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Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy and Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage are two brand new games on the GBA. They are both separate games, whilst having the same overall storyline and almost identical gameplay. And, as you might notice below, they each have a different name for their European release. I have no idea why they needed to change the names, but the games are almost identical to the other versions, except that you have to select a language before you reach the main title screen. In any other respects, they are the same game.

The game that I will be focusing on will be the Spyro incarnation of the two. While the Crash Bandicoot game is not needed to fulfill the story mode in Spyro Fusion, it is needed if you are wanting to collect all of the cards in the game.

European Union 25/06/04 North America 03/06/04
Japan 09/12/04

European European
Japan Japan

The basics of gameplay in Spyro Orange require you to wander a main 'world' in order to collect as many gems as you can to help you in opening up all of the mini-games which all require a set amount of gems to open up for the first time.

The Story

At the beginning as you enter the story mode, you will see a short dialogue between Ripto and Neo Cortex as they discuss how to take control of their worlds. The following is exactly what is said:

RIPTO: So it's agreed, then. We'll work together to rid ourselves of Spyro and Crash
CORTEX: Yes! Your army of Riptocs will be even more formidable now that I have genetically modified them.
RIPTO: True! They have strength! They know no fear! And they are cleverly disguised!
CORTEX: Activate your Portals and we shall soon conquer this measly planet!

PROFESSOR: Spyro, I'm glad you're here!
HUNTER: Something strange is happening in Dragon Castles.
PROFESSOR: Strange indeed! Mysterious Portals have been appearing across the land. Even worse, crazed orange beasts have been causing trouble.
SPYRO: It sounds like Ripto is up to no good again.
PROFESSOR: I'll see what I can find out about these Portals. Meantime, Spyro, try to get rid of those monsters.
SPARX: Let's go!

You are then thrown out into Dragon Castles ready to start your 'adventure'.

The Controls

Here are your controls for use in the homeworlds (controls per mini-game are given at the start of each one)

AJump, when able to press again to double jump, then when able to tap repeatedly to flap your wings to get a better distance.
A then L or RPerform headbash
STARTAccess pause menu
SELECTSee current dragonfly health level and gem count
D-PadMove around

Gameplay Basics

Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:

  • The game is a side-scrolling game and as such it is much harder to avoid enemies.
  • You have no ability to charge at all.
  • There are five mini-games in each world each with a symbol on the top, once you have completed all five at least once, the end of world portal will open allowing you to access the boss.
  • Red gems are unlimited and reappear after every time you either die or re-enter the level, however all other varieties of gems that you may come across are limited and will only appear once

Now it's time to get started with the game.

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Location 9
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#6 Anonymous 19:51:22 14/02/2008
its so cool!!(spyro)
#5 CrashPurple 01:52:31 15/03/2007
Hey, this walkthrough is the same as the one on the main forum!
#4 spyroliker999 20:31:41 29/01/2007
I really like spyro the dragon.smilie,smilie,smilie,smilie,smilie,smilie
#3 Lover of Spyro 18:01:50 12/12/2006
its weird how 2 totally different games can come tgether t make a wicked game!!!
#2 Black Minx 14:18:07 13/08/2006
Yea it`s a pritty decnt game.
#1 Wert 20:47:21 06/05/2006
I do not like that it is a side-scroller...but I like the initial concept of Crash meeting Spyro...yet, the game is just OK compared to all the other spyro games...

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