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Spring Fairy Home
300 Gems - 5 Fairies

The penultimate world of the game, just the Summer Fairy Home to go after this one. But for now, appreciate this for what it is. The fairies will once again save you if you go over the edge in this level so don't worry about that too much.

Go down to the left and flame the first of the eight flowers on the ground here. Go round the next area anti-clockwise, and down the steps to the second plant. Continue along this side of the level and go around until you get to a part that goes off to the south-west. Along the path you should find the third flower. Continue past and talk to Bianca who'll tell you to collect yet more fairies in order to open up the portal to the Summer Fairy Home. Go to the other end of this area where you should find both the fourth flower and the 54th fairy.

Fairy 054/100 Heidi
Ungrateful little...
Colour: Green

Anyway, back along the path that brought you here and continue your journey anti-clockwise. Continue along past Moneybags who's guarding the portal to Caterpillar Gardens, don't pay him until you want to go in. Continue up past him a bit further until you reach a place with a frozen fairy up top.

Fairy 055/100 Judy
She'll warn you about the big bad Grendor. Bit late for that.
Colour: Yellow

And on past here to where you'll find the fifth of those orange flowers. Continue along further until you reach another platform. Go up and to the right. As you do you'll get to flame number sixth.

Fairy 056/100 Merriweather
Over to the right is this little one.
Colour: Green

Now over to the left, and just below the Time Machine Lab portal is the next fairy.

Fairy 057/100 Tessa
Melt away.
Colour: Blue

Directly south of the fairy is the seventh of the flowers. And once again, directly south and to the right a bit, is the last one.

Fairy 058/100 Cassie
Teleported away to where a previous flower was, you'll need to free her from the crystal.
Colour: Yellow

And that's a wrap. Go on home people, or more precisely, to the Time Machine Lab! If you've managed to keep up with the walkthrough and have all 58 fairies, you will be able to access the lab, if not you'll have to wait until you have the 58 required which can be gotten from any of the other levels in the world that are currently open for you, including Roman City for example, but for this walkthrough it's on to the Time Machine Lab.

Time Machine Lab
400 Gems - 6 Fairies

Located in the top lefthand corner of the level, up near to where Tessa was. It's another level with the one fall kill routine, so no falling or being knocked off the edge. OK?

Go forwards a bit and talk to the Professor. He'll tell you to clear his lab of Rhynocs. Up onto the platform behind him and charge into the robot Rhynoc, flaming won't work against these guys. Now go back along to the other end of this current island and then back again to glide over straight up.

Here you will find a couple of Rhynocs and a pencil on the ground, flame the pencil, it's the first of eight. And glide upwards again. Go up the platform, working your way right up to the top. Grab the key on your way. On the purple bit, go over the titanium spork (you'll need it for a challenge that you've yet to be given) and flame the second pencil.

Fairy 059/100 Cookie
Down to the left is where you'll find her.
Colour: Yellow

Glide over to the right from the very top and land on a platform. Here you'll find the third pencil to flame right up at the top, a second and third spork and the fourth pencil too. Jump down to the bottom level here and grab these gems. Over to the left now and onto a platform with yet more gems on. At the other end of this thing, glide to the right. Up the top of the platform you can reach on here, then glide over to the other one.

Fairy 060/100 Deborah
Just needs a flaming.
Colour: Yellow

Go down to the bottom left of this current island and glide off to the south-west, at the end of this island is the fifth pencil. Now try and glide over to the right from the nearest point to it, which is basically near to where you first landed on the island. Up the top flame the pencil and then head back to that previous island.

Glide off to the bottom left now, and go round this small island and round up onto one over to the top left. Up the top here you should find the sixth pencil. Now off to the bottom left and glide over again. Go up the platform and talk to the Professor. He'll tell you about his six missing Titanium Sporks, you should already have four of them and the fifth is right next to him. Glide over to the left again and open up the locked chest.

Over to the right and glide a bit further. Go along here until you get to the sixth and final Spork.

Fairy 061/100 Gladys
As soon as you pick it up, you're taken back to the Professor and he'll give you the fairy.
Colour: Blue

Move along back to where you were when you got that last Spork. Up the top here and you'll find a fairy.

Fairy 062/100 Maggie
Thus proving that the colour of the fairy denotes what type it is. As she says she's a Winter Fairy, in the Spring Fairy Home world, therefore fairies aren't all in the right place, and her being blue just proves that Winter Fairies are blue and the others are Yellow (Summer), Green (Spring) and Yellow with red hair (Autumn). Simple. Probably anyway.
Colour: Blue

Go over to the left and glide over to the platform here. Grab the gems and kill the final Rhynoc.

Fairy 063/100 Xiang
Hair Tonic eh?
Colour: Yellow

Now all that you need is the final pencil. To get to it, head around the level until you get to a small purple raised part, glide over to the north and to the final pencil.

Fairy 064/100 Hollie
There, that's them all.
Colour: Green

And that's all folks. Apologies if this part of the guide seemed a bit detatched and less then informative as I believe I went a rather long way round, plus I really don't like this level. I will probably try to rewrite the whole of the Time Machine Lab part sometime in the future, just not right now.

Roman City
300 Gems - 6 Fairies

Found down near the sea. This level features water which will drown you on touch, so once again avoid falling off the edges.

Grab all the gems on this small island and then glide over to another island west of here. Talk to Tribune Bryan, he'll tell you to help him find Senator Ricci. Glide off to the right now, and up to near where there's a Mystery Vase. Talk to Mayor Leo. He'll tell you to help free Citizen Paddy from the Mystery Vase. Charge into it and it'll teleport off somewhere in the level, you'll find it later on.

Go round to the right and take care of the two Rhynocs that will start charging at you. Then go up the platform and glide off to the left and land on the ground. Flame the Rhynoc attempting to hit you with some rockets, and then glide over to the left once again. Here go around and up, then back down and along the path. Talk to Councillor Stuart now. He'll tell you about a thief. Ugh.

Fairy 065/100 Kim
This has got to be the worst place to put a thief. Not only are there plenty of things for you to charge into, the water here kills you on contact so you've got pretty much no chance. However,
Type: Autumn

Now, go around this area killing everything you can find, but don't jump over any water just yet. Just avbove where you end up after catching that thief, is a oil lamp, flame it. Seems a bit late into the level, but this is the first of the eight items to flame.

Go up to the north-west corner of the whole level, here you should find a key, the second oil lamp and a frozen fairy.

Fairy 066/100 Nina
It's right up on the platform here.
Type: Spring

In the south-east corner of this huge area is the third oil lamp.

Fairy 067/100 Jessie
Up the top near an oil lamp.
Type: Winter

Fairy 068/100 Laramie
Gotten after flaming the eight oil lamps.
Type: Summer

Fairy 069/100 Doty
Senator Ricci will give you the fairy once you wipe out the last of the Rhynocs.
Type: Summer

Fairy 070/100 Sarah
As soon as you smash the Mystery Vase for the last time, Mayor Leo will give you the fairy as a reward.
Type: Autumn

That's it. Apologies for the lack of a walkthrough for most of it, I kinda went crazy on this level. Expect a rewrite in a future version.

Twilight Bulb City
400 Gems - 6 Fairies

This level's found over to the top left-hand corner of the map. Again this level sports a nice feature that kills you straight away if you fall off the edge.

Walk over and talk to Zachery. He'll give you a challenge to turn on all the lights in the level. This should be easy. Glide over to the platform over on the left and grab all the gems here before heading north-east. Flame the Rhynoc and that wind turbine thing on the ground, similar in style to a type of chest from the original game, this thing will spin. It's also the first of eight in the level. Now glide off to the right once you're done with this platform.

Take care of the Rhynoc here and move along to the platform over to the north-west of you. Here head north along it, flame the second wind turbine as you go. Then when you get to the end, turn around and go the other way. Here at the base of the large wooden part, is the third of those wind turbines. Flame it. Then go up onto the wooden platform and flame the Rhynocs on it, right at the top is the fourth wind turbine.

Now glide off to the right and land on top of where you have been previosuly but couldn't reach. Here flame the switch next to the lightbuld, and melt the frozen fairy.

Fairy 071/100 Sugarplum
The same old tired response again.
Type: Summer

Glide off down to the left and land on a platform as yet unexplored. Grab the key here and flame the switch for the second of the lightbulbs up north. Now head down and round to jump over to another platform west of this one.

Fairy 072/100 Callie
Up the top of a wooden bit here.
Type: Winter

Jump back down and go to the left where the fifth wind turbine is waiting. Head down the other end of this platform and flame the sixth turbine, as well as the third of those lightbulbs up on a platform over on the west-side. Then glide a bit further to the left. Up here you'll find another Rhynoc and the fourth of the lightbulbs. Now head back to the previous platform you were on and then glide to the south.

Clear the platform of gems and Rhynocs, then glide off to the north, stand in the middle of the top of the platform here and glide over to another platform, you'll probably need to use the hover technique to get up to it.

Fairy 073/100 Blue
Right up here's this fairy, all trapped in ice.
Type: Winter

Glide down to the left and work your way round back to where you were before that last glide. Here, go off to the left now. You'll find wind turbine number seven in the corner up north, and then at the other end, glide off southwards.

Fairy 074/100 Syliva
In the bottom right corner of this small island.
Type: Autumn

Off to the left I think now. Then once this place is cleared it's off to the left again. Here you should find both the last wind turbine and lightbulb. Flame the lightbulb first.

Fairy 075/100 Elizabeth
A little mention to Insomniac Games here? Maybe. Whatever it is, flame the fairy after Arlo's little talk.
Type: Summer

It's not too far to the wind turbine from here, so go back there and flame it.

Fairy 076/100 Mab
Teleported away from here, the fairy will be sitting there in front of you.
Type: Spring

From here go to the right, glide to the right and work your way back through the level until you reach the locked chest. Open it and be on your way as that should complete the level for you. 70% of the game is now complete.

Aqua Age Speedway
300 Gems - 2 Fairies

Located right in the middle of the homeworld. The only good thing to say about this level is that it's the second to last one of the game. Mmm.

Same as usual, Normal mode and attempt to collect all the gems you can on the first go through as you'll never make it. The order in which things arrive are: first come the rings, then a set of balloon things (pink does nothing, yellow gives you +1 and blue gives you a gem), next are a set of jellyfish (shoot the small ones circling the larger one, then when they're all dead youcan destroy the large one which will give you a gem), then next come a load of crab like things (blue gives you a gem, red nothing and orange +1) which you will need to avoid as they come on screen, then another of those large jellyfish with smaller ones surrounding it, and then finally the last dragon.

Fairy 077/100 Jo
After killing the dragon, Sparx will give you this fairy.
Type: Summer

Then either collect any last gems you need in Normal mode, or move onto the slightly more difficult Hard mode.

Fairy 078/100 Betty
Once you finally kill that end dragon, you get this fairy.
Type: Autumn

All done, exit.

Caterpillar Gardens
200 Gems - 1 Fairy

Located directly behind Moneybags. Pay him the 800 gems he wants and head on in. Same enemies and premise as the last two times. Get on through and defeat the big bad boss.

Having said that, as soon as you exit the first room you meet up with a new enemy. Just destroy it's leaf to stop any more coming out. Go round the corner here and into a larger room with several doors. Destroy another of the new enemies, a large bug which requires several shots, and then head up and grab the blue key.

Yep, through that blue of doors. Head up past the protected thing, and destroy the large bug spawner up here. Head back down again past the protected leaf and destroy an anthill south of it. Go along this path, destroy a bug spawner and get the red key.

Through the red door and kill the things in the first room. Head south and destroy a leaf, then east and go all the way through here past several doors and finally grab the green key after a lot of killing. Go back and then through the first green door you find, then to the right and through the next green door.

Go along here and destroy the leaf and bug spawner as you go, right at the end is the purple key. Head back to the first room full of doors and go through the purple one.

Grab the gem in here and head back to the other previous purple door which will lead you to the final boss fight. Use whatever butterfly power you have on it and then if that runs out grab the red butterfly in here and use that.

Fairy 079/100 Roxie
Once you finally get it to explode, this little fairy will popup.
Type: Winter

And grab any gems you've missed in the level then head on back through to the Spring Fairy Home.

Now that all of the levels in this world are complete, it's time to move on to the final world. Go over and talk to Bianca who will once again open up a portal to the next world, the final world, Summer Fairy Home.
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