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The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning on consoles has a feature which gives a name to certain types of creatures that you fight. Below you can randomly generate those such names.

Number of each type:

#15 sillyworld 20:06:05 24/11/2007
#14 Cynder 14:12:12 16/04/2007
The names are pretty funny. But I did notice repetition among much of them. Still the names are good anyway.
#13 Ross 10:06:22 03/04/2007
Lol all the familiar names (especially Boneghoul the Crafty)
#12 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:35:15 14/03/2007
They're not unique, they're randomly selected from a list. And since the selection for those Crystal Brutes is so small and with only a single part to their name, you're bound to see repetition.

And try to ask your questions in a single post please.
#11 confused 19:00:52 14/03/2007
i saw the name "Siruya" on more than one enemy in the next to last level, (you know, the crystalic whatevers that look like the living trees in tall plains, only full of electricity), is that an error?@_@
#10 25krad 18:53:49 14/03/2007
It's funny-does the game ever run out of names for enemies and start using names from enemies you've defeated, like, returning from the dead? That would be silly!
#9 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:03:10 02/01/2007
No real reason, what would you prefer it be?
#8 spyro pro 22:34:36 02/01/2007
why 50 names?!
#7 Lover of Spyro 19:43:57 24/12/2006
huh?oh that woz my cousin takin over agin!soz
#6 spyroandsparx 01:40:49 21/12/2006
That is not language Lover of Spyro
#5 Lover of Spyro 12:04:02 17/12/2006
hey!don't use language like that on this site!!!
#4 Black Minx 12:44:36 09/12/2006
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!
#3 Dragginwings 21:59:25 21/11/2006
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 01:03:03 21/11/2006
I'm fairly sure there's another list of names that I haven't added to this page, but what I can't remember is whether they are just single names or not. Hopefully I'll notice while I continue writing my walkthrough. smilie

Oh, and expect a game script for the console version too. smilie

UPDATE: Yep, I've added in the singular names, unfortunately they don't have as much variety (only being 11 different ones) so I've made it so that for the fourth list at choices larger than 11 it'll just list all of the names and that's it.
#1 artiste_violet 00:50:20 21/11/2006
wow...they're are alot of enemies in the console versions
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