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Wumpa Jungle

Wumpa Jungle welcomes you. This world is definitely one of Crash's. Just wander forward a bit and talk to Hunter who for once will actually tell you something you would want to know, just to watch out for the Lab Assistants hiding in the bushes as they will throw grenades out. You should also note that you cannot kill these Assistants in question. Anyway, wander a bit further along to reach the Circle Portal; Riptocs and Rockets. Sounds a bit like Rhynocs 'n Clocks really.

Riptocs and Rockets

Attempt 1

And again we see the same exact level as was in Dragon Castles. A driving game which involves you jumping and shooting rockets out at enemies. And this time instead of floor spikes, there are several strange plants that just seem to disappear as you reach them. You only should worry about these when jumping onto anther platform. Just shoot all the flying Riptocs as well as the ones that thump the ground with a bat, and you should easily make it to the end Portal.

Gem x 10Fire

Attempt 2

Increase in speed as well as numbers. Oh, and they've also introduced some plants which attempt to bite you, so watch out for them too. There aren't any mines here though, so that should be happy for you.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

While there weren't any mines in the last difficulty setting, there are here.

Gem x 30Spyro Pose 1

Move along to the right, be careful of the hiding Assistant, and go into Moneybags Shop when you see it.

Trading Cards available and prices:
Moneybags Shop Moneybags Shop
x 40
Floor Spikes Floor Spikes
x 40
Falling Ice Shards Falling Ice Shards
x 40

Once all is bought. Jump over to the right and continue doing so until you reach the Triangle Portal; Treetop Flight.

Treetop Flight

Attempt 1

With a name that sounds a little like a level in the original Spyro the Dragon, you'd expect this to be harder. But it isn't. It's just your average fly upwards and shoot things mini-game. Do so. There are however a few tricky bits which require you to be flying ahead of where you would normally fly on the screen as you will need to swing from one side of the level to the other in a very short space of time. There is also a trap set up by the Riptocs which you really need to avoid going into.

Gem x 10Ice

Attempt 2

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Gem x 30Spyro Pose 2

After completion, head left, and jump onto the series of platforms that continue left. Grab all the gems and kill all the Riptocs and plants along the way, it's usually best to headbutt the plants as you flap above them. Carry on until you reach Crash. Talk to him but again nothing worth doing. Head all the way back to where the Triangle Portal was. Then continue along the level to the right until you reach the Cross Portal; Falling to Pieces.

Falling to Pieces

Attempt 1

This time it is slightly harder than before as they may target the place you stand on, if this happens, just move on over to the left and continue bombing.

Gem x 10Wind

Attempt 2

Maybe slightly faster then before, but same tactics apply.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again the Riptocs are slightly faster.

Gem x 30Spyro Pose 3

Before continuing on with the level, head back to where the Triangle Portal is, and jump down the gap to the right of it. Land in the small opening below. Wander along down here until you reach the Portal Rush.

Portal Rush

A simple Portal Rush again. Just flame and jump over any enemies that are in your way.

Gem x 100
Jungle Talisman

Next, head right and jump up onto the platform with the green gem on, then up again a couple of times 'till you reach the third green gem that should give you a Trading Card; Jungle Talisman. Head left and flame the Riptoc, then jump down off the ledge. Move along to the right and lift the rocks.

Crank it Up

Tap A.

Gem x 20

Move on through to the second half of Wumpa Jungle, and jump up high to the right to grab a purple gem, you don't need to land on the platform up there though. Continue along the ground until you can jump up onto platforms headed to the left. Follow them up to find Agent 9. He'll once again talk about something useless. Ignore him and go into the Gem Rush if you want.

Gem Rush

The only problem you might face is forgetting to grab the gems at the right hand side of the level before jumping down the hole nearby.

Gem x 100

As soon as you've finished collecting gems, move on to the right again. Continue right until you reach an area where there are two plants, kill them, but also jump up high so that you grab the green gem there. Carry on a bit further to reach the Square Portal; Riptoc Repellant.

Riptoc Repellant

Attempt 1

Another simple version of the mini-game you've played many times before. Just keep the ball on screen until they all die.

Gem x 10Electricity

Attempt 2

A slightly faster version of before. Use same tactics again.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Slightly faster again.

Gem x 30Spyro Pose 4

Once again, move to the right and continue doing so right up to the edge of the level. Then use the moving platform to be lifted up, then to the left is the Star Portal; Dragon Assault.

Dragon Assault

Attempt 1

Yes, again it's the tank game. Shoot to the right and move around a bit. Just the same as any other mini-game like this.

Gem x 10Bubble

Attempt 2

Again, as I'm sure you know, it's two hits to kill.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Three hits to kill.

Gem x 30Spyro Pose 5

From here, jump to the left a few times and you'll see Moneybags, this time without his shop though. Not really though as it's just another jump away.

Spin the Wheel
How to win

In an exact replica of what was in Dragon Castles, you can win several more Crash Bandicoot cards. Simply choose what level of power you want to spin the wheel at and wait to see where it stops.

Available cards:
Crystal Crystal
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Clear Gem Clear Gem
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Wumpa Fruit Wumpa Fruit
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Checkpoint Crate Checkpoint Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Agent 9

Once all is done, continue your jumping to the left. When you get to the end-of-level Portal, go past it a little and grab the Yellow Gem, it should give you a Trading Card if you've gotten all the large gems; Agent 9. Once that's done, enter the boss Portal.

Neo Cortex

Set up in the same way as those other magnet walker levels. This time however you just have to keep avoiding what Cortex is throwing and shooting as well as shooting him. I'm not 100% sure whether you actually have to destroy him in this level though, as he just seemed to give up moving around halfway through the level, but you just need to reach the end of the level to complete.

Gem x 80Ripto

Welcome to Tech Park.

Wumpa Jungle 2 - Wumpa Jungler

Walk all the way through until you get to Gem Hop which is located two platforms to the right of the mini-game Riptoc Repellant.

Gem Hop

Gem Hop is a simple concept, simply jump around on several moving platforms collecting 100 gems. However in practice, it's a lot harder.

The platforms are reasonably quick moving, not too fast that you won't be able to land on them, but fast enough not to stay around for too long. The idea here is to jump from each platform and to land on another one with a gem on, and as you jump, the platform you were on will then fall down preventing you from taking an easy route back to where you came from.

And after you get the first 50 gems, the platforms halve in size meaning that you have to be even more careful about landing precisely.

Gem x 25Sheep
Sheep Chase

Remember those driving mini-games? Well that's what this one is, except there are no barriers in front of you at all, and you're riding a black sheep and there is a herd of sheep chasing after you.

The level plays the same really so use whatever tactics you used there, except that you need to keep away from the left-hand side of the screen.

Gem x 25R Sheep

Next up in your trail of destruction, is the level known only as Fire Mountains!

#8 Violet Lynn 22:11:41 30/06/2010
how do you know if you completed the mini games 3 times in a row?
#7 Cpt Obvious 04:09:36 15/03/2007
Tch! Nina is a wimp.

well, confused, after you free the professor and Coco, you're supposed to keep flaming the furnace that apperently opened after Nina has a hissy. that lifts the spiked roof

that opens up a chance to jump up onto the ledge where Crash and Aku-Aku are, who are standing next to a portal.

oh, and here's a note to whoever named themselves "me"-Crash can't talk. if you talk to crash, the only ones who would be talking is either Spyro or Aku-Aku.
#6 Lover of Spyro 18:13:05 12/12/2006
Nina Cortex is like cool!
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:05:50 02/09/2006
The guide for the end of world bosses are on the page for the world that they're at the end of. ie Nina Cortex is on the Fire Mountains page.
#4 totallyconfused 14:50:01 02/09/2006
how do you defeat the girl in the beginning of wumpa jungle? i can't do anything else besides free the professor and that other chararter
#3 me 19:16:36 09/07/2006
Can Crash talk?
#2 Oren 01:20:06 25/03/2006
How do I get to Gem Chaser and Sheep Chase?
#1 Unbirthday Spyro 12:25:21 15/03/2006
Get Like How To Get To Gem Hop, I Haven't Got There But I Got The Gem Chaser

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