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Winter Fairy Home
300 Gems - 5 Fairies

Time to feel safe again. There's nothing that can kill you in this level as the fairies will save you if you go over the edge. This is the second homeworld of the Fairy Realms. Winter. Cold as you might imagine.

Go down to the right and flame the ice crystal on the ground, you guessed it, this is the first of eight. Go down to the left as soon as you can and flame the second ice crystal here, just a little bit further and...

Fairy 027/100 Fiona
...you'll come across this frozen fairy.
Colour: Blue

Down and round to the left again until you reach the place above where Moneybags is standing. Here you should see the third of the ice crystals to melt. Jump down and get the gems around Moneybags. Don't pay him just yet as that'll send you into the level, and then you'd have to reflame all those ice crystals. Now, go up and round to the right, going down when you can. Here you should meet up with Bianca who is standing next to a portal which will eventually take you to the Spring Fairy Home. Also melt ice crystal number four.

Back up again, and just to the right of the end of the path is another fairy stuck in ice.

Fairy 028/100 Christy
Melt her then.
Colour: Yellow

Down a little past her, and you should find yourself an extra life in a bottle. Now up to the right and continue along the edge until you reach another ice crystal. Melt it. Three to go. Keep going around the edges collecting gems until you get to where Christy was again. Jump up onto the platform behind her and grab all the gems around here and up on the next level. In the middle of this area you should find yourself Fairy #29.

Fairy 029/100 Britney
She's stuck in the ice, aren't you gonna help her?
Colour: Yellow

Traverse your way over to a top righthand corner of the area where there's the sixth of the ice crystals and the 30th of the fairies.

Fairy 030/100 Sung
As usual, melt away.
Colour: Blue

Up onto the platform north of here, and grab all them lovely gems. Now go around the top edge of the level again and head west until you reach a place with some mushroom towers joined together with the seventh of the ice crystals at the bottom. Melt it! Then up onto the platfrom behind. At the far left side of this platform will you find the final ice crystal to melt, but before you do, collect the last few gems up here then melt it.

Fairy 031/100 Cindy
Teleported quite a distance, you'll need to melt her.
Colour: Green

And that should be that for this level. All fairies freed and all gems collected. Move along now, nothing to see here.

Hummingbird Fort
400 Gems - 6 Fairies

Located back where you got that last ice crystal, right up the top of the platform.

This level has a really strange backing to it, it's leaves and at first seems like it's solid, but it isn't so don't go jumping into it, you'll die right off.

Walk along to the left a bit and talk to Cpl. Elise, he'll give you the usual challenge of getting rid of all the Rhynocs from the level. A bit further along and you'll find a locked chest for use later. Glide over to the platform just to the north, and climb up the steps to where there's a weird circle on the floor, flame it. The first of the eight is done.

Glide over to the right and flame that Rhynoc, grab all the gems here and talk to Cpl. Marie. She'll tell you to help free six hummingbirds trapped in caves, much like they were in Year of the Dragon. Jump to the right and onto the treetrunks then go back once you've got the gems. Along over the bridge here and charge into the first of the cages, but watch out for the rebound. Then go a bit to the left and flame the second of the campfires

Jump onto the treetrunk in front of you, and then onto the platform to the northeast. Flame the Rhynoc. Grab all the gems on this platform and jump over to the platform north of you.

Over to the righthand side is another one of those campfires to flame. Go up to the top of the platform here and flame the Rhynoc shooting at you. Also charge into the bird cage on the way up.

Fairy 032/100 Julie
Up at the top you'll find this little one.
Colour: Blue

Go down and to the left, along here gather the gems then jump over to the left again. Kill the Rhynocs and then jump to the left yet again.

Fairy 033/100 Samantha
Just sitting there waiting for you to melt her.
Colour: Yellow

Yep, one more jump to a platform over on the left. Here's the third bird cage and the fourth of the campfires. Back to the previous platform and go along to the other end. Jump onto the island just off it. Work your way along here, free the bird and flame the fire. Also grab the key right at the end. Jump to the platform south-east of you and flame the Rhynoc who was attempting to shoot at you. Onto the tree trunk and then onto another large platform.

Here you'll find another bird cage, the sixth campfire and a frozen fairy up the top.

Fairy 034/100 Marissa
Just your usual backchat from these ungrateful fairies. Disgraceful.
Colour: Green

Along over the bridge and then onto the platform south-east of here. Go along to the end and flame the seventh of the campfires, then off to a platform on the righthand side of where you landed. Flame the Rhynoc to claim the last in the level.

Fairy 035/100 Candace
Cpl. Renee will give you the fairy.
Colour: Green

Down the steps and jump over to the right. The final campfire is here.

Fairy 036/100 Kiki
Once flamed, the frozen fairy will appear next to you.
Colour: Blue

Along past it now and over to the island you were on with that last Rhynoc. Don't charge the cage just yet though. Glide over to some gems on a small island just north of it and then charge into the last cage.

Fairy 037/100 Coco
Once that's done, Cpl. Marie will give you the fairy.
Colour: Yellow

Now head back towards the exit portal and jump over onto the tree trunk on the left, then down to the place where you started the level, along a bit and you'll reach the locked chest to get the final few gems of the level.

Panda Gardens
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

Located in the top righthand corner of the map, this level sees a return for a few characters from Bamboo Terrace in Year of the Dragon, by name only really as they didn't exactly have a personality other then being pandas. The level features instant death drowning, so don't go off the edge, people.

Walk along to the right and talk to Ling who'll give you the usual 'kill all Rhynocs' challenge for the level. Like you wouldn't anyway. Then go to the right and flame the light there, as well as the jumping Rhynoc. Turn around and go the other way now. Follow this main path along until you can go left. Follow it around to the left, up onto the platform here and collect and flame all you need to until everything is gone. Back down to below the platform and talk to Song.

Fairy 038/100 Jennie
D'oh! Another thief. This one seems a little easier though, just avoid the edges.
Colour: Green

Over to the right of this area you'll find the second of the eight lanterns to flame. Back up onto the platform and to the far right corner of the blue part, glide over to another blue platform on your right. Third lantern here as well as a locked chest. Glide back to the mainland again.

Over the bridge in the bottom right corner and around to the right where you should find the fourth lantern. Go round and down to the left now and at the end here you'll find the fifth of those lanterns. Back down the path again and round to where number six is waiting to be flamed.

Down past here and up onto the platform where you'll meet up with Yan who'll tell you to charge the Mystery Vase (argh! I hate those things!) and keep following around charging it until his friend comes out. So just charge it now, it'll show you where it has gone to, but you won't really need to pay much attention until it starts going where you've already been.

Anyway, over to the left you should find yourself in the company of the seventh lantern. Carry on left and then down to where the eighth and final lantern is situated.

Fairy 039/100 Charlotte
Teleported back to the seventh lantern, the frozen fairy will appear there.
Colour: Green

Glide over to the left, make sure to land on the platform here to grab both a key and a fairy.

Fairy 040/100 Oi
The strangest name for any of the fairies I'd have to say. No contest really.
Colour: Yellow

Jump down and onto the greeness below, then over to a smaller island and then finally back to the mainland where you were much earlier. Head off to get the gems out of the locked chest now. Once gotten, glide back to mainland and walk along the edge going south. When you see a platform off below you with a few gems on, glide over to it. The final Rhynocs are around here so flame 'em all!

Fairy 041/100 Steffi
Once that last Rhynoc falls, Ping will give you the fairy.
Colour: Yellow

Now head back to where you just were and up to the top of the platform.

Fairy 042/100 Natalie
Right at the top, is this fairy.
Colour: Yellow

Now charge into the Mystery Vase. Head to where it shows you where the vase has gone to now, repeat until you get back to where it started.

Fairy 043/100 Doodle
As soon as he pops out of the vase, Yan will give you his fairy.
Colour: Blue

And that is that. Panda Gardens completed.

Honey Marsh
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

Strangely, there's a level with the exact same name in Enter the Dragonfly. This place is located in the south-east corner of the homeworld. And again, any falling off the side will result in insta-death.

There's no-one to talk to on this first island, so glide off upwards to another platform there. Along a it to the left you'll find the Professor, he'll tell you indirectly to kill all of the Rhynocs in the level. Jump up onto the platform on the left and while you're up there melt the weird looking plant, yep, the first of eight. Back down again and go past where the Professor is standing. Jump over to the platform at the end.

Once this place is clear, over to the right again. Clear this platform again, flaming the second of the plants, then move along over to another platform on the right at the end. Go along here and up onto the platform.

Fairy 044/100 Yaya
And right at the top, you shall find this frozen fairy.
Colour: Blue

Back down to ground level, and carry on along the main path, right at the end you should find the third plant to melt. Jump off to the right and onto another platform. Right at the top of this place just to the right of where you land, you should find the key to that locked chest you found right at the start of the level. Clear this island and jump down and to the left in order to get to yet another platform. And right at the other end of this place is the fourth of the plants.

Go back a little way so that you can glide over to the right and actually land on a platform rather then hitting the side and being killed. Here is flower number five, and right in the corner, a fairy.

Fairy 045/100 Letty
Flame the crystal.
Colour: Yellow

Off to the left now. Nothing special on this place, so just grab the gems and flame the Rhynoc and move along to the next one. Up the top on this place is the sixth flower. Glide over to the platform directly on the left of this place and grab the gems, then off to the platform north-east of you. Get up to the top here and glide over to the right again.

Finally, we're onto the main platform of the level. Go up to the left and up the platform and you should find both a large flower and a frozen fairy.

Fairy 046/100 Chu Chu
Yep, and again another fairy thanks you.
Colour: Green

Go round the edge of this platform clockwise, and you should find the seventh plant. Carry on down here until you reach the Professor. He'll tell you about some bees and his time machine. To achieve what he asks, go over to the left and up to the beehive there. Flame it and as the bees come out, charge away towards the nearby flower. As long as the bees follow you to the flower, all is well and there's just another three to go. Go down to the large lake of honey, and follow the path to the one going left. Flame the hive at the end of it and lure the bee to the flower up next to the fairy you freed earlier. Rather difficult, but if you manage to get up to the gray step it should fly into the flower. You should also find the last of the Rhynocs around here.

Fairy 047/100 Karen
The Professor will give you the frozen fairy.
Colour: Green

Now follow the path of honey back again and then go along the other one going down to get to the third of the hives. Plainly the flower is directly south of the beehive. Now back to the honey lake and follow the final path to a beehive. The flower is directly west of the hive.

Fairy 048/100 Kristen
As soon as the bee goes into the hive, you'll see a short scene involving the Professor's time machine, and the frozen fairy will appear next to you.
Colour: Yellow

Now that that's done, head back up to where that last beehive was and melt the final flower.

Fairy 049/100 Rhiannon
As soon as it melts, you'll be taken over to the location of one of the previous flowers.
Colour: Yellow

Glide down to the left and go all the way along to the other end, glide over to the platform you first started on and open up that locked chest to get those last gems. And it's goodnight from Honey Marsh.

Ice Age Speedway
300 Gems - 2 Fairies

Found over to the east of where you come out of Honey Marsh. It's the second speedway of the game, only two more after this one.

As before, the first time you go through you should be aiming to collect all the gems rather then complete it as there just aren't enough bonuses to pull you through to the end. First come a load of bats, you should know by now that the yellow ones will give you +1, the red ones nothing and the purple ones will give you gems. After the bats are some flying bear things, the purple ones will give you gems. After that come the rings, and after those come some of those draclets from Crystal Glacier in Spyro 2 on the PlayStation. The purple ones again drop gems, while the yellow ones give you +1, the blue ones do nothing again. Finally after them come the two snow-white dragons. Quite easy to kill this time, just keep shooting and avoid them as they get close.

Fairy 050/100 Liora
Once you kill both of them, you'll be given the fairy, no need to melt it even.
Colour: Yellow

Now onto Hard mode. Slightly harder as you might expect. No gems though, so repeat Normal mode if you need to get any.

Fairy 051/100 Naomi
Once completed, you'll get it.
Colour: Yellow

Ahh, all done. Exit and proceed over to Moneybags.

Wasp City
200 Gems - 1 Fairy

As before, Moneybags is demanding a nice sum of 600 gems to get into the level. Pay him and be done with it.

These levels aren't quite as different in enemy variations as they were in Year of the Dragon where you got a new set of creatures to destroy for each level, here they're all the same. Ah well.

As soon as you arrive, go up around the corner and shoot the bug. Then go up some more and shoot a couple of ants. Carry on up till you destroy an anthill, then go back down and to the left instead of up. Shoot another two anthills in here then charge down past a protected one. Shoot like crazy killing the bugs here then go down to the left and kill another anthill. Grab the blue key.

Head back up and through the blue door. Destroy three anthills in here and then go round the corner to get the red key. Out again and through the red door which is located out near the start of the level and up to the right. Destroy the shooty bug spawner and go down to the right. Destroy the two anthills and grab the green key. Now off through the green door.

Work your way through here shooting all the things, until you get the purple key. Once you get it, head back out all the way, don't go through the door right here just yet. Now go through the other purple door, but on the way there, destroy the anthill which is now available to destory. Once you get the gems, head back to the other purple door and go through.

Use that shield you just picked up and shoot repeatedly at the big bee. As it runs out, head over and grab the butterfly in the room. Use it when you can see the bee as it will hurt him a lot. Then just keep shooting at it and the little bees until it explodes.

Fairy 052/100 Jody
Right as it explodes, the fairy will appear for you.
Colour: Blue

Grab any last gems in this room and fly over the portal back to Winter Fairy Home.

With the whole world completed, it's time to go see Bianca. She's waiting by the portal to Spring Fairy Home. Go talk to her.

Strangely you don't actually end up in Spring Fairy Home, instead you end up here.

Grendor's Lair
2 Fairies

You'll only be able to get just the one at the moment though. It's a big boss fight here. Jump into the middle of the arena to begin. Keep circling him as he fires those fires at you. Wait until there's enough gone for you to charge into him. Then as he jumps up, avoid his shadow as he will soon be crashing down again. Repeat another four times (five hits in total) and he'll start exploding.

Fairy 053/100 Lisa
He'll then dissapear and leave behind this fairy for you to melt.
Colour: Green

Bianca will tell you to round up the last 47 fairies. Now go through the portal over on the northwestern side of the level, through to Spring Fairy Home.
#12 JamesFakeman 21:07:09 24/01/2016
LOL! "Forzen Fairy" Funny typo!
#11 awesomespyros10 19:44:26 20/12/2011
*reads comments and sighs*
#10 fear cynder 00:50:03 21/01/2010
ugh, i h8te honey marsh!
#9 Me 03:46:25 31/12/2008
I dislike the speedways and I just cannot get past them. I found some cheats though to get unlimited health in the sparx worlds so I'm all set there. I cannot seem to hit grendor though. Every time I charge him, he calls out his fireballs and when I try to hit him sooner, he kicks me off the edge.
#8 crashpro 07:45:12 20/09/2008
I'm so mad right now, because of ice age speedway!!! I HATE THESE DEVELOPERS!!!
#7 Cynder28 14:02:55 28/03/2008
I wonder how the hives look xD
#6 help 00:39:17 23/03/2008
I hate those speedways! they are so annoying and i can't finish them!Also i can't finish those levels where you play as Sparx just for one fairy!
#5 Alison appleby 10:39:56 18/03/2008
what a fantastic help this website is, thankyou, ..... now i can stop pulling my hair out and finally , try and beat that 'Gendor' !!!
#4 AGGH 19:58:31 23/12/2007
me gen smilie can not do it
#3 Aghh 19:51:40 23/12/2007
OMG I just sed i giv up yeh , and i thought id give it one more try and then i GOT IT!!! but i was low in health so i went to find a butterfly and then i got killled! NOT HAPPY

Not completely impossible then!
#2 Agh 19:48:15 23/12/2007
Agh i give up with the HONEY MARSH!! ( the bit where you have too 'desetract the bees' )
#1 Dragginwings 20:55:47 05/07/2007
Wow, this helped a lot. Especially for that challenge in Honey Marsh. This is the best SOI walkthrough ever!

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