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Spyro: Fusion

Spyro: Fusion

Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy and Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage are two separate but interlocking games on the Gameboy Advance. They both have the same overall storyline and almost identical gameplay. As with some other Spyro games they also have a different name Spyro: Fusion and Crash: Fusion. The only difference is that the Fusion games have multiple languages.

The game that I will be focusing on will be the Spyro incarnation of the two. While the Crash Bandicoot game is not needed to fulfil the story mode in Spyro Fusion, it is needed if you are wanting to collect all of the cards in the game.

Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy Spyro: Fusion
North America June 3rd 2004 European Union June 25th 2004
Spyro Advance: Wakuwaku Tomodachi Daisakusen
Japan Dec 9th 2004

European European
Japan Japan

The basics of gameplay in Spyro Orange require you to wander a main 'world' in order to collect as many gems as you can to help you in opening up all of the mini-games which all require a set amount of gems to open up for the first time.

The Story

At the beginning as you enter the story mode, you will see a short dialogue between Ripto and Neo Cortex as they discuss how to take control of their worlds. The following is exactly what is said:

RIPTO: So it's agreed, then. We'll work together to rid ourselves of Spyro and Crash
CORTEX: Yes! Your army of Riptocs will be even more formidable now that I have genetically modified them.
RIPTO: True! They have strength! They know no fear! And they are cleverly disguised!
CORTEX: Activate your Portals and we shall soon conquer this measly planet!

PROFESSOR: Spyro, I'm glad you're here!
HUNTER: Something strange is happening in Dragon Castles.
PROFESSOR: Strange indeed! Mysterious Portals have been appearing across the land. Even worse, crazed orange beasts have been causing trouble.
SPYRO: It sounds like Ripto is up to no good again.
PROFESSOR: I'll see what I can find out about these Portals. Meantime, Spyro, try to get rid of those monsters.
SPARX: Let's go!

You are then thrown out into Dragon Castles ready to start your 'adventure'.

The Controls

Here are your controls for use in the homeworlds (controls per mini-game are given at the start of each one)

AJump, when able to press again to double jump, then when able to tap repeatedly to flap your wings to get a better distance.
A then L or RPerform headbash
STARTAccess pause menu
SELECTSee current dragonfly health level and gem count
D-PadMove around

Gameplay Basics

Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:

  • The game is a side-scrolling game and as such it is much harder to avoid enemies.
  • You have no ability to charge at all.
  • There are five mini-games in each world each with a symbol on the top, once you have completed all five at least once, the end of world portal will open allowing you to access the boss.
  • Red gems are unlimited and reappear after every time you either die or re-enter the level, however all other varieties of gems that you may come across are limited and will only appear once

Now it's time to get started with the game.

#45 Carmelita Fox 13:47:47 28/10/2006
Of coruse I have purple not orange ZOMG
#44 Bianca 11:21:44 10/10/2006
I like the one when you make the rhynocs fall off! I don't like the one with magnets or the one with a car.
#43 artiste_violet 00:55:20 10/10/2006
this game wasnt so bad, i guess. the only thing i didnt like about this game was the mini games. some of them were boring.
#42 Dragginwings 16:08:22 17/09/2006
Ha, you made me laugh thinking bout it,Bianca!! I know what his attacks would be.. I'm not saying it over the net though.
#41 Bianca 06:55:55 17/09/2006
Of course Spyro wouldn't really burn someone (unless we make him do it), if he, or she, is an enemy. Imagine Barney being a boss... hah! That's a laugh!
#40 Dragginwings 20:56:56 14/09/2006
Yup. smilie
#39 Bianca 10:48:02 14/09/2006
At the same time put the fire out!
#38 Dragginwings 22:59:42 12/09/2006
#37 Bianca 09:51:41 12/09/2006
But Spyro is TOTALLY cooler, better looking, stronger, must I continue? To put it simply, he's BETTER!
#36 Dragginwings 21:29:59 07/09/2006
In da Japenese cover, Spyro's er, 'claws' looks like Barney's, but his teeth don't because Spyro has MANY sharp teeth, while Barney has 2 teeth, not sharp ones, and just 2, one on top, one on bottom!!! smilie !!!
#35 artiste_violet 11:30:29 07/09/2006
ha ha ha! its funny and true! he does look like barney!
#34 Dragginwings 00:59:39 06/09/2006
Ok.. no offence...

I think that Spyro loox like Barney in the Japenese cover.
#33 spyrothedragon 22:52:18 05/09/2006
hey the japanese versions cover of spyro fusion is weird....spyro looks like a dinosaur----a really freaky one.
#32 Bianca 06:35:24 03/09/2006
I"m used to that anyway...
#31 ih8u2 01:47:32 03/09/2006
The creators of Crash Bandicoot wanted him to be a comedic hero with focus on his physical forms of self expression, in the style of Tom and Jerry. Or something like that. They didn't want him to speak for the purpose of taking his funniness in a certain direction (physical humour).
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