During play, enter the cheat code that you wish to activate.

PlayStation 2

Dark Spyro

Start R2 L2 R2 L2 L1 L1 R1 R1 L1 R1 L2 L2 R2 R2 Start


Dark Spyro

1 Z C Z C + + - - + - C C Z Z 1

Please note that despite being given out as rewards for finishing the mobile version of The Eternal Night, the Health and Magic cheats from A New Beginning do not work for this game.

#45 AMW1998 23:29:28 28/09/2011
The dark spyro code only works.
#44 Spyro Lover1 06:34:54 02/09/2011
I put the cannon ball in the wrong cannon
#43 Spyro Lover1 06:33:54 02/09/2011
Pleaseg can some one help me im on the ship white at the end were u pull the lever and i put it in the the cannon im playing the Legend of Spyro the eternal night PLZZZZZZZZZZ
#42 superspyro101 19:35:21 06/07/2011
i entered the cheat to see how it would be like to be dark spyro without beating the game.
#41 Thunderdragon14 21:33:11 20/06/2011
Dark, you are magical for seriously finding it .______.
#40 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:17:07 11/06/2011
Found the Wii Dark Spyro code, you might need to try entering it a couple of times before it works though.

#39 Cynderstar777 20:07:31 05/02/2011
There aren't any cinder skins.... Which sucks...
#38 Thunderdragon14 04:01:36 08/01/2011
For most people this game is hard (wich I find it easy)
and people think in order to complete the game they need some cheats to help them along the way but all they really have to do is follow dark52's guide or just ask me for advice -.-
#37 ToxicShadow 20:13:58 31/12/2010
Why is it all about cheats? You're cheating in the game to get through it which kinda ruins the fun.
#36 Spyro LoverGirl 16:31:33 29/12/2010
You know what i am so angry. i thought that there will be more cheats for this game like unlimited mana or unlimited life of all upgraged activated (or something like that) but there is only one : FLIPPIN' DARK SPYRO!!!!!! smilie I know that it's a good cheatcode but all the other games have way more than that!!!!! smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie X( X( X(
#35 Thunderdragon14 16:06:58 23/12/2010
this game is hard for some people
so thischeat is far useful for people who cant beat the game
#34 tank1313 03:32:10 23/12/2010
You don't need this cheat just beat the game.
#33 Bolt - Hunter 10:49:19 17/12/2010
I found these for PS2

But I can't find any Cynder skins.
#32 Bolt - Hunter 10:44:51 17/12/2010
Really, a Cynder skin?
I want to know it, I will look on Google.
#31 Thunderdragon14 22:57:49 15/12/2010
ooooooh a cynder skin cheat? smilie
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