upgrade 8
Defeat the Advisor at the end of the level.

Temple Sanctum

43. Health Upgrade 10
Up the stairs at the Armourdillo, at the far end of the room.
44. Energy Upgrade 10
Behind a couple of Earth Doors right below where you enter the second part of the level.

#21 RabbitMorgue 01:34:54 23/03/2018
I still don't know how to defeat Gaul lmao no matter how many times I hit him, he always manages to recover health. It's frustrating xd
#20 lolwhut 19:20:39 05/07/2011
I finished the game three times already, it's just that my GBA died and my charger broke.
#19 SpyroFusionGBA 18:04:22 13/07/2010
can you put dark mode off and on when you unlocked it and where?
#18 ElectricDragons 12:17:19 12/12/2009
hmm that is hard, no found it! smilie
#17 bananababy 22:44:29 11/12/2008
Found it! smilie
#16 bananababy 22:42:52 11/12/2008
*forgot where the "Exit" of the level was* Oh wait nvm it sasy the final part, I'm obviously not looking there
#15 bananababy 22:41:33 11/12/2008
I can't find the wall climb relic anywhere, and I've looked almost everywhere!!! >.<
#14 green spyro 20:55:18 30/11/2008
can you play as dark spyro on this game
#13 Carl 17:09:10 28/11/2008
i almost beat hard mode, got the last lvl left, and i have all the relics smilie
#12 unknown 20:20:10 22/11/2008
i had it for a day but then it died
#11 Carl 16:17:24 18/11/2008
the normal mode is hard for some bosses, im not sure i can beat hard mode
#10 SpyroFan567 17:33:07 01/11/2008
smilie Spyro rocks! i beat the game! THNX!smilie
#9 Dragon Lover 23:49:37 09/04/2008
Woot! I have everything I need now! Plus, I've (of course) beaten the game!
#8 spyro master 03:30:49 31/12/2007
all ppl, the best way to get the 15 hits is after a full combo, when you shoot down with either a rock oe eletrice shot. if you do so, they will bounce up and you can do a second full air combo. it works very well!
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:35:48 27/12/2007
You need Wall Climb which you get much later on in the game.
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