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Arctic Cliffs

Welcome to the Arctic Cliffs. A nice a cold place where you can now double jump and so get to higher places, as well as being able to jump over enemies more efficiently. Sparx will tell you all about this directly after you defeat Crash Bandicoot.

Talk to the Professor who is standing not far in front of you and he'll talk about Neo Cortex and Ripto as well as a solution to the Portals. Move along past him and talk to Coco, she'll once again give you useless advice and so just carry on past her, watching out for the falling ice shards. Just past those shards is a Gem under a small white strip of ice. Headbash this to get it, then talk to Blinky who will tell you the exact same thing. Move along and jump down the gap, then wander along to the Circle Portal, Snow Steps.

Snow Steps

Attempt 1

A strange min-game this. You are riding a kind of walking magnet which can flip to be walking on the roof. Collect ammo to fire at the Lab Assistants that will wander this level. It is best to only flip when you have no other option, but you should also know that you can flip whilst in mid-air if you are fast enough.

Any Ammo is usually placed just before you will need to use it so as soon as you see a piece of Ammo get ready to shoot it at something. It is also better to stay in the centre of the screen as some of the Lab Assistants can appear from behind you as well as in-front.

Gem x 10Disguised Riptoc

Attempt 2

The second time through the speed has slightly increased and the amount of Lab Assistants has gone up a lot. They will now fly crazily and will seemingly block you from flipping some of the time, however there is almost always a slight gap in order for you to get through, so take it. The portal at the end of this difficulty level is on the roof.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again the speed of your 'magnet walking thing' has increased and so have the numbers of lab assistants and those electric fence thingies.

Gem x 30Zoe

After completion of this mini-game, move along and jump over the gaps onto the platforms on the right. There are several gaps so be careful when landing. Continue along here until you reach good ol' Moneybags Shop.

Trading Cards available and prices:
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg
x 20
Crystallized Dragon 3 Crystallized Dragon 3
x 20
Crystallized Dragon 2 Crystallized Dragon 2
x 20
Talisman Talisman
x 20

There are several others too, but they are blacked out as you will have won them in the mini-games you completed. Once you've bought or looked at all the cards you want, move along again. Just to the right of the shop is a Lab Assistant. Flame him, then move along and you'll see a moving platform. It is safest just to jump onto it and wait for it to travel across. Repeat this for the second moving platform, then jump onto the upwards moving one and jump off it to the right. Here is the Triangle Portal; Arctic Attack.

Arctic Attack

Attempt 1

An almost identical mini-game to one in the Dragon Castles world. Use the same tactics here noting that one shot kills you target.

Gem x 10Flying Riptoc

Attempt 2

Two shots kill.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Three shots kill.

Gem x 30Sparx

Once that's all done with, jump up onto the platform to the right of the portal and grab the green gem that's just sitting there. A yellow gem is also nearby, just a fall off the end of the platform away in fact, as well as another closeby too. At the bottom of this place you will find a special Portal which allows you to gain gems if you manage to reach the end portal in time. This will not require completion three times nor even once, but you can use it to both unlock it in the Party Mode and to gain yourself several gems.

Portal Rush

Each time you go in here, it will cost you 30 gems. The objective of this level is to get to the end in the time given, which is 30 seconds. There are a few enemies in the level, each which need flaming almost before you actually see them, as they are just about in the exact place where you will land.

Gem x 60

Once done with getting gems, move back up to where the Triangle Portal is and jump over to the left. Follow it along until you reach a Green Gem under a smashable flooring. Stand right at the edge of it, almost entirely on the solid ground, and headbutt the ground. This should smash the ice. Next jump down to grab the gem but also double jump back up once you grab it so as not to fall to your doom. Repeat this a bit further on too with a second green gem. If you miss the jump back up on these, just attempt to land on the nearby land underneath and travel all the way back to the Triangle Portal to the right.

Next carry on to the left and use the upwards moving platform to reach the Cross Portal, Blizzard Balls, which you will once again need to beat three times.

Blizzard Balls

Attempt 1

Identical in all but numbers of Riptocs, this is the same mini-game as you played in Dragon Castles. Just use whatever tactics you used there and repeat here to wipe the board of Riptocs. However there are a couple of new things to note. One is the Lab Assistants that have been added. These react exactly the same as the green Riptocs. There is another Riptoc that is coloured orange in this game as well. This type can deflect the ball if it hits them on the shield from below, so to take them out you have to get the ball to hit them from behind.

Gem x 10Jungle Riptoc

Attempt 2

Just a slightly speeded up version of the first go.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again slightly speeded up once again.

Gem x 30Sheila

After beating that mini-game, move along to the right and jump over the gap to talk to Sgt. Byrd who once again like every other person you have met in the game, will give you a useless bit of advice, this time about jumping. Next move along to the right flaming the Lab Assistant as you go. Rather then timing your walk through the swinging axes, just jump over where the blade would swing and it won't ever hit you. Walk a slight bit further to the right and up to a giant ice wall.

Fire and Ice

Just repeatedly tap A in order to melt the wall in the 20 seconds given. No skill again, just plain tapping of the A button.

Gem x 20

After completing this challenge, move along past where the wall was, and into the second half of the world.

Jump down the gap and over the swinging axe. Go over the smashable ice and grab the Yellow Gem there. Then headbutt the ice and fall down past the bouncy branch thing. Flame the Riptoc and jump off to the right and use the bouncy branches to get up to a platform above you. The Square Portal is right here.

Tread Lightly

Attempt 1

Again, an almost identical version of the mini-game you played in Dragon Castles. There is nothing new here and there is almost zero chance of you being caught behind a wall. Very easy play through this time.

Gem x 10Balloon Riptoc

Attempt 2

Nothing to note of in the second go through, just a slight increase in mines and the need to hit them twice.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

The only addition this time is that of several moving things which fire occasionally. These can generally be avoided, but remember that it's three hits to kill this time through.

Gem x 30Riptoc

Yet again, it's time to move on. This time jump down to the right, then to the left and fall until you reach a platform holding a Yellow Gem. Next jump down again onto some spingy branches and then jump to the left and talk to Crash Bandicoot. Nothing new is said here. Anyway, move along to the left and jump up the slopes and grab the purple gem. Carry on up, and jump over the top and down the left hand side of the world. Jumping onto each platform with a red gem on, all the way down to Moneybags.

Vase Shuffle
How to win

Watch closely as the vases are lowered over what you want (either the gems or the card) and attempt to see where it ends up as they switch around. Then simply press on the vase you think its under and you'll find out whether or not you won anything. The prizes available are as shown below. And remember, you can win the same card more than once, yet you will get nothing for it as it will only register in your card collection as one card.

Available cards:
Iron Box Iron Box
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Aku Aku Crate Aku Aku Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Spring Crate Spring Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)
Mystery Crate Mystery Crate
(Blue Crash Bandicoot)

Once your appetite for cards and gems has been quenched, move along again, this time to the right. Jump over the gaps and straight onto a platform with the fifth and final main mini-game Portal of the level, the Star Portal, Ice Chopper.

Ice Chopper

Attempt 1

Why this is a main mini-game I don't know. Simply tap A until the slider gets into the red area, then press B to fire. Repeat until said Riptoc is frozen and falls to the floor.

Gem x 10Elora

Attempt 2

The Riptoc moves slightly faster here, and it's slightly more difficult to get into the red area, but this is no real challenge at all.

Gem x 20

Attempt 3

Again the Riptoc moves slightly faster, and it's slightly more difficult to get into the red area. Still no challenge whatsoever.

Gem x 30Sorceress

Now that all mini-game portals have been completed in this world, the end of level boss awaits you. Jump to the right and then up onto the moving platform, then across to the left and grab the big gem there. Then move back down to the Star Portal and continue along to the right. Use the moving platform here to get up higher, then use the springy branches to get to where Crash Bandicoot is standing. Move along to the left and up the slopes again. From the top, go right and then in the middle of a large gap above your head, jump up and attempt to land on a springy branch there. Use it to jump up to the left and then use another to jump up to the right away from a swinging axe. Then use the next branch to get up to some more higher platforms.

Level Portal

Move to the right and past the Riptoc to get a purple gem, then head back again and this time head left. After the first large jump upwards, turn around and jump onto the high platforms there. Take out the Lab Assistants and jump up again to get a Purple Gem and what should give you a trading card called 'Level Portal' if you have all the large gems in the level.

Next, head back to where the large jumps up were and continue up them until you reach the boss Portal.

Crush and Gulp

This one's a fight between Spyro and Ripto's henchmen Crush and Gulp. The way to beat them is to wait first for Gulp to finish bombing four times, each will make a dent in the floor. Then, as Crush comes charging in, headbutt him so that he stops directly on one of the already bombed spots. Then hopefully Gulp will hit him. Repeat this twice and Crush will then hold his shield above his head whilst charging around non-stop. You can now flame him to make him stop on one of the bombing sites. He won't sit around for as long though, so if Gulp doesn't seem likely to attack, get out of his way. When Gulp does throw a bomb, it will bounce back at him. This happens three times in total until the boss fight is won.

Gem x 40Crush and Gulp

Once beaten, you will get a short story scene about the Professor and Coco being kidnapped. Nothing important though. You will also be given the ability to extend your jumps by flapping several times. This is the final upgrade to Spyro, so you can now reach any area in the game that you have unlocked. You will also now be in Fire Mountains, so head on over to that part of the guide now.

The following part relates to a return visit to this level, and therefore should only be used in that capacity.

Arctic Cliffs - We're Back!

Arctic Talisman

There is only one gem in the first part that you haven't got yet. From the start continue along until you reach the first upwards moving platform. Use this and right at the top of it's ascent, jump over to the left. Here you will find the purple gem, and it should give you the Trading Card 'Arctic Talisman'. Also, you will find a Gem Chaser level right here.

Gem Chaser

This is a very similar level to all the shooting ones, just that there are only barriers and you also have to collect 40 Gems along the way.

Gem x 25

Whilst walking towards the second half of the level, you will come across a new portal that will popup. This is similar to Dragon Drop, this time though it's Icicle Canyon.

Icicle Canyon

A simple dropper this one, flap your way to the Portal at the end, collecting as many gems as you want along the way.

Gem x 25

And that's nearly that. You may have noticed that there are some mysterious sheep levels still left unlocked on the Party mode, as well as several cards still missing. It's time to go get them. Go through Fire Mountains and make your way to Wumpa Jungle to get started.

Arctic Cliffs - Back and Back Again

Make your way to Moneybags in the second half of Arctic Cliffs now. Go to the right a bit and use the moving platform to get up and to the left where the portal is.

Sheep Shearin'

Quite an easy level this time. All you need to do is bounce on the sheep 30 times to complete it. There's no point in concentrating on the numbers here, just focus on landing on the sheep each time. You may need to jump and glide occasionally to land back on it so do so.

Gem x 25S Sheep

Next on your list is Dragon Castles for one last time.

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Hello fodder.
#7 Toasty 12:28:44 01/05/2008
How do you do the sheep levels I can not find them
#6 Hello 03:21:51 15/03/2007
I can't find my game. Ice chopper is sooooooooooooo easy, anyways. I did attempt 3 and won already. Note that you have to complete all the games 3 times to go to Tech Park, or you can bypass that with a cheat (Go to "Cheats".) Butler was on that page posting a code. Try it.
#5 Lover of Spyro 18:11:00 12/12/2006
not to get off the subject or any thing but i like those mini pics above with spyro characters on!
#4 butler 21:01:25 30/04/2006
having troubles beating Crush and Gulp...in part one just avoid all Gulp's attacks, in part two Crush will come charging straight out of the wall...in the final part of the battle Crash will take off his armour allowing you to flame him..keep flaming him while he's up..won't be long til he sits down again..giving Gulp time to attack three times...once done, they are defeated completely
#3 Oren 01:13:50 25/03/2006
How do i get to "Sheep Sheerin'"?
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:55:15 15/03/2006
Well I'm sorry that it's difficult for you, it just didn't seem like it could be much of a challenge. All it really is is tapping a button rapidly.
#1 Unbirthday Spyro 12:12:31 15/03/2006
Are You Crazy, dark52?! When I Did Ice Chopper A Second Time, It Was Really Hard! So dark52, You're Doing The Crazy Talk!

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