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DS Version

Developed by the same people that made Spyro's previous outing on the Nintendo DS, Spyro: Shadow Legacy, A New Beginning is similar of a similar style but not of gameplay. Much like the console and GBA versions of the game, the DS version plays out the same story and general feel to the game, interrupted by its own individual elements such as the crystal light minigames.


Button Action
A Breath Attack
B Jump
B + B Double Jump
B + B (Hold) Glide
X Secondary Breath Attack
Y Melee Attack
L Change Target
R Choose Breath
X + A Fury Attack
B, A Shield
B, Y Tail Sweep
D-Pad Move


Red Gems heal you, you'll find these in mushrooms, rocks, weeds, barrels, etc which you'll need to smash open with the stylus. Unlike the console and GBA versions of the game, you won't get these from killing enemies.

Green Gems will replenish your breath, these drop from enemies once you kill them.

Blue Gems will raise your experience which is used to better your elemental moves.

Crystal Shards are white gems which appear after completing a light puzzle. Collecting all 40 of these in the game opens up extra rewards.


Unlike the console version, your Fury meter goes up when you kill an enemy; there are no purple gems in the DS version. And unlike the console and GBA versions you need to do something extra to set off your Fury successfully. You need to touch the enemies in the order that targets circles appear around them when you start the Fury attack, if you don't get them in the correct order or fail to touch them all in time the Fury attack will merely damage the enemies rather than obliterate them.

Elemental Powers

Throughout the game you'll learn new breath attacks and along with them a shield powerup each type of which helps you in a different way. From the Level Up screen you can put to use the blue spirit gems that enemies drop all over the place and improve the strength and length of the abilities. When you have at least one ability that is affordable to level up a blue icon will appear on the top screen.

Power Crystal Puzzles

Throughout the game you'll come across lots of these puzzles which you will need to complete in order to turn off the magical fences and barriers that are keeping you hemmed in. Each puzzle will have a limited amount of mirrors to arrange on the board in order to redirect, split and change the colour of the light beams in order to hit all of the targets.


Easy to kill but there are lots of them.
Watch for his bombs. Touch his shield.
Heals enemies.
Stationary. Weakness: Fire
Magma Worm
Tough combo attack. Weakness: Ice
Touch to squish!
Spider Tank
Slow but tough to kill. Weakness: Ice
Teleports around. Weakness: Electric
Watch for his long axe! Weakness: Electric
Touch to stun him. Weakness: Fire
Rock Brute
Stay away from his pound attack. Weakness: Ice
Angler Fish
Erratic movement. Weakness: Electric
Can drain your Fury energy. Weakness: Earth
Dodge his rapid fire. Weakness: Earth
Training Dummy
Not terribly intelligent or mobile.

And that just about wraps up all the information you'll might need to play the game.

In order to solve the game though, you might want to view the solutions to all eighty of the puzzles available.

#15 redthedragon 23:33:10 20/07/2007
anb ds version = weird and hard
#14 anonymouswse 04:46:26 26/06/2007
target anglers with L then electric blast with X
#13 confused 12:11:50 19/06/2007
this is an awsome site, im still amazed i came across it but i got a major gaming snag. im stuck on a game dunno wat to do. does anyone know a similar site like this except for this other game on gba: Avatar: The legend of aang (or something like that)? Plz hurry


#12 qwerty 10:15:49 02/05/2007
How do you do an earth bomb? I'm up to Cynder and I FORGOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#11 Purple dragon 08:28:17 02/05/2007
Thank you smilie
#10 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 08:19:42 02/05/2007
Once all of the enemies in the area have died and stop appearing, the catapult will become usable. Use the stylus to drag the ring that appears in order to fire it.
#9 Purple dragon 03:57:43 02/05/2007
How does the catapult in the game work? I've tried walking into it hoping it would automatically shoot, shooting it and getting a enemy troll to walk near it hoping he may chop it with his axe or something, and touching it but nothing seems to be working.
#8 spyro the best 19:11:29 29/04/2007
i have buyed this game today!!!!
#7 spyro 11:09:04 27/04/2007
Curse those angler fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 Black Minx 11:32:46 31/03/2007
Tell me about it!
#5 Dragginwings 00:38:35 19/02/2007
Hehe lol I couldn't help u, soz, Black Minx, because I have the same problem!!! smilie Oh, and I HATE those dang Angler Fish!! They're SOOO annoying!!
#4 Black Minx 00:19:21 02/01/2007
ops!!!! I mean get ug!... (cruse my inability to stay focist when I get exitid about some thing!)
#3 Black Minx 00:12:19 02/01/2007
Dose any one know how to got more shards?

My mom got me the DS verson and I can`t seem to find any more!
i`v done easy mode 3 times and solved every puzzle I could find and now they are all gone all 40!!!!!!!

now what am I to do? I`m literly ripping my hare out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 Lover of Spyro 12:14:59 25/12/2006
is'nt pretty cool,its ultra cool!
#1 spyroandsparx 23:16:20 21/12/2006
Loox pretty cool!!
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