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Scriber's Quills

Enchanted Scriber's Quill

Unlocking five pieces of concept art each, these Enchanted Scriber's Quills are found all over the game, hidden away in the most unlikely of places.


  1. Impossible to miss, it's on the other side of the dragon statue as you enter the temple.
  2. As you get to the Toad Weeds outside, turn to the right before the gliding part; there you'll see the Quill on a platform. Use the branch to reach it.
  3. Outside the temple as the spiders first attack. Go to the left and use the tree branches to reach it.
  4. On the highest of five hexagonal pillars in the very next room after the first Health Relic.
  5. Behind some rocks at the top far end of the room with half a broken bridge.

Ancient Grove

  1. Once up the waterfall at the start of the level, go all the way right and you'll find this at the end of a few tree branches.
  2. Inside a large pulsating mushroom directly after the first tree you smash down.
  3. After a lake with rising and falling platforms, smash a tree on the right-hand side of the path and use the branches along the path ahead.

Grove Underground

  1. After the first few lakes you need to cross with ice, stand on a series of small circular platforms to the right, using Dragon Time to reach the top.
  2. In the Jellyfish area after the middle tree. At a fork in the path of Jellyfish go to the right.
  3. After the Jellyfish area smash a tree along the path around the first corner after the Growths.
  4. Inside a box on the deck of a ship half submerged in a purple lake.
  5. On the far side of the above mentioned ship.

Fellmuth Arena

  1. After saving Mole-Yair's people this quill is found by using a cannon in the next open room on the right. Cannonballs are in first open on the left.
  2. Fire a cannon twice in the first room beyond the cannonball room mentioned above.
  3. Fire the left cannon on the deck with two cannons at opposite ends as you first emerge.
  4. At the very top of the first mast you come to, up an extra lift that appears after killing several waves of leaders.
  5. Inside a chest behind the steering wheel at the top of the big fight.

Pirate Fleet

  1. Inside a chest in the first section of the ship you blow a hole in the side of with a cannon.
  2. Underneath the deck of the ship right after the one for Quill 19. Smash the piles of straw at the back of the ship to find a pressure pad to open it. You'll find the quill tucked away behind some crates.
  3. On the ship you smash into with a boat, at the back right side jump onto a few small boats floating out in the sky.
  4. On the ship with three levers, Tail Strike the trap door in the middle several times.
  5. In a treasure chest on the empty ship right after the one with the three levers.

Celestial Caves

  1. In the middle of a frozen pond right surrounded by Stone Trolls.
  2. Use a tilt beam to go to the right instead of in to the left at the previously mentioned frozen pond.
  3. At the next pair of Stone Trolls use a statue with a shield to get up to some branches leading the way to the quill.
  4. Inside the Fire Cave, behind a rock as you enter the cave after the crystal ball spiders.
  5. Left at the doorway after the three crystal ball switches in the Ice Cave.
  6. Turn around at the start of the Earth Cave and jump up the branches.
  7. In the Earth Cave at the point where you free a pair of Button Crabs, use a tilt beam in order to reach this feather.
  8. In the Earth Cave at the part with two crystal ball spiders, push a statue into its correct position and then use branches to reach this quill on its little ledge.
  9. Behind some rocks on the far side of the first part of water in the Electric Cave.
  10. To the left of the cave across the second bit of water in the Electric Cave. Push a statue to reach it (unnecessary).

Mountain Fortress

  1. On the second platform from the start, smash some thorns on the way up (not the ones at the very top) to find this hidden feather.
  2. To the right of the green entrance doors at the start of the level.
  3. Above a large green waterfall. From the top glide into it.
  4. In the room with the Yak, Ogre, Troll many waved attack. It's right below the entrance.
  5. In the hallway with a green beam of light right after the above room. It's in plain sight.
  6. After the Assassin fight, jump down to the left.
  7. After the Assassin fight, climb onto the moving platform on the right and at the top glide to where the quill is further out.

#60 tocha96 12:07:10 08/04/2009
Can anybody help me?? The Sbriber quill 24 is in the lake?
#59 Spyro-Fan 16:37:17 15/01/2009
I am right now turn on my Playstation 2 and I'm trying to find this Scriber's Quillssmilie
#58 Spyro Forever 22:19:07 22/11/2008
Hey, Robo-Spyro. You and I have the same amount of Scriber's Quills. Awesome! =)
#57 spyro52 19:55:38 27/09/2008
i allready said that !!!!
#56 gamer900 02:24:35 22/09/2008
spyrolover, you have to use dragon time and horn dive (the move where you double jump and then slam the ground) them while in dragon time. they will stop moving if you hit them right and the portal will be unlocked. all you need is good timing and dragon time.
#55 spyro52 20:30:50 18/08/2008
hey spyrolover when they come towards you use dragon time and headbut them like the x x x o that one if that works ur fru
#54 spyrolover 05:15:54 17/08/2008
hey sorry for posting again but those small crawly things are hard they just go round and round I have tried everything PLZ REAPLY!
#53 spyrolover 05:12:45 17/08/2008
hey I am in celestial caves and is in the electric cave and is near a part where 3 small crawly things are running round in circles really fast and i dont know what to do then. I killed the bigger ones things with spikes I got the bolbs and put them in the stand things and I put electric on them and after that I climbed up on books what now! I am tottaly stuck plz reply if u are under the stage and got some things to ask plz ask now
#52 Cynder girl 19:15:13 20/07/2008
i just need to find one more but i cant find it i know its somewhere in the celestial caves and the mountain fortress plz help me
#51 Nalemor 18:15:20 14/07/2008
Spyro Master, just do what i did, stay back off of the main area where the enemies spawn and keep shooting them with your electric orbs. the green crystals are infinite, so you wont run out of magic smilie
#50 Cynder 1500 18:37:04 01/07/2008
sorry for triple posting, but I can help with the blight of missing quills. make a chart showing all of the quills and their hiding places, with three columns at the right side of the paper for cheking them off. I.E. _______________________________________________S1_S2_S3
Quill #1: Behnd dragon statue_______________________|__|__|__|
#2: Up steps after sleeping chamber______________.|__|__|__|
#3: Use stone pillars to reach roots after #1 spiders__|__|__|__|

Shall I make a complete chart? I've got one drawn up on a peice of paper, and it helped me out alot.
#49 Cynder 1500 18:26:01 01/07/2008
Never mind! Found all 40!
#48 Cynder 1500 17:36:33 29/06/2008
I got the guide to find all of these, and it's so messed up. It said that quill 27 isn't in the fire caves, it's on a platform just after you glide down to the guard's platform from the high cliff after the first elemental. I can't find it either.
#47 some one 17:09:30 26/06/2008
i only have like 21 so yea i know such i just don't really care for the quills i just want the art
#46 Anonymous 05:28:38 11/06/2008
I found all the scribers quuills
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