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Fire Mountains

And again we reach a brand new level with the exact same objectives as the last two: beat all the mini-games at least once in order to open up the end of level Portal to move on to the next place. The one good thing about reaching the Fire Mountains is that you have no more restrictions due to the new found ability to flap your wings to get to higher further away places.

Anyway, on with the game. Talk to Crunch who is just in front of you and he'll mutter something about lava pits which is advice you'd think you wouldn't need to know. Ok, well as soon as you come across a quite high up platform with a green gem on, jump up onto it, grab the green gem, then follow the platforms up to a purple gem. Then go inside the Circle Portal; Fire Fight.

Fire Fight

Attempt 1

Again, another rehash of one of the previous mini-games. This time with a lava background! There really isn't much in this go through that should phase you, it's all pretty standard stuff, shoot a few mines, balloon riptocs, flying riptocs, some barriers and you're all but done.

Gem x 10Flame

Attempt 2

Make sure to note that it takes two hits to kill this time. A few things will also try to fire at you.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Three hits to kill anything. You should also watch out for the last thing at the end, it shoots very rapidly.

Gem x 30Hunter Bow

Yup, time to move on again. Move back down to the ground and continue along to the right. Watch out for the lava fountains though as they will flame up at you. Jump down the big hole right after them and then flame the Flamethrower Assistant. Move along further right until you reach old Moneybags and his Shop.

Trading Cards available and prices:
Fire Riptoc Fire Riptoc
x 30
Frozen Riptoc Frozen Riptoc
x 30
Gnorc Gnorc
x 30
Ice Riptoc Ice Riptoc
x 30
Ember Ember
x 30

Once they're all bought, turn around and jump up to a yellow staircase type platform which has the Triangle Portal on; Ring of Fire.

Ring of Fire

Attempt 1

Yet again instead of a new mini-game, they just re-use an old one. Hit the Riptocs above you and get rid of them all to win. Nice and simple really.

Gem x 10Horn Dive

Attempt 2

Just as before, but speeded up.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again, slightly faster then the previous go.

Gem x 30Blinky Dig

Ok, jump up onto the platform to the right, then to the left and continue along here collecting gems and avoiding lava fountains. Jump up to the higher platform once you get to the end and then go past the Portal Rush to grab a few more gems. Once you reach the end of the platform though, return back and go into the Portal Rush, however Portal Rush is an entirely optional level so you can just carry on past this if you want.

Portal Rush

A quick way of making lots of gems this level is. All you have to do is get to the end and you'll make a fortune! You don't need to wait for the moving platforms, just jump and flap your way across. The whole level should be done after a few of these jumps. Simple, easy gems here.

Gem x 80

Once you're done with that, move along to the right and off the edge of the platform. Carry on to the right and continue back to the platform above the Triangle Portal. Then follow the high platforms to the right grabbing the several large gems on the way. This should eventually bring you to a place with a Flamethrower Assistant, and the Cross Portal; Turn up the Heat.

Turn up the Heat

Attempt 1

Again a very simple mini-game. This time however there are two Riptocs on the other side. No problem really, stand still and bomb the other side. Eventually this should knock them both off.

Gem x 10Charging Rhynoc

Attempt 2

This might be a slightly faster than before, but not really enough to warrant a change in tactics. Just do the same as always.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again, slightly faster.

Gem x 30Sgt. Byrd Rocket
Fire Talisman

Move along to the right to grab a purple gem, and if you have all the gems in the level it will also give you a Trading Card; Fire Talisman. After that, move back to the edge of the current platform you're on, the left edge, and jump down to the lower platform. Continue along to the right until you reach a large fire.

Wall of Fire

Again, it's another tap A a lot mini-game. Just tap A a lot.

Gem x 20

Continue past the smoldering remains of the fire and into the second half of the level. Carry on along to the right until you meet Blinky. Talk to him to here about flapping to hidden areas, great. Then just carry on along past all the obstacles until you get to the Star Portal; Hot Wings.

Hot Wings

Attempt 1

Haven't we already done a level exactly the same as this in Fire Mountains? Well, no. Not exactly. Last time you were on a small thing which fires, this time it's just you. What's the difference? Nothing. Yet another identical mini-game. Use the exact same tactics as ever before to get through this.

Gem x 10Ripto Wand

Attempt 2

Just remember the two hits to kill.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

And again, three hits to kill.

Gem x 30Rocket and Club

Continue along right to the righthand side of the world, then after grabbing the green gem, jump down the hole nearby. Grab the two purple gems down there and then enter the Portal for a Gem Rush.

Gem Rush

A nice simple stroll to gather all the gems here. Just watch out for the Flamethrower Assistants that will flame you and knock you backwards.

Gem x 80

Once done, head back up to the top, and flame the Assistant there. Right here, jump up and to the left to land on a high up platform with a yellow gem on. Continue over these high up platforms until you get to the end of level Portal which Crash is standing next to. Talk to him and hear some more pointless info this time from Aku Aku. As the Portal is not yet open, jump off the left side of the platform it is on and attempt to land on the high up platform with a green gem on. Continue along these platforms until you reach Moneybags.

Mystery Game
How to win

Exactly the same as the Vase Shuffle, except that you don't get to see where the card or gem is put. Just select which one you think it might be under.

Available cards:
Aku Aku Box Aku Aku Box
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Time Crate Time Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Nitro Switch Nitro Switch
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Iron Spring Box Iron Spring Box
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)

Once that's all done with and you've bought and won as much as you want, jump over to the left and land on a high up platform with the Square mini-game Portal; Pull of Lava. But you should also grab the two gems here as if you have already got all the other large gems, the second of the purple gems will award you with a Trading Card; Moneybags.

Pull of Lava

Attempt 1

Argh! The simplest game ever. Just keep tapping A until you win. No skill, nothing.

Gem x 10Charging Riptoc

Attempt 2

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Gem x 30Agent 9 Laser

Now, that's the whole of Fire Mountains completed, well at least until you get enough Trading Cards to open up the rest of the Portals here that is. Oh, and of course you still need to fight the end-of-level boss. Return to the end of level Portal which is just a simple jump or two to the right away, and go in.

Nina Cortex

To beat this relative of Cortex, simply stand by the cages and jump out of the way as she runs at you. She will knock down and set free the Professor and Coco after hitting them three times. Then, flame the furnace until the roof is high enough for you to jump up to where Crash is standing.

Gem x 60Professor

Welcome to Wumpa Jungle.

Fire Mountains - A Return Journey

The next portal is located all the way to the right-hand side of the level.

Sheep Shakedown

Big thanks to vdlovesvd for the strategy for beating this level:

Just run right until you are under a tree a do a headbash. Two sheep will fall from the trees. Flame em. Go to every tree on the screen (all the way until the end) and repeat the process. This will give you a head start on the sheep count and you will find you can beat this level very easily by flaming the remaining sheep falling from the tubes.

Gem x 25Y Sheep

Back on the travels again, treking back through to Arctic Cliffs again.

#7 Brittany 00:43:50 12/03/2014
On fire mountains how do you beat the game? I do not understand it at all. I mean what do you try to beat??
#6 Blingblink 06:55:00 25/02/2008
Look Ring of Fire, Attempt 3: There is Blink! Wehee!! Blink rocks!!
#5 richard hindson 12:11:39 02/12/2007
it is very good
#4 BlinktheCookie 22:46:09 09/12/2006
How the heck do I beat "sheep shakedown?"You can only get 15 sheep in the amount of time they give you!!!!!
#3 moody 03:02:34 28/11/2006
but what do you do in Fire Mountains ??? i cant hit them or nething all i can do is run lol from the thing @ top that throws fire and that thing with a guard that runs @ me smilie
#2 Oren 01:16:19 25/03/2006
How do I get to "Sheep Shakedown"?
#1 Unbirthday Spyro 12:20:09 15/03/2006
I Can Tell You, dark52, PULL OF LAVA IS NOT THE SIMPLEST GAME EVER!! The Second Time, The Gnorc Pulled Me Slightly Into The Lava. SO DARK52, YOU"RE DOING THE CRAZY TALK AGAIN!!

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