Dragon Relics

These relics are craftily hidden around the game and give bonuses to Spyro's health and magic once you collect them.


1. Temple
Look down into the hole left by a collapsing floor, not long after the first encounter with a Snail Rider.
2. Ancient Grove
At the first tree you knock down in the level, about turn and use the tree branches to reach.
3. Pirate Fleet
Inside a chest in the room after the section with the burning and collapsing floor.
4. Celestial Caves
In the Fire Cave, at the part with platforms and candles, turn around at the top and jump over some books.
5. Mountain Fortress
In the first courtyard with an invisible Commander, smash a thorn bush to the right of the exit, then Tail Strike a button behind it. This opens a door on the opposite side of the courtyard.


1. Temple
After the spider den, turn to the right when standing on a bridge near some Toad Weeds. Glide down to collect.
2. Grove Underground
At the jellyfish section, before going into the middle tree go to the right and follow a series of branches and jellyfish around to this relic. You might need to use Comet Dash to reach all of the branches.
3. Fellmuth Arena
In the place with a series of pressure pads and a rolling barrel, let the barrel get all the way to the end of the path, beyond where it would create an exit.
4. Celestial Caves
In the Ice Cave, directly beneath the first cliff.
5. Mountain Fortress
In the room with the large dragon statue and tons of candles, go up the platforms to the statue then turn around and use a series of rocky platforms stuck to the wall to reach this relic around the other side.

#15 Ross 20:31:51 11/01/2008
Just a much longer health and magic bar.
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:15:49 11/01/2008
Nothing special.
#13 spyro1158 00:02:29 11/01/2008
hey dark52, what happens when u find all the relics?
#12 just me 16:27:01 28/12/2007
i have found it easiest to beat the scorpions by going on one of the bridges geting one to follow meput on dragon time and attack. that way only ONE can get me at a time. using the bridges made it ten times easier,.
#11 Amethyst Ryuu 01:16:51 28/12/2007
i wish i could find a way to kill the scorpion things in the colloseum fight. i know i have to it them upwards with the horns but it's hard to attack them when they both get up in your face and keep on pinching you D:
#10 SpyroPyro 03:31:24 27/12/2007
Whats up with the cheat codes for this game. Any tips on full health or codes for greater fire strength? Thanks fellow Pyros!
#9 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:48:46 26/12/2007
You can't go back, no. You'll have to finish off the story and get anything you've missed on another go through.
#8 Amethyst Ryuu 22:52:18 26/12/2007
gwa is that what there are? i just started playing the game today and i saw a place for them on the menu screen. there isn't a way to go back into other levels, is there?
#7 Black Minx 12:43:42 22/12/2007
I think someone is a little over joyed.
#6 SpyroRox 08:33:54 09/12/2007
YES!!!! Now I can finish the game with EVERYTHING!!! Thankyou sooooooooooooo much!!!
#5 Spyro Fanatic - Hunter 23:57:12 07/12/2007
nice job
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:29:48 07/12/2007
Yes, it's not finished yet.

EDIT: It is now. smilie
#3 Spyro Fanatic - Hunter 10:54:38 07/12/2007
Aren’t there 5 each?
#2 SilverDragon 19:17:55 04/12/2007
Only Magic Relic that I am missing is in the Temple! So I have to play that again to get it smilie
#1 Dragginwings 00:15:10 27/11/2007
Aha! That's where that one is! Thanks!
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