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Tech Park

And finally, we reach the fifth and final level that will need completing. The Professor will tell you to complete each mini-game three times before you can access the Portal to the main part of the level. Luckily you should have done that already, but if you have missed any, just go back through the worlds to the Portal you missed and finish it to a third time.

OK, so just jump into the Portal there and be whisked away to the real Tech Park. From the start, jump to the right and walk to the Circle Portal; Gravity Well. While you no longer need to complete each Portal three times, it will still get you an extra Trading Card if you do, so it's best to do so now before you forget which ones you have and haven't done.

Gravity Well

Attempt 1

Yep, the simple bomb the other side game again. Use exactly the same tactics as before to beat them again.

Gem x 10Castle Riptoc

Attempt 2

Exactly the same.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

And exactly the same again.

Gem x 30Crush and Gulp Talisman

From there, jump down a bit and walk across to the Cross Portal; Tech Tug.

Tech Tug

Attempt 1

Ugh, no real point explaining this one. Just press A a lot.

Gem x 10Spyro Pose 6

Attempt 2

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Gem x 30Cortex Talisman

From the right end of the platform you are on, jump high and to the right, landing on another platform. This time with Moneybags on. The most expensive Vase Shuffle game in the game.

Vase Shuffle
How to win

Watch as the card and gem are put under vases, then attempt to keep track of the one you want while they shuffle. Then select a vase to see if you're right. If you are win whatever you get. Some of these cards may be ones you already have, so watch out for that. I won't list ones that have already been got here.

Available cards:
Freeze Crate Freeze Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
! Box ! Box
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Steel Crate Steel Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Crash Crate Crash Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Slot Box Slot Box
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Lava Fountain Lava Fountain
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Firefly Firefly
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Gnasty Gnorc
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Grendor Grendor
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)

Once you've lost or won all you want, move out of the shop. Move to the right and use the moving platform to get down to a lower platform with a Gem Rush on.

Gem Rush

Yet another easy to do run through of collecting gems. The only problems you might face in this is missing the moving platform that goes up to a couple of gems, and at the end the way to get all the gems on the platforms is to go from side to side rather than attempting to get all the ones in each column first.

Gem x 100

Move along to the left and grab the big purple gem, then go back to the right a bit and use the moving platform to get to the ledge above you. From where the Shop is, jump up onto the platform to the right. Walk along here and enter the Star Portal; Tech Deflect.

Tech Deflect

Attempt 1

Exact same game as all the previous deflection games. Keep the ball on the screen until they're all dead. There's nothing new here for you to worry about.

Gem x 10Spyro Pose 8

Attempt 2

Slightly speeded up play.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Extremely fast action here.

Gem x 30Sheep Talisman

From here, jump down to the right and land on a blue floating platform. It has a couple of yellow gems on which you need to collect. Jump back down to where the Gem Rush Portal was and head back to Moneybags Shop, right at his feet jump up and to the left in order to land on another blue floating platform, then use the upwards moving platform to get higher. Jump up onto the yellow platform to the left and into the Square Portal; Sky Walker, what has got to be the mot annoying of all the mini-games.

Sky Walker

Attempt 1

All the hints are given in the game about when to switch sides so take note of them. There are also several points in the level that you will be able to fly off into space, so watch out for that, make sure that you at least try to keep on the blue platforms, however remember that you can switch even if you're still in the middle of switching, i.e. in mid-air.

Gem x 10Spyro Pose 7

Attempt 2

Slightly more difficult.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again, more difficult.

Gem x 30Space Chase Talisman

From the portal, head left and grab the green gem, then jump onto the platform to the left to grab the large purple one. Now jump up and to the left, and you should land right next to the Triangle Portal; Space Shoot. However, if you so wish, move on to the left a bit further and then jump over to the Portal Rush.

Portal Rush

Very short and easy Portal Rush this time, I really don't see a single problem that might occur in this one. Easy gems.

Gem x 200

Now, move back to the Triangle Portal.

Space Shoot

Attempt 1

Nothing exceptional about this mini-game, but you should note that the background does change a couple of times, it means absolutely nothing though and will not affect the gameplay at all.

Gem x 10Dragon Elders

Attempt 2

Remember the two hit rule.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Three hits.

Gem x 30Nina Talisman

Now that all the mini-games are complete, it's almost time for the final boss battle of the game. However there is one last green gem to collect. Make your way down to the Cross Portal, and head left. Jump over the moving platform and continue along until you reach it. If this is the final large gem for you, then you will get a Trading Card; Tech Talisman.

Now head all the way to the top of the level and go to the right corner. There is the final portal and boss battle of the game.

Space Chase

The final battle with both Ripto and Cortex will begin. Shoot wildly at the two exhaust pipe thingies that fire stuff out, shoot until each one has been destroyed. Another large cannon will emerge from the ship which also requires a shooting. Then once that's destroyed, two arms will come out. These again require a lot of shooting to each part of the arms. Once destroyed, it's all over. (There seems to be a time limit, but I'm not sure what that's about)

Gem x 100Bentley

After Ripto and Cortex fly off into the depths of space, you hear and see this:

SPYRO: We did it!
AKU AKU: Hopefully we won't be hearing from those two again.
SPYRO: Thanks for all the help, Crash.
SPARX: We couldn't have done it without you.
AKU AKU: We'll be seeing you around, Spyro.
SPYRO: You can count on it!

The credits will then roll. Hold down A to make them go faster. Once the credits are over, you are spat back out into Dragon Castles to fully complete it.

#14 kuyaallen 01:30:09 09/04/2009
Quote: fireball
Um........... I'm having trouble! I didn't complete all the challenges 3 times so I did it to all of them in the forest-like area then I went to the very Beginning of that area and went through the portal and reached the Volcano, I beat all of those Mini-games 3 times, then I went to the Beginning of that level, but they'res NO portal to get to the glaciers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Help!

there are two ways over the ceiling or under close to the beginning do not jump to the one at the top go through the bottom
#13 Fireball 15:13:12 26/12/2008
Um........... I'm having trouble! I didn't complete all the challenges 3 times so I did it to all of them in the forest-like area then I went to the very Beginning of that area and went through the portal and reached the Volcano, I beat all of those Mini-games 3 times, then I went to the Beginning of that level, but they'res NO portal to get to the glaciers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Help!
#12 Anonymous 18:35:49 23/03/2008
do you mean go back to the other worlds or you just stay in tech park and wait
#11 spyrofan 02:38:30 19/02/2008
I love how they did spyro hes so cute especially when he finnally opens the gate
#10 Terrador 02:15:42 15/03/2007
Oh, wait, I didn't do all the microgames to hard difficulty in Tech Park.
#9 Cpt Obvious 02:13:48 15/03/2007
of course theres a time limit because they will get away if you dont act fast!
#8 manaphyex99 06:33:33 19/02/2007
I am stuck on Sky Walker the 2nd time any help please!
#7 Anonymous 05:39:31 19/02/2007
I am tired of doing Sky Walker for the 2nd time it is driving me crazy any help please!
#6 lol 13:18:39 07/01/2007
you need to play the portal rush games 3 times ??
#5 me 19:05:18 09/07/2006
Ugh!!! Sky Walker is ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any tips, dark52????
#4 Oren 01:23:38 25/03/2006
How do I get to.... Oh, wait... I've got them all this time.
#3 Unbirthday Spyro 11:50:27 10/03/2006
Well, If I Can't Beat The Levels Three Times. I'll Get Someone To Help Me.
#2 Unbirthday Spyro 12:30:09 04/03/2006
I Can't Beat All The Levels (Except For Few) Three Times! That's Nearly Impossible For Me!
#1 mom of the 7yr 05:57:34 20/09/2005
Thanks for all of your Spyro walkthrus. I am always left with getting to the next level when the 7yr old gets frustrated.

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