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Ripto's Lair

The entrance to the lair is the horizontal portal in the middle of Dragon Realms, if it's active you just need to jump on in.

The fight can be simple and quick or you can draw it out fighting as it was probably intended. The simple way is to charge after Ripto flaming his ice shield as soon as he stops, he'll rush off to another spot, you run straight to him again and blast him again. Repeat until the shield is gone and you can get a hit in. He'll run off again, hit him another two times to end this.

The lengthy way is to sit back and wait for Ripto to fire a couple of ice blasts towards you, walk to the side to avoid. He'll then blast three low ice barriers which you'll need to jump over. Then charge over to him and flame him. It's essentially the first method except with extra waiting and more chance of getting hit.

Unless you've got 85% or 100% the fight ends here. You get returned to Dragon Realms with a new ability. Pressing L3 and R3 (or L + R + Up on the D-Pad for GCN) will make Sparx point towards the nearest gem. It's now time to go to Thieves Den though.

Round Two

After you manage that he'll then enlarge himself and put up a Fire Shield. This is exactly the same as with an Ice Shield. Chase after him using your Ice Breath on it until it vanishes and you can get a single hit in to defeat him.

If you haven't got 100% it's time for the credits to roll again, they really want you to know who made this thing. Once you're back in Dragon Realms it's off to Jurassic Jungle.

Final Round

With 100% you'll now get to the third and final stage of the fight. It's a bit more tricky than the others. Ripto turns himself into a huge caveman-like version of himself and start his attack. Jump over the rings of ice he blasts out and run away from the single ice blasts (these are usually in threes).

After doing two rings of ice he'll occasionally get his sceptre stuck in the ground and you'll hear an electric zapping noise. This is your cue to use your Electric Breath on him. Repeat about six times in total to win, the time inbetween you being allowed to attack varies, sometimes he'll go ages without getting stuck.

You'll get a couple of ending scenes and then the credits again. That's everything in the game done and dusted. If you go back into your saved game you'll find yourself in Ripto's Lair again, simply use your Atlas to warp to another level if you want to go explore.

#15 Doomdrao 15:26:31 11/09/2009
I think Ripto should return
And this fight is fun :3
#14 supermalefor 14:14:58 10/01/2009
well, Ripto aint gone.
#13 maspanda 00:08:18 01/12/2008
I wish they made a Spyro Trilogy with graphics like the origanal cuz 1) It looks cool :-) and 2) It doesn't take as long for things to load, like in Enter the Dragonfly. Ung! It takes FORE EVUH!!!!!!!!!
#12 maspanda 00:03:06 01/12/2008
You don't add Sparx because he never got lost, remember? It showed that in the first vid.
#11 Spyro2012 20:47:53 12/10/2008
Yeah, to be honest, I think SparxSpyro is right, if Sparx(#91) is found in the Dragon Realms Homeworld, why not add his name to the guidebook?
#10 SpyroTheDragon 02:55:51 25/06/2008
#9 SparxSpyro 00:31:25 29/05/2008
Add Sparx and that's 91!
#8 Shineot 19:33:27 25/05/2008
Dark tells you where all of the Dragonflies in this walkthrough, so there is your help
#7 Dragon Lover 01:49:53 18/05/2008
Yeah. We'll be happy to help you.
#6 SuperSpyro700 18:46:18 24/03/2008
What are you stuck on?
#5 Gaul 23:33:44 23/03/2008
#4 Dragon Lover 23:52:10 22/03/2008
I agree.
#3 Cynder 1500 22:44:32 22/03/2008
Unlikely. Thanks Dark52!
#2 SD-King 01:35:28 22/03/2008
Hope Not!
#1 SuperSpyro700 20:38:32 21/03/2008
This may be Ripto's last stand Dark52
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