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Brought back from The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning almost verbatim. There are no new puzzles, just the same ones as before, which was a bit disappointing. The solutions to the puzzles are repeated below with the new names given to each. Click on the thumbnails to open the larger versions to find the one you want.

Earth Puzzles


Electric Puzzles


Fire Puzzles


Ice Puzzles



#15 Cynder28 11:07:56 15/04/2008
Hi i need a tip for Gaul battle.When he calls souls I always die.Damn...
#14 TrueSpyroFAN 10:19:34 23/03/2008
Hey CLL!!
I kinda did that the first time i did it! lolz!
#13 Dragon Lover 21:01:03 21/03/2008
I wish I had the DS version *sigh* smilie
#12 mootherdragon 06:43:23 21/03/2008
thank you to all of you for your help ive managed to defeat him hoooray, now im in the ice bit with the purple dragon, my kids think im daft but i love this little dragon is it a bit odd for a 45 yr old to play ds
#11 cynderlightlife 06:00:27 21/03/2008
Meh. It all depends who you are. That's why we all need a stragegy: what works best for you. And, for some reason, I did what you said on the first time (before I figured out my own stragegy), and Spyro's butt got blasted. smilie
#10 TrueSpyroFAN 17:56:42 19/03/2008
That's a lot different than how I did it. I did like this:

1. Run away from him when he awakes. As soon as he awakes he will shoot bombs at you. Jump over them.

2. Run inbetween 2 of the cannons. You will be safe if you stay in the middle of'em.

3. He will then again throw bombs at you. jump over them quickly and run over to him and attack.

4.Keep repeating it and soon you will do it. (Don't worry! I struggles with it! smilie)

#9 cynderlightlife 06:21:18 19/03/2008
You need a stragety. I found it best to

a) When Scabb shoots cannons at you, use the top button (ofrgot what its called) and roll AROUND him.

b)Keep away from him as he tries to hit you. You can use this time to:

c) Jump ONTOP of a cannon before they blast you. What kind of cannon'd blast another? smilie

It isn't supriseing to get away with hardly any life. You'll probably die HEAPS of times before you defeat him.
#8 mootherdragon 11:57:21 16/03/2008
can anyone tell me how to get past the boss in the ship with all the cannons please i been on it 4 days now
#7 TrueSpyroFAN 16:51:19 15/03/2008
What's what? If you're wondering what the puzzles are they r for the DS version.
#6 Cynder28 11:03:23 13/03/2008
smilie Hey what's this?
#5 dark gary 13:51:24 08/03/2008
well,I just got two dvd game for PS2 and gaul was defeat by spyro before spyro became dark spyro.
#4 Crush 10:59:48 04/03/2008
Yeah! I just printed them out Sunday!smilie
#3 TrueSpyroFAN 17:51:25 02/03/2008
HI CRUSHY!!! smilie
It is cool!
#2 Crush 18:43:56 01/03/2008
#1 TrueSpyroFAN 18:00:22 01/03/2008
ain't that great? I've nearly completed the DS version and I've been puzzled by puzzles for ages!! Now they show up!! But, If i get stuck then I know where to go!! smilie
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