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Third in a trilogy, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon uses free-flight and co-op play to finish off the story.

Welcome to my walkthrough for the The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon's PS3 version. Most everything should also apply to the PS2, Wii and Xbox 360 versions but not to the Nintendo DS version, check out my other guide for that version.


Action PS2/PS3 Xbox 360 Wii
Select Fire / Poison D-Pad Up D-Pad Up -
Select Electricity / Wind D-Pad Right D-Pad Right -
Select Ice / Shadow D-Pad Down D-Pad Down -
Select Earth / Fear D-Pad Left D-Pad Left -
Move Left Analog Left Thumbstick Analog Stick
Move Camera Right Analog Right Thumbstick Dpad
Jump X A A
Double Jump X + X A + A A + A
Double Jump and Glide X + X (Hold) A + A (Hold) A + A (Hold)
Fly X + X + X A + A + A A + A + A
Elemental Attack R2 Right Trigger Z
Secondary Elemental Attack R1 Right Bumper C
Light Melee Attack Square X B
Heavy Melee Attack Triangle Y Swing remote down
Action O B A+B
Grab O B A+B
Switch dragon L2 Left Trigger +
Block L1 Left Bumper Tilt nunchuck
Evade Left Analog + L1 Left Thumbstick + Left Bumper Analog Stick + Shake nunchuck
Fury Square + Triangle X + Y C + Z
Pause Menu Start Start 1
Objectives Select Back 2


Red gems heal you, green gems fill your magic bar and blue gems add to your experience pool.


Health is displayed by a red bar on Spyro and Cynder's section of the display. Collect Red Gems to fill it up as otherwise you'll end up dead.

If either character dies you'll be sent back to a previous checkpoint, these tend to not be too far away but can be.

You can upgrade the health bars by smashing the large Red Health Crystals you'll find hidden in levels, these are rare and are needed for 100%. Collect 4 parts for Spyro to upgrade and 5 for Cynder to upgrade, each Crystal gives one part to each character.

Health does not refill by itself without a certain piece of armour equipped.


Use Green Gems to power your breath attacks, when you run out you can't use them and will either have to go find some more or just use your melee attacks.

Purple Crystals will drain your breath if you're nearby so smash them as quick as you can.

You can upgrade the magic bars by smashing the large Green Magic Crystals you'll find hidden in levels, these are rare and are needed for 100%. Collect 5 parts for Spyro to upgrade and 4 for Cynder to upgrade, each Crystal gives one part to each character.

Like health your magic will not refill by itself.


Experience is used to upgrade your elemental abilities and you get them from killing enemies, smashing objects, smashing Blue Gem Clusters and killing Elite Enemies.

Blue Gem Clusters are found hidden in the levels, there are 99 throughout the game and give 1000 experience to each character when smashed.

Elite Enemies are tougher versions of the normal enemies and require a bit more effort to kill, once killed they give you 10000 experience, this is not shared so if you're trying to get one character to get the experience make sure you're controlling them when the kill happens.

Once a character reaches the max amount of experience all of it gathered after that point will go to the other character.


Hidden throughout the game are several pieces of armour, nine for each character, that will give special bonuses. You'll find these inside special chests that require both characters to open it at the same time.

If you collect all three pieces of one set and equip them all at the same time you get an extra bonus effect.

Chapter Mode

After you complete each level in Story Mode you unlock it for play in Chapter Mode. This allows you to go back into a level and search out any items that you missed the first time through. The main difference being that you can't save during play but you can quit at any point and it'll save what you've found. You can use all the abilities and armour that you've earned in Story Mode during Chapter Mode.

Now that you're prepared, it's time to start the walkthrough. And where better to begin than the beginning?

#15 Dark Cynder 1 22:18:13 20/12/2008
Actually, for the wii it's the minus button
#14 Anonymous 22:13:58 20/12/2008
American spyro-
for the wii, you press the + button to switch
For the PS2, you press either the L2 or R2 button ( i forget which)
but i hope i'm right!
#13 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:22:09 18/12/2008
Oh, missed that control out.
#12 American Spyro 23:53:01 17/12/2008
how do you switch to cynder. just wondering.
#11 bionicle2809 16:39:47 17/12/2008
Sorry, that was my fault about the fury thing. I typed Z+B by acident, sorry about that Dark52
#10 spyro super fan 14:24:42 17/12/2008
you should check that move register in the wii overwiew since fury is on Z+C and not on Z+B
#9 spyro super fan 14:23:54 17/12/2008
you should check that move register in the wii overwiew since fury is on Z+B
#8 Robo-Spyro 07:38:29 17/12/2008
I played the game at a resturant yesterday and I tried to do fury, but it didn't work. Yes, the fury bar was full at that time.
#7 The_Chronicler 01:55:29 17/12/2008
Fury on the Wii version is actually C+Z, as those two buttons are the two breath attacks. Thanks for the walkthrough, too, dark52!
#6 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:09:21 15/12/2008
Whoops, thanks.
#5 Brazilian Spyro 23:32:43 14/12/2008
dark52, you have inverted the order from the Double Jump, to Fly. Check that out
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:08:26 14/12/2008
Thanks, Gamefly didn't have the fury move listed.
#3 bionicle2809 15:33:24 14/12/2008
Hey Dark52 the way to do a fury on the Wii version is B + Z and changing elements is the + button.
#2 cynder21 01:51:24 14/12/2008
again finally!
#1 wanderist 00:53:50 14/12/2008
COOL!!! Im glad I have the console verson!
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