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Autumn Fairy Home
500 Gems - 5 Fairies

You start out in a pretty random place after the beginning sequence of speech ends. With no real explanation of where you are apart from being in the Fairy Realms, you begin.

Move forwards a bit straigh up to the right and you will come across a strange blue crystal on the ground. Flame it.

Fairy 001/100 Gabrielle
Once you flame a fairy they are then counted as found. And this first one will start off your collection.
Colour: Blue

She'll inform you about the Rhynocs being back. Yeah like you hadn't heard that already. Just to the right of the mushroom towers is a platform which holds several gems and the portal to Mermaid Coast. Again not in there yet as doing so would mean redoing all of the pumpkins from scratch.

Well move along now over to the right and down. Follow this path along until you get to a small blue bottle with a butterfly in. This is a new life for you, so flame or charge the bottle and Sparx will eat up the life, however unlike previous games the life giving butterflies in this game won't bring Sparx all the way back up to full health as well.

Just a bit further along from the life is an orange grinning pumpkin on the floor. In each level of the game (aside from the Speedway, Sparx and boss levels) there will be eight things in to flame or activate in some way or other in order to free a fairy. All of them when activated will make the exact same sound so you can recognise them as being what they are. In this level it's pumpkins. So flame this one and be on your way.

Continue around the edge of the level until you reach Bianca who is standing next to a closed portal. She'll tell you to rescue more fairies to open it. To see exactly how many fairies you need to open it, simply walk close to it. In this case, you'll need 20 fairies in order to unlock the portal to the Winter Fairy Home.

Back out of here and continue along to the left until you meet up with Hunter. He'll tell you all about the joys of charging.

Further along the edge of the level again, working your way around to a second pumpkin over in the top left-hand corner of the whole level. As well as that, jump up onto the platform here and flame the third pumpkin that should be obvious to see down near the front of it. Up the top here is the portal to the Stone Age Speedway. You'll need to have collected 14 fairies before you can go through into it though. Once again back down and round along the edges and talk to Moneybags here. He'll offer to open up the Sparx level for you for a small sum of 400 gems, slightly less then the full total of gems you can collect in the level, but it is unlikely you have collected enough just yet so just move along for now. Further along the edge here, now going to the left, you should come across a fourth pumpkin to flame.

Head along and down a little to find the fifth pumpkin to flame. Now run down to the south-east and you will run into a frozen fairy right in the middle of the area.

Fairy 002/100 Tori
She'll start yabbering on about meeting up with Gabrielle, nothing intersting as usual.
Colour: Green

Head back to the edge of the level where you were and slightly further along and you'll find the portal to Market Mesa. You'll need to have twelve fairies to open it up though so walk on by. Just past here jump up onto the platform and flame the sixth pumpkin of the level. Also go talk to Hunter up here. He'll give you the usual lesson in jumping and gliding. Follow him to the first place he lands and flame the fairy there.

Fairy 003/100 Summer
Just sitting there she'll talk all about looking into the distance. Interesting stuff.
Colour: Yellow

Head up into the area north of her and collect all of the gems here. As well as that, you'll find the seventh pumpkin of the level. Flame it and head back to follow where Hunter finished up after the jump. He'll now tell you to make a really long jump, but just ingore him again and go up north to collect the few gems on this platform before jumping after him.

Fairy 004/100 Autumn
Once you land where Hunter is, flame the trapped fairy there to get her out.
Colour: Yellow

Now back all the way to the start of that jumping session and carry on around the edge of the level, now going south. As you do so you'll find the entrance to the level Lava Prairie, this one should currently be open already, but there's no need to go into it just yet, you've got the rest of the level to complete first!

A little past this portal is a platform with a few gems on, collect them and then head south to find the eighth and final pumpkin of the level.

Fairy 005/100 Grace
Teleported all the way back up to the top of the level, flame the fairy in front of you now.
Colour: Yellow

Now carry on round until you get to where you started off the level to finish off your collection of gems.

Lava Prairie
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

While Market Mesa is first on the list in the Atlas, it is unreachable currently so head on through to Lava Prairie, located over in the north-west corner of the main area. While you could do either of two other levels as well as this one at the moment, it's your choice really but I'm going with this one first.

Prepare for a rather pointlessly long entrance picture of Spyro flying between the levels as for some reason they decided to make the same thing as was done on the PlayStation, but do have the gems go out of Spyro almost one by one rather then all at once. Slow, and when you have no gems the loading of a level is a lot faster proving it's pointless.

Well, finally on with the level now. Lava Prairie, as the name suggests, is a lava level, filled with lava surprisingly. While if you fell off the side in the previous level you were saved, here you'll die right off. You will stuggle a bit with a large jump up into the air, but you can't glide from it and the distance it gives is poor so it is rather dangerous to fall into the lava.

Head down to the right and flame the Rhynoc there. Collect the gems around here and head down to the left. Here you'll see a small pink flower on the ground. Much like those pumpkins in the first level, this is one of eight. Flame it. Now go down to the left or right and walk over to Bonky to have a talk about helping him with some pterodactyls. This is a challenge for throughout the level here so you'll be needing to pay attention to him.

Down again and flame the green cactus bomb over onto the geyser that the pterodactyl just happens to be flying over. That's the first one down. Just down and to the left of here now and you'll find a frozen fairy right in the corner.

Fairy 006/100 Suzan
Flame her free and she'll talk all about some fairies hiding flammable objects, and surprise surprise it's those flowers and pumpkins you've been destroying! Woohoo!
Colour: Green

Indeed. To the south now where you'll find both a Rhynoc and another one of the pink flowers to flame. That's the second one now. Back up to the northeast now and talk to Trog who'll tell you to kill all of the Rhynocs in the level. Up on the platform behind Trog is a Rhynoc throwing rocks, so be careful when you approach to flame him. Go right up to the top of this platform, and if you look to the left a bit you'll see a locked chest which you currently don't have the key for so ignore it but remember it's location.

Down to the ground level again and right at the base of the platform is the third of the pink flowers and just past that is another cactus bomb. Flame it over to a pterodactyl even further south and then go back and use it again on a third one even further along the path south. Now off up to the northeast of the area with the cactus bomb in. Along here head as far north until you reach the fourth of the pink flowers. Then head back down south along the other side of the pathway and up onto the platform there. All the way up to the top of this platform and you'll find both a key and a fairy.

Fairy 007/100 Michelle
You're the GREATEST Spyro!
Colour: Yellow

He sure is. Once you're back down to ground level you'll notice a pterodactly flying around near here. Head directly south of it until you find the cactus bomb to take to the geyser.

Fairy 008/100 Ali
That was the last of the pterodactyls and Bonky will now give you a crazy looking rock he found plugging up the geysers earlier. Strange cooincidence that it's a fairy eh? No speech this time though, not even a thankyou from her.
Colour: Blue

Since you're back near the start now, head on down through the level and then go up onto the first platform you get to. Remember the locked chest? Well jump down to it now and open it with the key you found near Michelle. Go back to where you found the cactus bomb for that last pterodactyl, and to the southwest of it you'll find yourself another one of those pink flowers to flame. Now head around to the southeast now and there's another Rhynoc and the sixth flower as well.

Now back round to the place where you killed two pterodactyls with the same cactus bomb. Go south here and then to the right and up the platform.

Fairy 009/100 Melissa
Right at the top you'll find this fairy frozen in her crystal.
Colour: Yellow

Drop back down to the ground again and go to the southeast now, here is the seventh flower to flame. Now to the west and kill the Rhynoc you meet on the way. Up onto the big platform here, kill the several rock throwing Rhynocs and collect the gems too. Back to the ground level once again and head over to the west where you'll find the last of the flowers.

Fairy 010/100 Cassandra
She'll talk about thanking you and about how the cacti were getting kind of prickly. Interesting.
Colour: Yellow

Turn around now and kill that last Rhynoc nearby.

Fairy 011/100 Rhonda
Once you flame the fairy given to you by Fang, a portal back to the Autumn Fairy Home will appear.
Colour: Yellow

By now you should have collected all of the gems in the level so you should now use this portal if you do have them. If not you're going to have to go around and search the level for those last few gems.

Mermaid Coast
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

The portal to Mermaid Coast is located up on the platform behind the mushroom castle near the start of the level. This portal has always been open, so should still be.

Mermaid Coast is a level designed to look like a beach throughout, and as you might have guessed from the name, mermaids live here. Whatever you do, don't go into the water as it'll drown you straight away.

Go talk to Steffi who is sitting down just in front of where you start. She'll tell you to get rid of the Rhynocs in the level. Completion of this task will get you a fairy. Just to the south in this first area, and you'll find a sandcastle to flame and a locked chest. Go up and to the right a bit and you'll find a second sandcastle. Explore the rest of this area to get the gems, then head along the wooden bridge near to that second sandcastle.

Over here, talk to Stanley, who'll talk about flaming some lighthouses for him. Whatever. Go over the bridge behind him and get all the way up to the top of the platform. Flame the lighthouse so that it glows, and jump down to the right to get to the third of the eight sandcastles. Just a bit to the northeast now and jump over the water.

Fairy 012/100 Kathy
Right over here you'll find this fairy all frozen up, ready for a melting.
Colour: Blue

Also of note on this island; the fourth sandcastle and the second lighthouse. Flame 'em both. Jump back to mainland as soon as that's done though. Go along over the bridge on the southeast side of this place and go all the way along the righthand side to the bottom where you'll find the fifth sandcastle, a key and...

Fairy 013/100 Nadia
..this fairy, just sitting there. Flame and go.
Colour: Green

Don't try to jump onto the land nearby, you won't reach it. Carry on around here and work your way through until you reach back to where Stanley was. Now that you've got the key though, head back along the bridge to the start of the level and go down to where the locked chest is. to open it up. Once that's done. Go over the bridge to the south of Stanley.

Go up to the top of this area to find the sixth sandcastle, then back down and along the south part. Up and onto the platform along here and flame the third lighthouse. Now off here again and back to ground. Go along to the west and flame the seventh sandcastle. Over the bridge and follow the path to the end.

Fairy 014/100 Amy
Sitting right there at the end, is Amy.
Colour: Yellow

Jump over to the right and flame the Rhynoc. Time for lighthouse number four. Along over the bridge back down on the ground and flame that eight sandcastle.

Fairy 015/100 Christine
As soon as the sandcastle is gone, the crystal will appear right where you are. Flame it to collect her.
Colour: Yellow

Collect the gems here and then go along the bridge to the south. Up onto the platform and kill the final two Rhynocs here.

Fairy 016/100 Anna
As soon as the last one falls, you'll be teleported up to the top and the portal back to Autumn Fairy Home will appear as well as this fairy.
Colour: Blue

Grab the last few gems here, then flame the fifth and final lighthouse.

Fairy 017/100 Rachel
Stanley and Stacey will give you the fairy right away, you'll be teleported to where they are though.
Colour: Green

And that's the full completion racket for this level, so head on back home again.

Market Mesa
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

Found all the way round and up past Lava Prarie, near to the northwestern edge of the main area of the level. After collecting all those fairies, this portal should now be open for you to use.

Market Mesa is a place which is deadly if you fall off the sides. There's no hope for you if you do, so avoid them. Occupied by llamas, this place is kinda weird.

Flame the Rhynoc as it charges at you, then walk over to Luc and talk to him, he's the big green llama. He gives you the 'kill all Rhynocs' challenge for a fairy. Just to the southeast of him, you'll see a short candle. Guess what? Yep. It's the thing to flame. Jump down below the candle and grab the gems as well as flaming that pesky Rhynoc. The locked chest is here too, so remember that for a bit later.

Up and to the right, flame the Rhynoc and then the second candle. Then jump down below you (be careful) and flame the third. Go across to the left and back up again. Up and onto the platform to collect a few gems as well as a few kills. Now, round the corner to the right and flame the charging Rhynoc. Gather the gems here and flame the candle at the end. Jump down into the market area below you and talk to Lucky who'll inform you of a thief who stole an action figure.

Fairy 018/100 Grayson
Now this is difficult. And I'm glad they improved the thief system for their subsequent sequals, however here that matters not. The best way to catch the thief will be to charge around the area after him. You'll obviously need to avoid hitting the stalls if you can. Also know that flaming him doesn't work, so there's no point trying. You will eventually catch him after chasing him for long enough. You just will.
Colour: Yellow

Once you finally manage to get the thief, go up to the right and talk to Lyle. He'll ask you to help him out in ringing some bells. The order to ring them is: Small, Medium, Large, Small, Medium, Large. Not the most complicated order really. So go down the path to your right and all the way along to the end, careful as there's one of those Rhynocs that just sends you flying at the end of the path, very dangerous. Once you've killed it, jump up to the bell and ring it.

Fairy 019/100 Liz
After (or before, your choice) ringing the bell melt this fairy that was already sitting there next to it.
Colour: Yellow

All the way back along the path again and go to the platfrom on the left of where Lyle is standing. Up here you'll be wanting to get all of the gems and then go up to where there's a candle to flame, then further up right the way to the top where you should find a key and he medium sized bell. Ring it and go back down along the leftside.

On the first one down you should find another candle. Drop all the way down to the bottom and then go along the path over to the left. Here you'll find the final Rhynoc to kill.

Fairy 020/100 Alice
As soon as that Rhynoc is dead, you'll be taken to see Pierre, who'll give you the fairy and open up the portal to get back home.
Colour: Yellow

All the way back to where you killed the Rhynoc and go a bit to the left.

Fairy 021/100 Lauren
She's just sitting there in an ice crystal.
Colour: Green

Flame the bell at the top as well as the seventh candle. Now head back along the path and then go south to the locked box in order to get the gems out of it. Now look over to the right with the use of the L button, and then glide over to where the gems are. Here, look to the right again and jump over to where the final candle and gem is.

Fairy 022/100 Marta
As soon as the candle lights, you'll be given the ice crystal to melt.
Colour: Yellow

Now back onto the main island and along to flame the three bells again in the right order.

Fairy 023/100 Irene
Once that's done, you'll be taken over to Lyle and he'll give you the crystal.
Colour: Yellow

Level Complete.

Stone Age Speedway
300 Gems - 2 Fairies

Ah. The Speedway. These things are horrible and almost impossible, yet not totally impossible, a lot of practice is needed to get good at them. Located over to the right side of the level, on the platform above where Moneybags is trying to sell you a way into Ant Farm.

Heh, choose Normal when it asks you, and then get ready to play. First to arrrive will be a set of rings which you will need to fly through in order to both get extra time and collect their gems. All purple things in normal mode will drop a gem, when they do you'll need to go over to it and grab it before you miss it. After the rings come the bats which you will need to avoid or shoot. The yellow ones will give you an extra second, while the red ones won't do anything to help. Keep tapping A or B to fire repeatedly. Then come some strange wierd flying things, they're mostly gems at the moment though so shoot em all for some gems. You won't make it first time, but on the second go, after these creatures come a load of meteors. You can only shoot the rough looking ones, they will give you a +1 second boost fordoing so, avoid the solid ones. Once through that, you'll be fighting a dragon similar to those found in Fireworks Factory of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. You'll need to keep firing at the dragon as much as you can, you'll also probably need a time of at least 10-15 seconds left, depending on how quickly you can fire, although obviously a time left of 36s is very useful.

Fairy 024/100 Sam
As soon as the dragon is dead, you'll be given a fairy, no melting involved.
Colour: Yellow

Now, either go back through Normal to get the last few gems of the level, or go into Hard mode in order to get the next fairy. In Hard mode everything is a little harder to do, things move a little quicker and you start off with less time. It's basically the same though.

Fairy 025/100 Peaseblossom
She'll be given to you once you beat the dragon at the end of Hard mode.
Colour: Yellow

That's another level complete. One more in this world and you can leave it forever!

Ant Farm
200 Gems - 1 Fairy

Very similar level to those found in Year of the Dragon. You control Sparx from a top down view and he has a load of moves including shooting, sliding and charging. Pretty much exactly what Spyro can do really. The portal is found right behind Moneybags, he'll require you to pay him 400 Gems before he'll let Sparx through.

Grab the blue key over on your right and go through the big blue door in the south. And by the way, the blue butterflies heal you. Through this door, shoot the insects attacking and then move around and down to the right. All the way down until you see an ant hill. Fire on it until it exlodes. Also destroy the one south of it, then head back up a bit. Go left and into a room with two yellow bugs that will fire at you, kill them first though and grab the gems in here. Back up above where the ant hill was and into the room on the right. Destroy the six ant hills in here and head through the blue door in the bottom righthand corner.

Shoot the ant hill as soon as you get in and then the strange square thing that spawns shooting bugs. Then grab the red key and head out all the way to the red door you met earlier. Grab the gems, and butterflies in here and go back to the large room, go through the red door in the bottom lefthand corner. Shoot the shootey bug. Round the corner and destroy the two shooty bug spawners, they might be quite difficult to destroy with all of the bugs coming out of them, so keep going back round the corner for cover. Grab the green key and back out into the large room again.

Straight up to the door right above you, destroy the two bug spawners and then go ahead and get that purple key. Now through the final door over in the top righthand corner of the large room. In here, use the shield you got earlier and run into him, keep shooting until your shield is almost gone, then get out of him and then continue your shooting. Run as he attempts to jump onto you, and shoot the little grasshoppers he sends out. Keep shooting until he's dead.

Fairy 026/100 Angela
As soon as he's destroyed you'll get this fairy.
Colour: Blue

That should be all for this level, and this world. So head back to Autumn Fairy Homes and go around the level until you get to Bianca in the southeastern corner. Talk to her and she'll take you through to Winter Fairy Home, as you're going through the portal Grendor will finally appear on screen and announce what's wrong with him, you won't have to fight him though.
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