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Dragon Castles

This part of the walkthrough will guide you through the level for the first time. You will need to return here later on though, so when you do that, refer to the guide at the bottom of this page.

From the start of the level continue on until you meet up with Sparx who will then join you. He will also tell you about his flashing ability, which is all but useless for the most part. Anyway, just past him is Bianca. Talk to her. She'll yabber on about hard to reach platforms, but you really don't need to pay attention, just come back later on in the game when you can jump higher.

Grab the big ol' Green Gem that is just sitting there and talk to Hunter. He'll inform you of how to open Portals. Simply have the required amount of gems on you and you can open it up. Directly to the right of Hunter is the first Portal, it's a Square Symbol one called Castle Cruisin'. I recommend you repeat this level for a total of three completions straight away so as not to waste time in the future.

Castle Cruisin'

Attempt 1

A simple driving level which requires you to shoot things that are in your way and to jump over gaps. This level is really quite easy and should pose no threats for at least the first time through. You are told the controls for the mini-game at the start so pay attention there.

Gem x 10Bunny

Attempt 2

Second time through you will notice that there has been an increase in Riptocs as well as the addition of the occasional mine on the floor. Either jump over a mine or shoot is just like the Riptocs. There are also more spikes to watch out for too. As well as that, there are also brand new Riptocs that can fly. Watch out for these between jumps.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

The third and final trip through the mini-game and it throws everything it has at you. The flying Riptocs can no longer be jumped over as they attempt to get in your way and all the mines and spikes and other Riptocs have increased in numbers.

Gem x 30Dragonfly

When you first complete a level, the corresponding symbol on the end of level portal will light up. The second time you complete it the portal will go red, then on the third it will go white. Each time you complete a mini-game the level of difficulty will go up to a maximum of three.

After completion of the mini-game for the third time, move along the level jumping over several gaps and avoiding both floor spikes and rocks being thrown by a Riptoc. You will then meet that nice fellow Moneybags. Here again to rip you off. Instead of actually buying anything off Moneybags himself, he has a small shop set up in a tent nearby. Go into the tent. Refer below for the contents:

Trading Cards available and prices:
Yellow Gem Yellow Gem
x 10
Green Gem Green Gem
x 10
Purple Gem Purple Gem
x 10
Blue Gem Blue Gem
x 10

After buying what you want here, move on the the right again. Grab the butterfly from the Bunny if you need to and then maneuver past several floor spikes to reach the Triangle Portal: 'Fall In, Roll Out'. Again refer to the section below for this mini-game. And again complete this portal three times to get both trading cards.

Fall In, Roll Out

Attempt 1

Read the instructions for how to do this mini-game. Each obstacle is removed after just one hit and you have unlimited ammo so it is generally safer to keep shooting all the way through. There are several big barriers which require shooting and are very easy to get past. Also watch out as if you are stuck behind a wall and the camera goes on past you, you automatically lose the level and have to start all over again.

Gem x 10Frog

Attempt 2

For the second time through, all of the obstacles will only be destroyed with two hits, rather then the previous one. This means you will need more of a reaction time and to be able to maneuver around the walls and mines that will get in your way. It's best to stay in the middle of the screen for the most part, giving yourself plenty of time to see any mines or barriers as well as giving you enough time to move the tank so you don't crash into a wall. The obstacles you have to avoid are also now a green colour. Some of the mines have also taken up a habit of moving from side to side as well, so watch out for that.

They have also added a few things that move from side to side as well as shooting which obviously can hurt you. There are also several fixed turrets which swing their cannon from side to side which doesn't actually make their shots do anything but go straight forwards, but again these are destroyed after two hits.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again the damage required to destroy has gone up by one. They have also changed colour again. Use the same tactics as you have done previously and get to the end of the level without being hit more than three times.

Gem x 30Basket

Once the three times completion has been done, move on again in the main world. Just up past a floor spike is a very easy and simple almost non-existent mini-game. However, I will again make a section for it:

Gate Crank

This 'game' is very simple. You are given 20 seconds to tap A as quickly as possible in order to crank open a gate. You will only ever need to do this mini-game once.

Gem x 20

Once complete, move on to the edge of the screen and out into the second half of Dragon Castles. Sparx will 'helpfully' remind you that you can go back if you want to. Anyway, talk to Hunter who is standing just in front of you. He will tell you how to Headbash enemies and to look out for rock throwing Riptocs. Directly after Hunter is a moving platform that goes up and down. Jump over it and flame the Riptoc there, then jump over the small gap to get the the Cross Portal:

Rumble on the Ramparts

Attempt 1

A very simple game that will require almost no skill whatsoever. Simply stay in one spot blasting one particular part of the opponents walkway. When he tries to fix it just keep throwing bombs until he falls to his doom.

Gem x 10Hamster

Attempt 2

I can't really see a difference in difficulty. Maybe he moves a bit faster, but just use the same tactics as before.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again, no real difficulty raising so just use the same tactics as before to beat him.

Gem x 30Black Sheep

Once completed, jump down the gap in front of you and flame the Riptoc wandering about in a Crash Bandicoot mask. Continue right along the level and you'll see what is the end of level portal which you should soon be opening. For now it's closed and needs the Circle and Star mini-games to be completed. Continue on again past some wall spikes and a rock throwing Riptoc to a second moving platform. Here, jump up to the ledge above it and enter the Star Portal:

Altitude Adjustment

Attempt 1

Very similar to the Fall In, Roll Out mini-game, except you're not in a tank and you're going upwards rather than to the right, but essentially it is exactly the same. Use the same tactics as you used then. The only obstacles here are the occasional mine, barriers and balloon Riptocs who don't move. Seeing as it's the first level of difficulty all things will die in one shot. Be careful of the walls again as some parts can be awful to get past.

Gem x 10Bird

Attempt 2

Things now require two shots to die here. There are several more things to get in your way including moving mines and Copter Riptocs who are large and the rotors spin wildly.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again three hits to kill this time. The amount of things has gone up again but use the same tactics as in all previous versions and you should do fine.

Gem x 30Crystallized Dragon 1

Straight away after beating the mini-game for the third time, jump down off the platform to the right, and grab the large purple gem there which is worth the same as five red gems. Next continue along the level to the right. When jumping over the water gap, watch out for the Moat Monster. And as you land Blink the Mole will suddenly popup out of the ground. Speak to him and he'll talk about an even crazier orange monster that he's spotted in the jungle. Continue on over the next water gap and into Moneybags Shop again. This time it's a game though.

Spin the Wheel
How to win

Simply select an intensity value for pulling the lever by pressing A, and the wheel will spin and stop 'randomly' on a colour. Depending on what colour that is you will win the corresponding prize on the left. There is a posibility to get the same card twice in this game and you won't be compensated for it either. You'll just have one version of the card and you'll lose the ten gems you paid to play.

Available cards:
TNT Crate TNT Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Wood Crate Wood Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Bouncy Crate Bouncy Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Nitro Crate Nitro Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)

After winning as many cards and gems as you want leave the shop and move on with the game. Jump over the Moat Monster and then onto the moving platform to go up. At the top jump to the right and enter the last mini-game portal of this world, the Circle Portal:

Castle Chaos

Attempt 1

A very simple game which involves you stopping the ball from falling off the bottom of the screen whilst also attempting to make it hit the moving Riptocs above. The way to do so is just to focus on stopping it from falling off the board and almost to ignore the Riptocs. To beat this mini-game you will need to clear the screen of Riptocs three times. The first time they will be just plain green Riptocs that are killed the moment you hit them and nothing else happens. The second screen has several green Riptocs and one blue one which when killed will drop an extra ball for you to use, as long as you keep at least one of the balls on the screen you can still continue.

On the final screen there are several more blue Riptocs, but just keep the same tactics as before.

Gem x 10Butterfly

Attempt 2

Exactly the same second time round, except that the ball will now travel at a slightly quicker pace and so will the Riptocs above you.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again identical to the previous two difficulty levels except that everything moves slightly faster again.

Gem x 30Vase

Now that all the mini-game portals have been completed, the end of level boss awaits. Jump back onto the moving platform and then jump across to the left and onto a platform there with a set of floor spikes. Move along the platforms up here, grabbing the green gems as you go, then jump across onto the platform with the Cross Portal on. Jump over the moving platform, wander past the rock throwing Riptoc, jump over some gaps, mind some floor spikes and flame a Riptoc and you should reach the end of level Portal, now open for business. Press B and enter the boss level.

Crash Bandicoot

The end of Dragon Castles boss is none other than Crash Bandicoot himself. Use the exact same tactics for the other mini-game that was exactly the same as this, Rumble on the Ramparts. Crash is very easy to beat and should be gone quite quickly. If you fail to get him to fall off after a few of his fixes, then just bomb two next to each other and then as he fixes one and stands on the other, bomb it.

Gem x 20Bianca

With that battle out of the way, it's time to move on to the Arctic Cliffs section to start up there.

The following is for when you return to the Dragon Castles later on in the game.

Dragon Castles - The Return

Welcome back to Dragon Castles where you can now reach and kill everything. Jump up onto the Stone throwing Riptoc's platform to kill it, and grab the two green gems there. Move along to where Bianca is standing. Then jump to the right and up, and land on a small green platform with a purple gem on. Use the moving platform to get up higher and to the right and left are high up ledges, both with gems on. Grab these gems and continue along the green platforms below until you reach the end.

Castle Talisman

Then as you get to it, kill the next stone throwing Riptoc and grab the gem above its head. Jump up to another platform above the Shop, and then back down. Then once you see it, jump up to another platform that is above where the exit leads to. Wander up here and you'll meet Blinky who'll mention something about bonus Portals costing gems. Anyway, go to the right and grab the yellow gem, then upwards and grab the two yellows right at the top. This should give you the Trading Card 'Castle Talisman'.

Next go back slightly to where the Portal Rush was.

Portal Rush

While it's not necessary to do this level at all, you might as well give it a go. It's just a simple run from where you start to the portal. Just watch out for the hundreds of floor and wall spikes.

Gem x 40

Nothing more in this section of the level so head on along to the second half. From the entrace, head to the right and upwards as far as possible, and head right until you get to a Gem Rush Portal.

Gem Rush

Collect all the gems in this easy to complete Gem Rush.

Gem x 40

After beating that level, move along to the right and onto several high up platforms with green gems on, then head back to the Gem Rush Portal location when you get to the end. Jump up and to the right and land on a kind of stairway. Continue along here and then at the end of the platform, jump down and to the right so as to land on another platform, go up the moving platform in here to get to a purple gem.


Jump back down to normal level again, and continue along the level all the way to the Star Portal. Here, jump up and to the left, following platforms across grabbing all the gems on them all the way to a large purple gem, then here, jump down and back round to collect the all large gem Trading Card, 'Spit'. Now head all the way back to the end of level Portal to get to Arctic Cliffs. However you may notice on the way that a new level will pop up. This is Dragon Drop.

Dragon Drop

While it does seem to want you to grab all the gems, it seems all you have to do is get to the end to get the reward. Use your flapping ability well here.

Gem x 25

Continue a bit further left and exit the level to Arctic Cliffs.

Dragon Castles - One Last Time

And all the way back through to the second half of Dragon Castles again. As you go through you'll notice the level pop out of the ground near to a Rhynoc dropping stones at you.

Death from Behind

Again a nice simple level to get that card. All it requires of you is to shoot all of the 40 sheep that will appear on the screen. The layout is similar to the ones where you flew around shooting mines and barriers and avoiding walls, here there is nothing but sheep.

The best tactic here is to just keep shooting the whole time and to go for any sheep that you can see going down the sides as soon as you see them and there is nothing else that needs shooting first.

You need to shoot all 40 of them to pass this level.

Gem x 25P Sheep

And that is really all there is to the Story Mode now. There's no more cards that you can collect here.

#15 Spiros 07:10:27 16/01/2020
You need to make sure that you haven't traded away any of your talisman cards in order for the end levels to unlock. The gem chasers, gem hop, dragon drop, etc. would no longer pop up after I traded all my spyro cards for cards from crash: purple. Luckily, I had another save at a little more than 50%, so I just played that one until I unlocked those talisman cards again, and finally gem hop was unlocked. You need to get 100 gems in gem hop to unlock the sheep levels.
#14 Snakecharmer95 05:11:35 03/01/2016
ok, i can't unlock any of the "end game"(for lack of better term) levels. i'm at the spot now where death from behind is supposed to be and its not showing up. i've beaten the game, i've unlocked every other mini game, what else am i supposed to do??
#13 Jaggedstar 22:04:02 28/01/2013
#12 spyroboy1000 12:35:00 30/05/2010
Why do we get a bianca card instead of a crash card when you defeat Crash????
#11 pinkneeta 03:11:14 09/10/2007
i cant beat the gem rush HELPPPPPPP pleazzz
#10 25krad 07:00:17 14/06/2007
ok, tell me.
#9 Lover of Spyro 18:05:13 12/12/2006
So... so do i! I LUV SPYRO!!!!!! like you said, we are not the only ones that LUV spyro!(well i am in love with spyro(every body says!) and its true!)
#8 Dragginwings 14:04:12 27/08/2006
Ok, sorry. smilie
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:22:10 22/08/2006
This isn't the place to have conversations, please use the General board instead.
#6 Dragginwings 20:11:16 22/08/2006
dark52, you seem to have a passion for Spyro games (that's a good thing!!). What other video games do you like? If there's any, did you make sites for them too??? I wanna know!!! Cuz this site is soooooooo cool!!! I don't like video games, really, but I just like (oops, I LOVE Spyro!)Spyro.
#5 Dragginwings 16:26:27 20/08/2006
Impressive, dark52!!! smilie
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 03:39:51 25/03/2006
Whoops, seems I haven't kept this guide up-to-date with the text version, it should all be explained in there. I'll get around to fixing this guide up as soon as I get some free time.
#3 Oren 01:11:56 25/03/2006
How do I get to the mini game "death from behind"?
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:57:54 15/03/2006
Nope, you don't need all of the trading cards to go to Dragon Drop. It's also a pretty pointless level if you ask me.
#1 Unbirthday Spyro 12:31:35 15/03/2006

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