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A sequel to the award-winning The Legend of Spyro: The New Beginning mobile game, this time around Spyro has eight enemy bosses to overcome across 13 levels of intense action. Spyro's ultimate objective is to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Master; a task to which he rises with typical dragon valor.

Nov 12th 2007


After an epic battle, Spyro and his friend Sparx freed Cynder the she-dragon from the Dark Master's influence.

One night, Cynder leaves the temple, remorse in her heart after all she's put Spyro through. While Spyro is out looking for her he witnesses the treacherous attack of Dragon's sworn enemies: the dreaded apes. Gaul, the evil Baboon king and the servant of the Dark Master led them. He seeks further to summon him into this world.

Guided by an ancient dragon, the Chronicler, Spyro has to recover his powers and fight his way through to save her and foil the Dark Master's plan. There's no much choice is it? For failure would mean... The Eternal Night.

After an epic battle, Spyro and his friend Sparx freed Cynder the she-dragon from the Dark Master's influence. Our three heroes return among their own kind in the Dragon Temple.

Worn out by his adventure Spyro finds himself unable to use his breaths.

Later on, in the Temple Gardens...


Button Move
1, 2, 3 Jump
1, 2, 3 while gliding Glide
4, 6 Walk
7, 9 Charge Attack
5 Dragon breath
8 Look down
# Switch breath type
* Display quick help
0 Activate the Ultimate Breath


Item Effect
Red Gem Recovers life
Green Gem Recovers magic
Yellow Gem Recovers both
Red Circle Upgrades life
Green Circle Upgrades magic
Yellow Circle Increases power of breath types



  1. The Temple Gardens
  2. The Dragon Temple
  3. The Ancient Grove
  4. Fellmuth Arena
  5. The Celestial Caves
  6. The Well of Souls
  7. The Illusion Maze


  1. Leaving the Temple
  2. The Ascent to the Grove
  3. Fleeing the Arena
  4. Approaching the Well of Souls


  1. The Elementary Vault
  2. The Dragon Peak
  3. The Elementary Vault
  4. The Canopy
  5. The Elementary Vault
  6. The Captain's Cabin
  7. The Elementary Vault
  8. The Final Showdown


  • New traps, elemental doors, breakable walls, to ensure an even greater replay value.
  • Flight scenes become shoot 'em up sessions! Test your pilot skills and blow your way through waves of monsters!
  • Enhanced, more captivating background graphics.
  • Spyro's world map is drawn in the style of the greatest platform games.
  • 4 totally awesome new special breathes!
  • An exciting and new Gameplay combining platform, flight, arcade combat and puzzle solving
  • 14 different powers designed for their own proper use
  • 8 highlighted Bosses involving a real challenge
  • Unlocked secrets and abilities to rock the scene
  • Intricate storyline with amazing cut-scenes
  • A secret level, a Boss mode challenge and a Hard mode


OT-C552, OT565 / TH4, OT556, OT-C651 / CTH3
CT65, C65, SL65, C72, C72v, CF75, CL75, SK65, S65 / S65v, CX65 / CXV65, SP65, CX70, CX70v, C75, SXG75, EF81, EL71, M65, ME75, SL75, M81, S68, S75, S82
KG220, C1100, C1150, KG225, C1200, S5200, C2200, F2300, G5400, KG240, KG320, P7200, KG800, Ku800, U8130, U8120, U8180, U8138, U880, U8500, U890, U8110, U830, U300, U8330, L600v, U8290, U8380, U8550, U900, KU950, KU970
C975, V980/V980m, Z3, C980, E770v, E770, V975, E1000, K1, L6, K3, V3xx, V1050, V180, C390, V220, L2, C650, V235, V6, E1, V545, V550, V555, V635, V300, V400, U6, V500, L7, V551, V3r, V3i, V3 / V3v, V535, v360, V360v, V1075, E1070, V3x, V547, V600, V525, V6Maxx
2610, 3100, 3250, 3595, 3510i, 3650, 5200, 5300, 5500, 6101, 6822, 6080, 5140i, 6170, 6230, 5140, 6020, 7270, 6030, 6070, 6021, 6060, 7360, 3220, 7260, 5070, 7250, 6800, 6610, 6100, 3200, 6650, 7250i, 3120, 3300, 2650, 6820, 5100, 6103, 6111, 6085, 3110, 6151, 6125, 6220, 8800, 6230i, 6233, 6131, 6288, 7390, 7370, 6270, 6234, 6300, 6280, 6600, 6610i, 6680, 6630, 6681, 2652, 6810, 7210, 7373, 7600, 7610, 3230, N72, 7650, E50, E61, E65, 5700, N-Gage, N70, N95, N93i, N93, N92, N73/N73 v3xx, E70, N80, E60, N90, N91, O2 Ice
my401X, my700X, my600v, my800V, My800x, my600x, myC4-2, myC5-3, myX5-2, MyZ-55, MyC5-2, MyX5-2t, My501c, MyV-75, MyX-7, myV55, MyC5-2t, MyV-56, myV-65, myV76, myX6-2, myV-85, myZ-5
P910, E730, X700, D500, D500e, E720, D520, E770, E870, D600, D820, D600e, D900, Z710, D830, D800, E900, U600, E250, E310, E810, C300, E330, E360, E350, E370, E380, E390, E530, E570, E630, E700, X200, E710, E860/E860V, Z370, P300, P310, X480, x640, X660v, X660, X680, X680v, Z107 / Z107v, Z105, Z110 / Z110v, Z130, Z140, Z500v, ZM60, Z140v, Z500, Z300, Z400, Z720, Z510, ZV50, Z540/Z540v, Z400v, Z560, Z630, ZV10, ZV30, ZV40, Z150
V903SH, V902SH, V770sh / 770sh, 550sh, 703SH, GX10, GX10i, GX15, GX17, GX20, GX25, GX30, J300i / J300 / J300c / J300a, K300i / K300 / K300a / K300c, W200i, K320i, Z520, W300i / W300, Z530i, K500i / K500 / K500c, F500i / F500, K510i / K510, Z310i, K310i / K310 / K310iv, W550i / W550, Z800i / Z800 / V800 / SE802, V600i / V600, K600i / K600, K700, V630i / V630 / V630iv, k750/K750i, Z610i, K608i, W710i, W800i / W800, W600i / W600, K610i / K610 / K610iv, K618i D750i / D750, W810i / W810 / W810iv, W700i / W700, W610i / W610, W660i / W660, Z1010, W850i / W850iv, W880i / W880iv, K800i / K800 / K800iv, S700 W900i / W900, T610-MR2, T630 / T628 / T637, W950i, Z600 / Z600i / Z608
TS921 / 902t, TS803


Vivendi Games Mobile page for the game.
The Mighty Troglodytes
The developer's webpage for the game.

#30 katkerrykat 22:29:39 12/07/2008
smilieiv tryed downloading this but Tmobile wont let mesmilie
#29 Blackstar 18:03:07 08/07/2008
I agree with skyqueen but I didn't get stuck much on any thing
#28 Ice Fire 05:01:12 22/06/2008
Don't lie skyqueen you toled me it was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smilie smilie smilie
#27 Skyqueen 04:58:18 11/05/2008
this game is easy peasy (ok. its a bit hard)
#26 DRAGON 23:37:19 07/05/2008
hi guys im dragon
#25 Spyro rocks 17:16:22 12/04/2008
Sillyworld I can help. Where are you stuck.
#24 Spyro rocks 17:11:12 12/04/2008
OMG! The song at the end is so awsome. It made me cry. Until I found out there was going to be another one.
#23 sillyworld 03:45:19 11/04/2008
i don't think i will ever complete this game. smilie
#22 Spyro rocks 21:26:27 07/04/2008
AHHHHHHHH! Someone helped before me.
#21 Spyro rocks 16:44:19 05/04/2008
Muzzeta.I Think I can HELP! After all I beat it in two days. Use dragon time then double jump an do a head smash on them.
#20 unknown 16:22:55 06/03/2008
right on this ice level how the hell to you get that little crab thing onto the teleport thing
#19 darkspyro1 00:41:12 16/02/2008
To become a member you just go down to the bottom of the page and click on register and then you choose your user name and password and you are done
#18 Elora 19:51:42 09/01/2008
#17 little helper 00:03:45 29/12/2007
those little "crab thinges" use dragon time thinge then double jump and use headsmach to smash them into the ground smilie glad i helped
#16 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:44:40 22/12/2007
This topic on [GameFAQs] might help.
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