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10:46 PM - Wednesday the 1st of June, 2011 - by dark52
If for some strange reason you were in doubt of Spyro's presence at this year's E3 then doubt no more.

Game Informer have received a teaser in the form of the Skylanders Spyro toy. E3 2011 starts on Tuesday next week, so not long left now.
12:04 AM - Tuesday the 31st of May, 2011 - by dark52
French gaming website Nintendo Difference have put up an interview with Activision's Jared Yeager about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It should help to clear up a few questions about the game and their plans for it.

Quote: Nintendo Difference
ND: Don't you feel that the game will lose some of its personality, as Spyro is now just one of many playable characters?

JY: No I don't think so, because we keep very true to Spyro's origins, and his abilities and play style that people have experienced in the past. There's everything you'd expect Spyro to be able to do, we want to make sure we do it right. You don't just do something because you can, you've got to be smart about it and be able to do it right, and make sure that you're pleasing the fanbase and yourself as a gamer and somebody who likes to enjoy toys. We believe we've definitely done Spyro justice.

Also check out the link for a few large photos of the Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Trigger Happy toys.
3:33 AM - Friday the 11th of February, 2011 - by dark52
Activision have finally revealed their plans for Spyro, and those plans are in the form of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. USA Today have the details of this new direction for the franchise.

[User Posted Image]

This is apparently the "innovative new universe" that "will bring the world of toys, video games and the Internet together in an unprecedented way" that Activision recently mentioned in their Financial Results. Which means the game is likely unrelated to any previous Spyro games and you'll be using various real world action figures from a set of more than 30 characters to interact with the game in some manner.

No platforms are mentioned specifically other than "multiple systems as well as computers, handhelds and phones" but earlier rumours suggested Wii and DS as candidates. They also give a release date of "this fall".

Thanks go to Aura24 for finding the article.
12:48 PM - Sunday the 11th of April, 2010 - by dark52
Unfortunately it appears that the previously announced The Legend of Spyro 3D movie has been cancelled.

Aura24 recently got in contact with one of the writers and got this response:

Quote: Daniel Altiere
So sorry for the let down but we're as disappointed as you are. I'm afraid we're just the writers -- no more than hired hands. We didn't even know the project was cancelled until months after they pulled the plug.

Did you consider writing the gaming company? They're the ones who made the decision to go in a different direction. And if we knew what that direction was we'd share it with you. Again sorry for the disappointment. Wish we had more encouraging news for you.

With no news since May 2008, it was only to be expected. I've readded the full synopsis of the proposed movie back to the The Legend of Spyro 3D page in case you are interested in what might have been.
11:20 PM - Thursday the 14th of May, 2009 - by dark52
Following closely on the heels of the addition of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage last week, Spyro: Year of the Dragon has now also been added to the North American PlayStation Store.

[User Posted Image]

Quote: PSN
Everyone's favorite dragon is back, and this time he must save the Year of the Dragon Festival by rescuing the 150 eggs that have been stolen by the evil Sorceress and scattered across the Forgotten Worlds. New features include mini-games, new playable characters, and an Atlas to track your progress and accomplishments. Download this PS one classic today!
9:34 AM - Friday the 8th of May, 2009 - by dark52
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! has finally been added to the North American PlayStation Store.

[User Posted Image]

Quote: PSN
Things are heating up! Spyro, the feisty, fire-breathing dragon is back and he's ready to take on a whole new adventure in this sequel to the original Spyro! You must save the worlds of Avalar by defeating the dinosaur-riding Ripto and his evil minions.

Hopefully it won't suffer the same issues as the European release of Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer.

Thanks to crashpro for the heads up.
3:46 PM - Wednesday the 22nd of October, 2008 - by dark52
Still waiting to get the newly released The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon? Well Spyro's Lair has a new mini-game added today that could help fill in the time. It's been seen in the scorecard for quite a while and "Path of Fire" has finally materialised in the form of a memory game in which you have to remember a path for Spyro to follow, each progressively longer than the last.

[User Posted Image]

With the release of Dawn of the Dragon you can expect a few more games to appear on Spyro's Lair "very soon".

In other news there are a few more character pictures on the official Dawn of the Dragon website and Prima have added a PDF preview of their Official Guide which details one of the levels quite extensively (and contains spoilers, obviously).

Thanks go to dark_fury912 for the heads up on the new Spyro's Lair game and spyro's #1fan on the official forums for spotting the new pictures.
11:14 AM - Friday the 10th of October, 2008 - by dark52
As we enter the last few days before launch, a second trailer for The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has been released, you can find it on Yahoo! Kids.

11:39 PM - Sunday the 28th of September, 2008 - by dark52
With the release of the mobile version of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon recently I've completed work on a walkthrough for the whole thing. Clocking in at a maleficent 31KB you can either read the text file or the less monospaced HTML version of the walkthrough.

A warning for those of you not wanting to have Dawn of the Dragon spoiled is to not read through the walkthrough for a game you don't have. Saying that, I don't think there are any spoilers in there anyway but I could be wrong.

If you can speak French or want to see more footage of the console version of the game then JeuxVideo have a video interview with Jean-Marie Nazaret of Etranges Libellules, the interview is translated here in the forum if you can't be bothered to do it yourself.

Thanks go to Spyro VS Evil and dragonwar2 for posting the interview and translation.
11:58 PM - Tuesday the 9th of September, 2008 - by dark52
The achievements for the Xbox 360 version of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon have been released. Check them out on Xbox360Achievements (possible spoilers!).

The release date for the game has finally been announced on the Sierra forums; the 21st of October in North America.

And today also marks Spyro's 10th Anniversary, so, you know, yay for that too.
8:54 PM - Wednesday the 20th of August, 2008 - by dark52
The first trailer for The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has appeared at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.

There are also some new screenshots of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version on GameSpot, included are the character models of the main cast of good guys. You can also check out these screens in the Dawn of the Dragon image gallery here on darkSpyro.

Thanks go to Aura24 for the finds.
9:39 AM - Wednesday the 20th of August, 2008 - by dark52
Video Gamer have a new hands-on preview of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon along with a video of some flying plus some new screenshots.

The new information includes the anticipated length of the game: 8 to 10 hours over 12 levels.

They've also got some Wii screenshots too.

Thanks go to EternalSpyro for finding it.
10:53 AM - Friday the 15th of August, 2008 - by dark52
Tantalus, the developers of the Nintendo DS version of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, have added twenty new screenshots and a video of the game in action to their website.

You can also check out the screenshots in their full-sized glory in the gallery.
9:26 AM - Sunday the 27th of July, 2008 - by dark52
GameSpot have a video of a demonstration of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.

You get to see a lot of new moves and fighting with both small enemies and that big lava boss.
9:56 AM - Saturday the 26th of July, 2008 - by dark52
The full interview GameTrailers had with Elijah Wood has finally been posted. It includes some extra questions to Elijah and some more footage of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon in action.

In other news, the first screenshots of the mobile version of the game have appeared on PocketGamer. You can also check them out in their full non-cropped glory in the gallery.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]

And in site related news, I've recently made some maps for the Sgt. Byrd speedways in Spyro: A Hero's Tail which should help locate where all those turrets are hiding and perhaps improve your time through the course.

Thanks go to Neal of SpyroWorld for spotting the mobile screens.
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