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Cheat Codes

These codes are entered on the password screen. To get to it, at the main menu right after selecting your save file, hold down L and R to open it up. Make sure that you notice that some letters are represented by numbers or different letters than you might expect.

G3MZ - Turns entire game grey (will revert upon reset)
P0RT4L - Turns entire game purple (will revert upon reset)
SP4RX - Turns entire game orange (will revert upon reset)
SH33P - Turns enemies into sheep (will revert upon reset)
B41S0KV - Replaces Spyro's flame with flying sheep
SPYR0 - Turns Spyro orange (will revert upon reset)
V1S10NS - Gives you 100 gems (can only be used once per save slot)
T4P10C4 - Gives you 200 Gems (can only be used once per save slot)
V4N1LL4 - Gives you the Stone Riptoc Card
S0YB34N - Gives you the O Sheep Card

Crash Party

Hold L and R when switching on your GBA to play a extra secret game called Crash Party USA (or just Crash Party if you're playing the European version). This mini-game requires you to press one of the buttons on your GBA as it reaches the end of the lines, I'm not entirely sure how long the game goes on for but it gets more difficult with both faster movement of the buttons and crazy combinations of them. Remember you can go straight from the top to the bottom by pressing up, the same applies from getting to the top from the bottom (except you press down).

#15 Wyraachur 16:58:11 05/05/2007
i got a European version of the Spyro/Crash Fusion double pack, and the game was called Crash Party USA. quite funky tho smilie
#14 spyro the best 07:35:52 04/04/2007
cool the spyro party!!!!!!!(he is indeed strong!)
#13 manaphyex99 10:53:10 19/02/2007
um butler you know the cheat code? it is not working what do i do.
#12 Anonymous 10:48:17 19/02/2007
um butler it isn't working what do i do.
#11 spyroandsparx 12:59:43 17/02/2007
Yeah LoS, and it's a figure of speech. smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
#10 artiste_violet 03:55:42 28/12/2006
to lover of spyro: ''me'' is dragginwings. Anyway, these cheats look awesome!
#9 Carmelita Fox 13:50:00 16/12/2006
You can Spyro paty USA on Crash Orange
#8 Lover of Spyro 18:21:29 12/12/2006
you'de better b a girl me!!!!!!cos that is gross!(i've got my own club and our no.1 rule is: Never kiss or b in love with a boy!!!!)
#7 spyro_please 17:45:08 28/08/2006
Ive always known about most of these but Im always using SH33P and SPYR0
#6 me 15:14:50 09/07/2006
Oh, THANK YOU, BUTLER!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THE CHEAT CODE!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! ( me hands over one million Hershey's kisses to butler then kisses him apon the cheek.)
#5 me 16:25:18 06/07/2006
OH, DUH!!!! NEVER MIND!!!! THANK YOU, butler!!!
#4 me 19:57:33 03/07/2006
butler, WHICH Dragon Castle minigame??????????
#3 Black Minx 14:08:19 29/05/2006
I love Crash party!!! It rocks!!!!!!
#2 butler 20:49:54 30/04/2006
having trouble completing the minigames..this cheat could help you..go to party mode and to the dragon castle minigame and press l and a at the same time and select hard mode and you should be in techpark and the portal should open..then go to tech park in adventure mode, instead of being at the part with the portal, you should be in another part of tech park....
#1 bob 11:24:14 10/04/2006
best codes please get more
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