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Sequel to 2006's The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night continues the story, but as it's the second of a trilogy, it doesn't conclude it.

Welcome to my walkthrough for the The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night's PS2 version. Most everything should also apply to the Wii version but not to the Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance versions.

PS2 Controls

Button Action
D-Pad Up Select Fire Breath
D-Pad Right Select Electricity Breath
D-Pad Down Select Ice Breath
D-Pad Left Select Earth Breath
Left Analog Move
Right Analog Move Camera
X Jump
X + X Double Jump
X + X (Hold) Double Jump and Glide
Square Breath Attack
Triangle Special Attack
O Melee Attack
O (Hold) Horn Knock
L1 Dragon Time
L1 Skip Cutscene
R1 Charge
R2 Fury
O, O, O, O Melee Knock Up
X, X, O Tail Strike
X + R1 Air Charge
L2 + Left Analog + X Evade
X, O, O, O Air Combo
X, O, O, R1 Air Knock Back

Wii Controls

Button Action
Analog Stick Move
Dpad Camera Control
A Jump
A + A (Hold) Double Jump and Glide
B Melee
+ Cycle Breaths
- Dragon Time
Z Elemental Melee
C Breath Attack
1 Pause Menu
2 Level Up Menu
Left to right Melee
Pitch back Horn knock up
Nunchuck up + Analog up Charge
Pitch back + Nunchuck pitch back Fury
Left to Right x 4 Melee knock up
A, A, Pitch front Tail Strike
A + Shake nunchuck Air charge
A, B, B, B or A + Left to right Air combo
Nunchuck up Air knock back


If you've played the previous game, A New Beginning, you should already be familiar with what the gems in this game will do. Red will heal Spyro, Green will fill his magic bar, Blue will give him experience to upgrade his breath attacks, and purple fills Spyro's Fury bar.


This is almost identical to A New Beginning, your health is displayed by a red bar in the top left corner of the screen and is replenished by collecting Red Gems. These can be found by killing enemies or by smashing the red gem clusters you'll find strewn around the game. Once your bar empties Spyro will die and be sent back to the last checkpoint, which are quite frequent but usually difficult to accurately guess exactly what counts as one. For the most part you won't get set back too much.

Unlike A New Beginning though you can upgrade your health by collecting the five Health Relics hidden throughout the game. Refer to the Relic section for locations.


Again the same as in A New Beginning, this is displayed by a green bar in the top left corner and is used to power Spyro's breath attacks, both primary and secondary. You can fill it up by collecting green gems, dropped by enemies or found in green gem clusters, unlimited versions of the clusters are usually found near places where you will need to use a breath attack to move on such as near magical torches which require fire breath.

You can also upgrade your magic bar by collecting green Magic Relics, five of which are hidden around the game. Refer to the Relic section for locations.

Fire Breath, aka "Fire Blast", has been enhanced from the previous game, now it occasionally sends out a long range blast.

Ice Breath or "Polar Bomb", freezes enemies allowing you to freely melee them without interuption, though attacking can cause them to become free again. Smaller enemies become snowballs which you can roll about and even knock off any nearby edges.

Electric Breath, "Electric Orb", is completely different to what you may have enjoyed using previously. Instead of being able to drag enemies about Spyro creates an orb which you can either drop straight away or knock further off, detonating either manually by pressing the primary breath again or leaving it to go off by itself. The effect is to throw enemies up into the air, as well as damaging them of course.

And finally Earth Breath has become "Earth Flail". A devastating attack which when held down you can swing about through enemies knocking them about. Jumping in the air and holding the primary breath attack will automatically spin Spyro around, but you're more likely to miss.


Melee has been complemented by a variety of new elemental secondary attacks, all of which take Spyro into the fray rather than staying out of it with primary or the secondary of the previous game.

Comet Dash, the fire attack, causes Spyro to rush into enemies with more force than a simple charge.

Ice Tail freezes and knocks back enemies close to Spyro.

Electric Whirlwind turns Spyro into a mini yellow tornado, you control the path, ripping through enemies and throwing them up into the air.

Earth Pound throws nearby enemies up into the air so that you can melee them.


Just about identical to the previous game again. Collecting Purple Gems will fill the circle surrounding the element icon in the top left corner of your screen and when full you can unleash a devastating attack on all the surrounding enemies.


And again with the similarities with A New Beginning. Collecting the blue versions of the gems, or Blue Spirit Gems as they're called, will fill up a small pool in the Level Up screen which will show you exactly how much your collection of gems will advance your primary breaths. These spirit gems tend to be found in the remains of dead enemies or in blue clusters, usually hidden slightly out of the general path.

Even if the game is suggesting that you can fill up a level for a breath, your pool will still collect Blue Spirit gems so don't worry about losing out on experience if you're saving for some new breath that you haven't got yet if that's what you want to do.

#15 Spyro Technics 10:13:29 25/02/2008
Thanks Dark52, I've got 100% in this game!smilie (it's the only Spyro game I have ever finished smilie)
#14 Spyroboy 03:56:32 05/02/2008
if that doesn't work then something may be wrong with your controller
#13 cyndergirl 14:21:59 04/02/2008
hi wildfire

i know how you can do that:
you know the left analoge stick??(the round one) press that one and you get darkspyro
#12 Wildfire 17:40:44 02/02/2008
I just unlocked dark spyro. I activated him once, but I don't know how I did it. I've been pressing L3 but its not working. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
#11 no 1 spyro fan 16:37:33 30/01/2008
I have got on to that crazy birds ship on the eturnal night.
#10 TrueSpyroFAN 16:29:39 14/01/2008
I wanna know too smilie
#9 Dark Master 10:08:59 14/01/2008
Hey, dark52, do u know what the third game in the trilogy is called?
#8 TrueSpyroFAN 16:48:20 09/01/2008
Oh......I do smilie smilie
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:46:26 07/01/2008
I don't have the DS game.
#6 TrueSpyroFAN 15:52:55 07/01/2008
y not?
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:04:00 06/01/2008
Not any time soon, no.
#4 TrueSpyroFAN 18:32:26 06/01/2008
are you gonna put a ds walkthrough for TEN on this website???
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:29:58 27/12/2007
If PS2: Press L3 (click the Left Analog Stick)
If Wii: Cycle through the breaths (I think)
#2 butzelbovat 14:44:21 27/12/2007
what about playing asdark spyro when played the game through? I dont know how to "activate" him
#1 Spyrodude25 19:15:29 28/11/2007
Good job so far with the game.
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