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For the fourth time and fourth year in a row, Spyro makes an appearance on the Nintendo DS. For the first time developed by Tantalus Interactive. The game features 2D side-scrolling combat and platforming sections and a few 3D on-rails flight levels. Like the console versions you can switch between Spyro and Cynder at any point but it is a one player game only, there is no co-op.


These are the controls for the 2D part of the game.

Button Action
Up Look up
Down Look down
Left/Right Move
Left/Right + Left/Right (same as your direction) Charge
Left/Right + Left/Right (opposite to your direction) Backwards Dodge
A Melee Attack
A + Left/Right (opposite to your direction) Backflip Tailstrike
A + Up Kick
A + Down Tailstrike
A + Left/Right (same as your direction) Punch
B Jump
B + B Double Jump
Down + B Drop through thin platform
B + Left/Right towards wall Wall Jump
B + Down + A Horn Dive
B + Down + X Smash Attack
X Elemental Melee Attack
X + Left/Right (backwards to your direction) Elemental Backflip Tailstrike
X + Up Elemental Kick
X + Down Elemental Tailstrike
X + Left/Right (same as your direction) Elemental Punch
Y Breath Attack
L Switch Character
R Switch Element
Select Upgrade Screen
Start Pause Game

Unlike its bigger console siblings you cannot fly during the platforming sections, instead you only get to fly in on-rails 3D sections specifically designated for it.

Button Action
Dpad Move
L Switch Character
Touch Screen Breath Attack


Red Gems heal you, Green Gems will replenish your breath and Blue Gems will fill an experience bar on the Upgrade Screen which is used to better your elemental moves up to level 3.

You can find gems inside enemies or in their respective colour gem clusters (purple clusters contain random assortment of gems).


The game will automatically save at the beginning of a level and when you go between sections of a level. You cannot save at any other point and dying will revert you back to the last time the game saved losing all progress.

#37 coolspyro4342 19:08:46 17/12/2018
Is there a cheat code for the ds version of this game for max experience? If there is please let me know.
#36 DarkSoulxx 23:16:18 31/03/2013
I think that the wii version is better than the DS version
#35 legendofspyroX 19:23:47 19/11/2012
L CYNDER better not because its THE WORST VERSION EVER
#34 L Cynder 11:59:45 05/07/2012
I haven't got the DS version of Dawn of the Dragon, just the PS2 version. But I hope I will soon.
#33 crashdragon 19:04:41 20/04/2012
I finnally beat the game and battling Malefor's 3D version was harder then the Destroyer's Heart, but its still a good thing I beat it.
#32 Dragon-year 14:55:47 23/08/2011
PS2 DOTD: is horrible. Enemies coming at you from all sides...bosses are too hard...at least I only rented it.
#31 huge dotd freak 19:38:19 09/08/2011
have it on the wii whant it on the ds
#30 GamingMaster_76 23:54:58 23/01/2011
I love this version! It gets too much hate...
#29 pankakesparx456 12:39:11 01/07/2010
i have this version of dotd and it is super easy mostly because it gives you very few levels AND I HATE ITsmilie
#28 furyspyro101 18:56:14 05/06/2010
i hate the ds one its so boring
#27 Cokuruscana 18:00:25 04/04/2010
I think they could have done better with the DS version. :/

But I did love the cutscene graphics!
#26 GamingMaster_76 01:33:44 11/01/2010
nothing beats spyro on the go smilie

smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#25 dyz 11:32:22 05/10/2009
The ds is so eazy i'v finisht it in 50 min and you cant flysmilie
#24 Zimfan247 01:18:35 02/09/2009
I had no idea there was a DS verson of this game
wondder what it look's like
smilie + smilie 4ever
#23 CynderRules 04:02:35 18/08/2009
The ds version was soooo short! it took me two hours to beat it
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