Walkthrough Part 2

Electricity Dream

Glide down to the yellow circle ahead. Then it's off to kill some Stone Trolls with your new Electric Orb attack. It's a slightly more involved attack than the others, you need to get the orb into the range of your enemy before detonating it by breathing again. Jump on over to secondary isle, for Electric Spin.

This one's a fun move where you can just weave your way through enemies with incredible power, sending them flying into the air. Now for the practical useage.

Hit the orb with your own Electric Orb and then jump up onto the platform that raises. Turn to the left and jump and fire another orb to the crystal in the distance. Jump onto the second platform now and jump and breathe the third orb. With that done jump all the way up to the usual Fury section. Then it's the usual jumping to the exit.

Celestial Caves

Going forwards you'll want to use the tilt beam in the middle of the blue part to get up onto the ledge on the left. Turn around and jump onto the platform floating about which will then whisk you across the room. Jump off and go left, through into the yellow. Use the floating pillar ends in here to get across to the opposite end and into red. Jump down and then straight outside.

Dead ahead is a pond with a Quill floating on it. Go over to grab it, that's Quill [24/40], and the circle of Stone Trolls will awaken. They're just as easy to beat as they were in the dreams so don't worry about them. Once they're dead some platforms will lower from above. Go over to the right and use the tilt beam, not to get onto the ones on the left but to go out towards the right. You'll find Quill [25/40] hovering over the tilt beam after a couple of floating platforms.

Now glide back to land and use the tilt beam there to go up to the left. Jump along the platforms to the ledge with a couple of blue spotlights going back and forth. Keep out of their path, use Dragon Time or you can use Electric Spin and you can just go straight through. There's another couple of Stone Trolls up ahead, kill them and then turn your attention to the rather large flaming Fire Elemental on the left, Ice Breath should be useful.

Once you've destroyed him turn back to the remaining statues at the bottom, jumping onto the shield of the nearest. Jump along the branches sticking out of the wall and you'll reach Quill [26/40]. Land and then glide down to the left, landing on the tlt beam (Comet Dash if you can't quite make it) and then get up onto the platform above. Kill the two Stone Trolls and walk down the path behind.

You'll come to an area with three inanimate Stone Trolls and a couple of those statues you need to push, so push them into their places, the Stone Trolls will awaken for you. Jump up to the Fire Elemental when you're done with them and kill him too. Jump through the caves behind him and you'll get to a large open space.

As you kill each of the crystal ball spiders drag the crystal ball they leave behind onto one of the four holders lined up along the wall. If you don't get the ball into the holder in time it'll explode and you'll have to kill another spider. Once all four are in place it's time to use your breaths. From left to right it's Ice, Earth, Electricity, Fire. If you do it quick enough the door will open. Follow the book into a room with five doors, four with elements marked.

Go into the fire one on the left.

Fire Cave

You might like to note that you can only use Fire Breath in here. Anyway, walk forwards and you'll be greeted by a pair of crystal ball spiders. Kill them and use their remains in the pedestals behind you, light them up to get through the door. Once inside jump over the water and turn around. Look up at the back of the big piece of rock and you'll see Quill [27/40].

Keep going through the cave and you'll meet a Fire Brute. Not quite the same as the Fire Elemental but he has an annoying blocking move. Once he's dead continue on through and kill another couple of these Brutes. Once they're both dead the blockage will be gone. Again continue on and there's a Fire Elemental up the ledge. Jump up and kill it, as you do, and then go through the door at the end of the short path.

Glancing upwards you can see the next relic, yay. Jump onto the book in front of you and then onto the small platform to the right. Light the candle with your fire breath and a couple should flip back to normal. Jump over to the next candle and do the same, repeat this across the room going quick enough so that they don't turn back with you on them, Dragon Timing up the last bit. At the top instead of going to the Brutes, go to the left and jump over the book platforms (watching out for their magic closing powers) to where you get Magic Relic [4/5]. Then go to the Brutes and brutaly kill them.

Run up the slope and kill the Fire Elemental and his two Fire Brute friends, I heard they said you guys look like dorks. In the next room you'll see a teeny tiny Button Crab. Use Dragon Time and then Tail Strike it. Tail Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you double jump and melee, this should slam you down to the ground. If you hit it successfully it will stop moving completely and activate a red teleport pad for you to jump on in the next room.

Fire Spirit

A very familiar looking boss, the key here is to destroy his shield with your fire breath. Stand a little away and burn it off. Then run in and melee until he gets his shield back, back off, destroy the sheild, melee, and so on. There's a green gem pile if you run out of magic.

One down, three to go. Next up, Ice.

Ice Cave

The ground ahead might look reasonably solid, it is infact not. Use your Ice Breath to create platforms to cross it. Go through the door to where there is a trio of Ice Brutes. Luckily your Ice Breath is great for defeating large foes. Once they're all dead a crystal ball spider will fly in. Kill it and put the ball into the pedestal on the right near the entrance.

Make sure to fill up on magic, then go over to the ledge, look down to the left, and I mean directly down, and you'll see the relic. Simply jump and hover down to Health Relic [4/5]. Now cross the water using Ice Breath (you'll need to use the biggest distances you can do) and jump onto the book. Try and get the crystal ball in the wall with your Ice Breath as you go past, if you miss then you can just stay on the book which goes up and down. When you get it, or run out of magic, jump off at the top (remember to go back with more magic in a bit if you missed) and kill the Ice Brutes.

Also kill the crystal ball spider and take the crystal ball over to the right, then breathe on it. This being the third crystal ball some books will then lower. Jump up the books and at the top, instead of going inside, go to the left where you'll find Quill [28/40], then go through the door.

A little way through and you'll find a Button Crab, this'll activate a teleport pad on the right. Use Dragon Time and then Tail Strike it. Tail Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you double jump and melee, this should slam you down to the ground. When you hit it successfully it will stop moving completely.

Ice Spirit

It's a lot like the Fire Spirit. Blast it a few times with Polar Bomb, smashing the shield if it blocks. Then melee it a bit, run off and repeat. He might get his mace stuck in the ground at points, this will then break if you melee him but he'll get it back soon enough. All you really need to do is hit him with Polar Bomb a lot, it'll take off health and there's a nice regenerating green gem cluster.

Earth Cave

Turn around and jump onto the pedestal behind you. Jump up the branches to the right all the way to Quill [29/40]. Next use Earth Flail to activate the crystal ball switches on the ground. Move on along the path to where you'll find three Earth Brutes. Kill them and some Button Crabs will be set free. At the far end of this part is a tilt beam, use it to reach Quill [30/40]. Jump back down and use Dragon Time to Tail Strike both of the Button Crabs in order to continue. Tail Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you double jump and melee, this should slam you down to the ground. When you hit one of them successfully it will stop moving completely, then repeat for the second.

Go through the cave and kill the four Earth Brutes. Once they're dead a couple of crystal ball spiders will appear. Kill them and move their crystal balls into position. Use Earth Breath on them both to open the way out, don't go quite yet though. Push the statue on the left into position on the white circle. This will allow you to reach the branches circling the rock in the middle, get around and then onto the ledge with Quill [31/40] on.

Now go along the exit and use Dragon Time to cross the platforms. It's just a simple case of walking to the already active teleport pad now.

Earth Spirit

Again? Smash the shield with Earth Flail and beat him up, backing off when he recovers. Rinse and repeat.

Electric Cave

To cross the lake ahead without Ice Breath you need to jump and fire your Electric Orb attack at the crystal ball switches, the one on the left first, then from the platform it creates detonate another orb to get the next platform to rise and be able to reach shore. Kill the two Electric Brutes on the other side. Once they're dead turn around and look back to the water. On the right you'll see some rocks, smash them and behind you'll find Quill [32/40].

Another lake to cross next. First get the switch on the left near to you, jump to the platform it pulls up and then over to land on the right. Then it's the switch to your right as you land, standing on that one's platform you can reach the final one up high and make it to the other side. There's a statue you can push but it isn't necessary to reach Quill [33/40] floating there. Kill the Brute that appears and head down into the cave and through the door by meleeing it.

Kill the Brutes in the area below and then the crystal ball spiders that appear. Put them into place and use Electric Breath on them. A book will lower and allow you up to the exit. There's a little bit of work first though, by way of Button Crabs. There are three darting around here so make sure to search behind all the bits of rock if you can't find them. Use Dragon Time and then Tail Strike each of them. Tail Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you double jump and melee, this should slam you down to the ground. When you hit one of successfully it will stop moving completely. Repeat for the other two.

Electric Spirit

Another identical guy. This time a bit harder seeing as your attacks don't do much to his shield. Keep throwing orbs at him and replacing your magic with the regenerating cluster. It might be a bit slow but it works.

Elemental Dragon

Go towards the middle of the room and you'll be teleported into the last test.

The key here is watching the colour of this dragon. Red means fire hurts her, Blue is Ice, Green = Earth and Yellow is Electricity. This fight consists of you running away from the dragon, jumping over her tail swipes and charging away from the claws, while simultaneously attacking with your elemental attacks.

The best one of the bunch is Electric Spin. It does a lot of damage and the Elemental Dragon can't hit you. It does take up a lot of magic though so you can't go killing her in one attack.

Just keep out of her reach and keep attacking, it may take a while but the gem clusters will slowly reappear after destroying them. Also, one hit of a cluster should be enough to fill your bar so don't go mad when filling up.

Mountain Fortress

Hey look, another place where a flight level could have been. Ah well. Jump and glide straight down ahead, it's not a very forgiving bit of gliding. Keep going forwards, over the next gap and down to the right. Go up around the platform to where there are thorns to your right. Smash it then jump up to the right. Smash another bit of thorns blocking your way and collect Quill [34/40]. Jump back to the normal path and continue up the platform.

Follow the soldiers across the gap and then once more to solid land. Before entering the large green doors, go to the right. In the corner you'll find Quill [35/40]. Now head inside.

Head towards the door on the far side of the courtyard and some apes will appear to start attacking. After you've killed a few of them they'll run off again and the door will open. Watch out for the green beam of light in the next part. The easiest way through is to use Electric Spin. If you have full magic you should be able to make it to the other end of the room in time. If not then a mixture of Dragon Time and charging should be able to do the trick.

Once out the other side you'll see some more of Gaul's forces running off. Follow them through the archway and then down the hole. Keep on following, along the tunnel and then up the floating platform and out into a courtyard with a Commander. He'll immediately turn invisible. Luckily he's using the kind of invisible you can just about see as long as you're paying attention. Treat him like any other Commander by freezing and attacking with Ice type attacks.

Once he's dead you'll be attacked by a load of soldiers and leaders all at once. When they're all gone some more soldiers will appear with some Death Hounds. Once the leaders have arrived and the door opened you can rest. Destroy the thorn bush to the right of the door on the far side of the courtyard, then Tail Strike the square switch behind it. This will open a door near to the hole in the courtyard where you'll find Magic Relic [5/5]. Now go through the other door and follow the cave through.

Once outside again you need to jump up the platforms on the right, avoiding the exploding barrels as they fall. They fall in large groups but then there are large gaps, large enough to get to the top and into the cave. Keep walking (Dragon Time if needed) past the barrels all the way through the the wall of them, flame it the ones to the right and the wall'll explode.

Kill the apes as they appear and then continue down the track once they stop doing so. Jump and glide down to the left where the camera showed and then up to a green waterfall. Turn around and a pack of Trolls will run in. You can kill these all pretty easily with an Earth Flail or two. Once that's done get ready for the waterfall.

You need to wait for the correct pattern of rocks to appear, there's only one but you need to wait for it to cycle into the correct position. Once it does so (the pattern is simply one in which there are five close together ascending platforms) jump up them using Dragon Time to get up quickly enough to reacha a stationary one on the right of the waterfall. Then jump along a pair of ascending platforms to cross to the other side of the waterfall, though you'll probably need to wait for the rocks to cycle through again. Once at the top, instead of going down the path to the left, jump and glide to the right, passing through Quill [36/40]. Then get back up to the top again and go left.

Use Ice Breath to cross the green water, moving fast enough to dodge the red bolts from the Ogres up ahead. Get underneath the ones above to attack the ones right near to you so as to get out of the firing range of the others. These annoying things don't much like fire, use it to keep their final ghost stage away from you. As for their armoured form well they don't like Earth Flail.

Once you've killed them and gone up to the two above as well, the door there will open. Make sure to have filled up on green gems as you may want to use Electric Spin to get through here. Once out the other side look down below the entrance, you should be able to see Quill [37/40] below. Jump down there to collect it. Then go up the platforms on the left of the entrance to reach the middle of the room. Here you'll be attacked by many waves of enemies so make sure to be nice and healthy. The green gems before the middle are unlimited but the red aren't, so save them for a bit.

You'll be attacked by wave after wave after wave of enemies here. Earth Flail is useful for attacking the Ogres, Yaks and Trolls that appear as it's a nice heavy hitter. Make sure not to leave the Yaks too long as they get aggressive and do a lot of damage. If you're really having trouble here then you can just stand off the platform to the side and very slowly attack with the long range attacks, refueling when needed. It'll be slow but it'll eventually get you there. Once the final few are dealt with small platforms will appear at the side allowing you upwards to the exit, you'll want full magic though.

Straight away is another of the green beams. And at the far end you should be able to easily see Quill [38/40]. Electric Spin through the hall and the quill. Head outside for a fight.


You've fought him before. Dodge the red blasts and flame as he goes up and down, you don't even need to jump this time.

Mountain Fortress

Once he's dead you're free to walk about again. Head over to the left and jump down onto the ledge below. Here's Quill [39/40], just one more to go now. Jump back up to where you were fighting and go over to the right. You should be able to see a rocky platform with green in it floating downwards. Jump on board and wait for it to take you upwards. Keep facing away and at the top glide forwards to where that final Quill [40/40] is further out. That's all of them.

Turn around and jump back onto that moving platform, jumping onto another quickly moving one more directly above the fight. Jump from this one onto another rising platform at the other end of its circle, it'll be a few passes before it gets in range. Wait for that one to rise up, then jump onto another fast mover, and then onto another riser opposite. You'll be able to get onto real land now. Go through the archway ahead and towards the door on the left of the green pool.

Outside again with an invisible Commander, try and take care of him first. Electric attacks are nice for this. Then kill the rest of the bunch of apes and dogs. Some more will pop in, kill them the same. Another bunch will arrive complete with Leaders and loads more soldiers. Keep killing them until they're all dead and the door opens. Go through that door and into yet another green beam corridor. Electric Spin through it and then jump up the platforms in the circular rocky room.

Through another corridor and out into a room with a large dragon statue and plenty of candles. Jump up to the right to the top near the statue. Turn around and jump onto some really dark platforms sticking out of the wall behind you. Follow them along to Health Relic [5/5], the last collectible of the game. Glide to the exit ahead.


The big one. The final fight. Gaul.

The first part of the fight has a few tricks to it, but you need to first learn his moves. He'll start out with a blast from his chest and then get to swiping at you. Keep away from him until he strikes his jump pose, he'll move both swords down to his left. Each time he lands he'll try to land on you and will blast out a circle of green. Jump and then charge when this has passed to avoid it and keep a distance away. He'll jump five times in a row and then rest, this is your chance to attack him. He'll then teleport off or try to attack you, and repeat all over again.

If you're finding that you keep dying by being hit from his jumps, smash the pots surrounding the arena. Each one will smashed reduce Gaul's power so that his hits no longer are no longer one hit kills. He won't become defenceless and will still take the same amount of attacking to kill, but he won't hit as hard giving you an easier time. Though the tricky bit is smashing the pots as you need to do this while avoiding his attacks as usual but it should help.

Once onto his second stage you'll be able to use a new long range attack. Run away from his tornado spin attack using Dragon Time to make sure you don't get thrown up into the air. Repeat until he stops, then attack with your Convexity Breath, just hold and point from afar. If you can't manage it it doesn't matter as it doesn't hurt, just make sure to glide back down. Simply hold down breath and point in his general direction. It should hurt him if you're pointing it right. Avoid the fire blasts and then he'll start a succession of laser blasts from his eyes. Once he's done three you are free to blast him with Convexity Breath again. Keep attacking him with it at any point he's not right next to you and you'll soon have him beat.

One final thing to do though. Once his bar is gone you'll then be unable to move, though you can rather aimlessly attack with your breath. Don't do that. Your Fury bar is full; trigger your Fury and complete the game.

You've now unlocked the Dragon Challenges which you can find in the Extras menu which is on the title screen.

#45 bodi4111 14:49:39 30/03/2008
dear pinkfrog sometimes even if you hit the crab it doesnt do anything.What you have to do is sneak up behind it and pause time while continuing to move up behind it until it turns around and comes back to you.When its about 3 steps away from you use tail strike.Once it flattens repeat on the second crab and then the door will open.
#44 scortroc 05:24:08 30/03/2008
Thanks the walkthroughs REALLY helped in the Celestrial Caves!!! thanks Bro!
#43 cinderstar 01:37:20 29/03/2008
That was so helpful
#42 damiann 03:32:30 28/03/2008
I was so glad when i found this site when i was stuck in the fire cave!
#41 Merahk 18:47:47 21/03/2008
How can u come in the dragon challenge menu? Please tell me the buttons I have to press because I don't see the options.
#40 Eternal Dragon 04:25:37 15/03/2008
I finished 2 days after I got it
#39 Alen 11:40:18 06/03/2008
Finished the game! Great walkthrought, I couldn't pass the Pirate Ship (11-20) without it.
#38 Dragon Lover 01:40:44 05/03/2008
I found a cheat when you're trying to kill Gaul! Ok, now, the first time you try to kill him, do you know how he always jumps up and tries to squash you with his swords? Well, when he does that, ALWAYS tay
near the purple beam. Sometimes, (after about 4 or 5 times) when he quits jumping, he'll get stuck in the beam. You can then "whack" your
way to victory! smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#37 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 01:41:13 21/02/2008
Use the move called Tail Strike. (X, X, O)
#36 pinkfrogs 01:39:04 21/02/2008
I am soooo stuck in Fire Cave---one place says to use dragon time
and hit the button crab then go jump on the teleport in next room
then another part says to use dragon time til he collapses then the
door will open....I have hit the crab a zillion times and nothing happens
I can't jump up to the teleport either.....I just don't get it....please help
#35 abby 21:55:31 19/02/2008
I need help to save sinder
#34 darkspyro1 00:37:56 16/02/2008
That was a real cliffhanger I wonder when the next one comes out
#33 jhgvbnmuh 13:34:24 03/02/2008
how do you get on the platform at the fortress after betting the elemental dragon because spyro never seems to get on it
#32 de 22:26:24 28/01/2008
why does everyone say the ending is sad? it's not like spyro or cynder die or anything.
#31 de 22:24:13 28/01/2008
that was a real cliffhanger there better be a third one!
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