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Luau Island

Gem 900 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

Jump off the jetty and go across the water to dry land. Here on the beach you should spot the first dragonfly of the level already.

Gary Gary 26/90 On the loose

To the right you'll find in the middle of the beach a small hexagonal item, the Wing Shield Dragon Rune. Not the most useful of moves, but whatever. Just ahead of where you found Gary you should spot a button on the wall behind a green Tourist T-Rex. You should probably talk to Porkins behind the door first but it hardly matters, kill the T-Rex and flame the button. Go down the newly opened tunnel to the right and past Porkins.

After you've got through that corridor, dive into the water and go left, you should find an underwater tunnel down there to go through. Follow it all the way to the other end and out the top. Here climb the ladder on the side and chat with Hammy there. Turn around and glide over to the T-Rexes, kill them both and Head Bash the switch.

Go through the short corridor and out to where Zoe is. Head Bash the switch here (it'll open the gate directly ahead of you) and then go right, along the platforms sticking out of the wall to where there's another switch to Head Bash. This one opens the door below you but don't jump down just yet. Kill the Tikis here and then climb the ladder.

You'll be confronted with a Challenge Portal. As soon as you step through it several masks with targets on their foreheads will appear around the area. Go into aiming mode and shoot all four of them. This will cause some platforms to rise up in the middle of the area and allow you to reach a green dragonfly that was flying about in the middle. First you might want to go down to the right where there are some gems and then climb back up the ladder there.

Homer Homer 27/90 Tiki Fire Breath

Personally I had some trouble landing on those platforms, they seem to have a tendancy to make you land oddly and continue flying over it. You might also need to jump to capture Homer with Bubble Breath. Anyway, drop down into the water and head over to the corner with the red dragonfly that you freed with the previous Head Bash button.

Socrates Socrates 28/90 In the Hoosegow

With that this area is complete. Head over to the pig you freed with the button next to Zoe, Hamlet, and down yet another corridor.

With that this area is complete. Head over to the pig you freed with the button next to Zoe, Hamlet, and down yet another corridor. Emerging out into another large open area your first port of call here will be to head over to the right, swim across the water and onto the land there. Climb the ladder just around the corner and go up.

Go up the next ladder, kill the T-Rex and then glide into the ladder across from you next to the waterfall. Climb this and you're at the top. Glide down towards the large island in the middle of the area now.

Daisy Daisy 29/90 Mountaintop

Next you'll want to go into the portal towards the far end of the area.

Mantaray Farm

It's a classic race against Hunter to do something. It's fairly simple, just go about pointing your Mantaray in the direction of the baby Mantarays and shoot the net. The reload time is a bit slow so try and make sure to aim at least half decently. Hunter is pretty useless at this task so it shouldn't take much to beat him. Oh, and avoid the octopus enemies as you do have a health meter.

The game either takes 3 minutes or it ends if you get 11.

Krishnamurti Krishnamurti 30/90 Mantaray

Head on back to Luau Island again.

Dive into the water and go down through the tunnel to the left. Swim through the gaps in the net blocking the corridor to get through to yet another large open area. Swim to the other side of the area and out onto land. Go to the right and up the ladder and up to where you'll find another pig trapped. Head Bash the switch next to the gate to open it. Talk to Chili again to get your reward.

Dill Dill 31/90 Chili the Pig

Ignore the corridor behind him for now and keep on along the top here going right. Glide to the wooden platforms sticking out of the wall. Here you'll find a green dragonfly.

Scuttlebutt Scuttlebutt 32/90 Behind the Statue

What statue? Keep going along to the end where you can safely glide down onto the large version of the boat you came to Luau Island on. Flame the cannon and it will smash a large pile of rocks, go into that opening and you'll find a yellow dragonfly.

Plato Plato 33/90 Landslide

Head back up to Chili and go down the corridor behind him, past the Return Home portal and you'll emerge back at the start, but higher up. Keep along up here (if you fall there's a new vortex at the near end to let you get back up quickly) and into the portal at the other end. You can have all the gems in the level at this point by the way.

Drum Song

Two rounds of a nice simple memory game. The first time has fewer parts to the song of course. Luckily the drum players are laid out in the positions of the buttons on the controller so it'll make it easier than remembering which does what. Simply repeat the one move, then they add another to that first one, then another to those two and so on. The first round has you hit the drums six times, you don't need to keep the same rhythm as the drummers so no need to worry about that.

Terral Terral 34/90 Drum Song 1

And the second round consists of nine drum hits.

Maverick Maverick 35/90 Drum Song 2

If you're really having trouble remembering that many in a row then you can just keep pausing the game and write down the pattern as they play it. With that dragonfly caught you've completed Luau Island.

Head back to Dragon Realms now.

#15 StupidPuffSheep 04:48:14 23/01/2010
@showfire, that happend to me, but the gem was floating ontop of the water. :S
#14 shadowfire 18:52:57 20/10/2009
I just seemed to have the same glitch as Chelsieo. The gem seems to appear on the tunnel floor, but only after you swim through the four or five underwater arches in the area...
#13 Lepordstar 01:17:18 08/05/2009
Cool Daisy is the coolest
#12 SuperSpyro700 20:51:33 03/02/2009
I love Luau Island!
#11 Chelsieo 02:36:17 03/12/2008
So.... I just had the weirdest glitch.

Luau Island, I was missing 10 gems, and it seemed that Sparx (with the gem finder ability) kept pointing to one of the pearls on the archway. After combing the tunnels for 1/2 hour, the gold gem seemingly fell off from.. somewhere and was on the tunnel bottom.

#10 spyrathedragon 01:26:38 25/07/2008
#9 Dragon Lover 01:46:41 18/05/2008
Yes. Because there are so many glitches to get you out of it. smilie
#8 SpyrosFlash 14:15:33 04/05/2008
its easy this game
#7 Cynder28 13:01:02 31/03/2008
it's my favourite level and easy completed this game 100% beating it again smilie
#6 JustTheHardestq 01:46:28 28/03/2008
This is the hardest level in the game bcuz im missing about 5 gems and i have looked everywhere and cant find them!
#5 Dragon Lover 17:24:35 24/03/2008
Wish I knew!
#4 SuperSpyro700 12:51:41 24/03/2008
How do they make those names up?
#3 Dragon Lover 23:49:55 22/03/2008
I know. Wait, why exactly is that dragonfly's name Scuttlebutt?
Bcuz that's a HILARIOUS name!
#2 Cynder 1500 23:16:23 22/03/2008
It is beautiful.
#1 Dragon Lover 21:06:13 22/03/2008
This is probably my second favorite level in the game.
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