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Spyro: Season of Ice

Spyro: Season of Ice

Spyro: Season of Ice is the first Spyro game to appear on the GBA. The first Spyro game to be made by a developer other then Spyro's creators Insomniac Games, Digital Eclipse have done a decent enough job on this game to make it playable and replayable.

Season of Ice takes you, as Spyro, to the Fairy Realms in order to save them from an evil menace. Set shortly after Year of the Dragon, Season of Ice continues with a slightly linked story but really it's not the greatest story you'll have ever encountered.

Spyro: Season of Ice Spyro: Season of Ice
North America Oct 30th 2001 European Union Nov 16th 2001
Spyro Advance
Japan Dec 26th 2002

The Story

Here's the official word on the story from the SpyroTheDragon.com website:

After the defeat of the Sorceress, many of her old Rhynoc minions were left out of work or had to take less-than-ideal day jobs. None more so than Grendor, the Rhynoc librarian at the Grand Central Dragon Realms library. A small, meek figure, Grendor never made the cut into the Rhynoc army and desperately longed for a career change.

One day, Bianca spent a few hours in the library researching ideal vacation spots for a trip she was planning for Spyro, Hunter and herself. With all the travel books, Bianca mistakenly left the Sorceress' Spell book behind. Finding the book, Grendor was inspired by an ingenious plan. Flipping through the pages, he found himself a transformation spell to change his meager frame into a towering mass of muscle and brainpower! Wasting no more time, he read the spell aloud; too hasty even to notice the book was turned upside down. Grendor wound up with bulk and brainpower all right, but in the form of two heads, and a migraine in both of his thick skulls.

And here's my description of the opening part to the game...

The camera zooms in to see Spyro, Hunter and Bianca relaxing on a beach somewhere, probably Dragon Shores, when Hunter suddenly sees something in the sky. He thinks it's a flying sheep saucer but Spyro recognises it as a balloon. Bianca catches it and reads the note attached to it. The note is from Zoe and reads: 'Dear Spyro, I'm using every last drop of my magic to send you this message. Someone has cast a powerful spell over the Fairy World and, freezing fairies in Ice Crystals. And we can't get out! Now, the Rhynocs are back and collecting fairies one by one. I wish I knew what they were up to. Please come back before it's too late.' Spyro decides to go help the fairies and Bianca says she'll go off and check her spell book for something to help.

Hunter mentions that she hasn't been carrying the Spell Book for a few days which is news to Bianca but she finds out that she no longer has it on her. She realises that she must have left it in the library when she got the travel book for their vacation. As she sets off to find her book, Hunter, Spyro and Sparx head off to help the fairies.

The Controls

Spyro the Dragon
A Jump. Press again when in the air to glide. Press again whilst in glide to hover and end the glide.
B Flame
R Charge
Start Bring up the start menu
Select Open the Atlas

Gems are once again the currency of the world, and once again you'll be needing to collect it all to get 100% completion.

Gem Colour Gem Value
Red 1
Green 2
Purple 5
Yellow 10

Gems are once again in the same places as usual. In flammable baskets, chargeable vases, locked chests, inside Rhynocs and just lying around on the ground.


And as usual Sparx is Spyro's health meter.

Sparx Colour Hits Left
Yellow 4
Blue 3
Green 2
None 1

To regain Sparx's health just flame a small animal such as a sheep that will give out a butterfly. Each butterfly will regain one health point.

Progress Saving

Strangely enough, for a world filled entirely with fairies, there are no progress saving fairies in the whole game. None. So every time you die, you'll be taken all the way back to the start of the level and have to redo everything except collecting gems and freeing fairies.

Well, that's enough of that then. On to the walkthrough, getting started with Autumn Fairy Home.

#435 spyro lovers 14:09:34 08/06/2012
#434 spyroisthebest8 21:09:13 03/06/2012
I don't have a Gameboy
#433 MaleforSxC 17:31:31 01/06/2012
I need to continue with collecting Classic Spyro!! I only have this and Hero's Tail from Classic!
#432 camo1123 14:35:34 29/05/2012
yes yes it is
#431 spyroisthebest8 20:23:38 28/05/2012
Isn't Dark52's avatar in the Japanese cover?
#430 hectapuss72 09:10:06 27/05/2012
i have spyro season of flame, which some people say is better than this one, but anyway, I WANT THIS!!! season of flame is the best gba i have ever played!!
#429 hectapuss72 09:07:57 27/05/2012
agreed, this... remade on summit like xbox 360 and ps3 would be... truly.... AWEOSME!!
#428 MaleforSxC 09:06:48 26/05/2012
#427 rfishi 19:30:34 23/05/2012
Ahh, the next step in Spyro's life... Who would think it would end how it did?
#426 ilovespyro11 17:48:29 23/05/2012
too pixilated, make into a ps2 game!!
#425 MaleforSxC 16:36:04 17/05/2012
That was my brother! S0S!
#424 MaleforSxC 18:48:48 13/05/2012
That is messed up! But not as much as this!!!

@£$%^€&*()_+_+_+!±WWRTYU€IIIOP{€{€} |":L:LKJHJHGFDSA~~ZZ~~ ~Z X X C V V BNM<< <>€>>€??€?€|||||\\['\;|:{PF()EY€*U!OW!MKIH +*D)O€€W 785 * *//=/=*/=*/=*€/=/*=*/=*=*/=*/=*/=/*=*/=*/=*/=/*€=*/= /*=/* =/*=*/ =/*=/* =/*=*/..........€
#423 awesomespyros10 22:28:15 12/05/2012
*song* Laaaa-laaa-llaaaaaamaaaaa! Spy--roooo! (dun-dun-durra-dun-duuuuuuuuuun) *song* confused? it's this game's theme song.
#422 ilovespyro11 18:35:26 11/05/2012
bianca's so stupid
#421 sparky87 16:37:56 10/05/2012
realy good grafics for a gba game and very simalar to the ps2 games ecsept for the veiw.

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