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Gnasty's World - Gnorc Gnexus

Treasure 200 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

The first level that is incompleteable the first time you go through it. Just so you know, there are currently 75 gems in the level.

Dragon #75/80 - Delbin
Location - In the middle
Colour - Red

Just in case you wanted to know, he was the dragon you freed by the waterfall in the Artisans homeworld. Anyway, head on into Gnorc Cove, the only portal open currently.

Gnorc Cove

Treasure 400 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

And straight off you see a very large Gnorc rolling barrels in your direction. To take care of him simply charge into one of the barrels and knock it straight into him. A short way further into the level, flame the TNT barrel to blow open the unbreakable chest, then glide over to the right to carry on with the level.

Over here you'll see one of the large Gnorcs, this time with a TNT barrel in his hands. Knock the nearby metal barrel into him, then repeat to kill.

Dragon #76/80 - Lateef
Location - Near the bridge and up past a TNT thrower
Colour - Blue

And just so you know, Lateef was the dragon you freed in the Dream Weaver's homeworld near the portal to Lofty Castle. If seems that the dragons didn't trust in Spyro to save the day, and have attempted to fight Gnasty themselves. But alas, they got crystallized again.

A little further on and through the boat, when you get to a place with another unbreakable chest, don't try to break it just yet as you can't. Move along until you get to a place with a metal barrel nicely positioned so you can hit the unbreakable chest from before.

Dragon #77/80 - Tomas
Location - Right after a load of things on barrels
Colour - Orange

And Tomas is the same dragon as was near the entrance to Town Square in the Artisans homeworld.

Go down the middle path when you reach it. All the way down here until you get the key, then go out and go through the green tunnel. Open the locked chest at the end and then head down the last remaining tunnel. Make sure to hit the large Gnorc with the barrels before jumping over the gaps. Now exit the level whatever way you like, there is no need to actually go through the Return Home vortex here.

Twilight Harbour

Treasure 400 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

This new portal should now be open in the world area. Get the gems that are just inside the mouth of the dragons and then walk off into the portal.

This level is populated by Gnorcs with guns. Their bullets will all hurt you and you need to be able to jump over them if they start firing at you. All types here can be flamed, and as usual only the small ones charged.

Very little in this level that needs any though really, just work your way through till you reach the dragon.

Dragon #78/80 - Cosmos
Location - Near to an unbreakable chest
Colour - Green

And this dragon was first found in the Magic Crafter's homeworld, he was the first dragon you found there.

When you reach the bridge, don't flame the handles yet.

Dragon #79/80 - Cleetus
Location - At the bottom of a super-charge ramp
Colour - Green

Yep, this dragon was first found near the well with the flight level 'Wild Flight' in, in the Beast Makers' homeworld.

Head up to the top of the super-charge ramp and charge down it. Follow the path along all the way to the unbreakable chest, slam into it to break it open. Then as you head back to the super-charge ramp, flame the second handle on the bridge to raise it. Charge down the super-charge again and this time take off from the bridge in order to land in the room above it. Out of the window and to the right at the other end is a life, and then glide down to the other platform with gems on nearby. Now head back to the last dragon and continue along with the level.

Grab all the gems and head out.

Gnasty Gnorc

Treasure 500 Gems

The final boss battle of the game is here. Grab the last few gems of the homeworld just in front of the portal and then head on in (note, you still have 1 dragon left to go).

Gnasty is directly in front of you, but you'll need to do a bit of work before you can actually reach him. While you can't get to him, he can shoot you so don't stay in one place too long. Head through the only doorway you can go through and chase down the green thief to get a key off him. Use that key on the locked doorway, then chase after the green thief in there for another key. Be careful when it goes outside though, as if you die, then you have to start all over again.

Gnasty GnorcGnasty Gnorc

With this key, head to the lock underneath Gnasty, it will lower and he will run off. Chase him around his track as fast as you can (make sure to grab all the gems though) and then when he stops, flame him. Follow him into the building and jump over the platforms as fast as you can as they are retreating into the wall. By the time you reach him the platforms will be almost gone. When you do reach him, flame him once to kill him.

The first end of game cutscene plays and then the credits roll.

Gnasty's Loot

Treasure 2000 Gems

Back in Gnasty's World, free the final dragon.

Dragon #80/80 - Magnus
Location - In the middle of the world
Colour - Grey

Yep, once again this is another previously freed dragon. This one was first found in front of the balloonist in the Peace Keepers' homeworld.

Head into the final portal now if you have reach 100% completion. If not, then go finish up what you have left to do.

Hak the BalloonistHak the Balloonist

You have the ability to fly around this level, just not very high yet. Jump and then press X again, as if you were going to glide, to fly. To get higher you will need to walk up some steps over to the right. Once you get to the top, you can fly slightly higher then before. To get higher again, go find the purple thief with a key, he is located over to the right of the level. Chase him down and then with the key, go to the locked door nearby.

The next thief is located on a large green patch of grass. Flame a spinny chest to get him fast. Unlock the next door and a thief in a plane will fly out. Head up the stairs inside the doorway first, then fly out after the thief. You'll need to fly anti-clockwise round where he is flying as if you go the other way he is always too high up. Once you finally get the key, head over to the next locked door, then go left and start chasing after the thief. As soon as he takes off follow him. Open the last locked door. You are now free to fly anywhere in the level.

Flame all the rockets and gather the gems. Then head into the room next to the Return Home vortex. In here you will find loads of firework boxes with the pink 25 gems in. Flame one and watch the whole room explode into pink gems. Also note the large Gnasty Gnorc picture on the wall.

Once all 2000 gems are collected, fly into the Return Home vortex and you'll be treated to a second end of game cutscene. With all 14000 gems collected, 80 Dragons freed, 12 eggs rescued, you have reached the 120% mark of the game. Congratulations on completing the first Spyro game.

#60 Wojowu 13:00:15 21/06/2011
I finished game almost (supercharge to Copano) without helpsmilie
#59 LyraDragon 20:21:48 16/06/2011
yaaay! finnaly done smilie
#58 sirkusdyret 05:50:46 19/05/2011
WOH! I just beat Gnasty, now... for the flights...
#57 hybridelder 07:07:13 10/04/2011
i just beat the game and i've been playing it for a week first time i ever beat it smilie love this game!
#56 hybridelder 00:51:39 10/04/2011
oh .... nvm found it smilie lol
#55 hybridelder 22:01:29 09/04/2011
omg! where is this well that everyone keeps talking about in wild flight D: lol
#54 Sparky5 18:39:21 16/03/2011
Yay! Just got 120% of the game completed!!! And it only took about a week! Ok, maybe about 14 days...
#53 Sparky5 18:09:25 16/03/2011
Just beat Gnasty "DORK" a second time on this game!
#52 Sparky5 17:41:53 16/03/2011
Lol, I was just in Twilight Harbour and the second Gnorc I saw, I charged, and he sank in that lava stuff
#51 Purple 23:12:53 10/03/2011
@ SD-King why are you talkin about SPYRO3???????????? this is spyro 1
#50 KZomb 19:01:31 04/12/2010
Weird. In my game, Cleetus at Twilight Harbor is coloured differently than he is in Beast Maker's world.

He's light gray with white horns and black fins. :/
#49 Sparky5 17:06:57 11/11/2010
Yay! I just beat Gnasty Gnorc!!! He seems much easier to beat in 'A Hero's Tail' than in this game.
#48 adjam91 21:22:34 14/10/2010
Have you noticed the gnorcs at gnorc cove have hearts on their underwear. U cant see them until you blow their armour off
#47 adjam91 20:07:44 30/09/2010
twilight harbour is cool. so is gnorc cove
#46 adjam91 18:22:30 30/09/2010
Gnasty's loot is so cool. The best part is past the vortex home where there is like a hundre pink gems just waiting to be picked up
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