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Skill Points

Skill Points are given only to those who can do the most amazing things in the game, and those that read guides like this. Here is a full list of all twenty skill points as well as how to complete them.

Sunny Villa - Flame all trees

For this first Skill Point, all you need to do is flame all of the trees in Sunny Villa. They are short trees dotted around the level in plant pots.

Sunny Villa - Skateboard course record I

As the name suggests, you need to beat the course record in the skate park, which should stand at a rather small 3,000 points to beat. Just do loads of tricks to get it.

Molten Crater - Assemble tiki heads

For this one, go into the Sgt. Byrd level and instead of putting all the heads on their bodies, simply drop them all in one place so they start dancing for a short period of time.

Molten Crater - Supercharge the wall

You don't actually need to supercharge it, a normal charge will do, but the wall in question is located in the part of the level where the two thieves ran along the super-charge ramp. It's around there on the ground nearby, it shouldn't be too hard to locate.

Seashell Shore - Catch the funky chicken

In the last part before the end of level portal, there is a normal looking chicken swimming around in the water. No idea why it's a skill point to get it but it is.

Icy Peak - Glide to pedestal

Go to the area where the two thieves ran around the track and go up to the top of the tower in there. Now glide down to where the red thief waited for you to beat the other one, land on the tower to get the skill point.

Enchanted Towers - Skateboard course record II

Another skateboarding record this time. You need to get over 10,000 points to claim it, this will involve a lot of combos and all the skate boarding skills you have.

Spooky Swamp - Destroy all piranha signs

Simple one again, simply go around and flame all of the piranha signs in the level to get it.

Sgt. Byrd's Base - Bomb the gophers

As you go around the level you might notice several gophers running around a hole, now either take a bomb or just shoot them as they run around outside their holes. Once all of them are dead you get the point.

Frozen Altars - Beat yeti in two rounds

This one might be difficult. First you need to get to the second fight with the Yeti and then you need to beat it in two rounds. Avoid his hits and smack him as fast as you can repeatedly until he's knocked out in two rounds or less.

Lost Fleet - Skateboard record time

Not points this time, but time. You'll need to get around in less than 1:45 in order to claim this skill point.

Fireworks Factory - Find Agent 9's powerup

Clear the first room here and the first box you can see through the door, go through again and destroy a second box. Now go back a bit and just before you go into the first room again make the doors open and go into sniper mode. Look up to the roof and shoot the red box up there. You'll get a skill point and a gun will appear in the middle of the room. This gun gives you a nice rapid fire action with a 500 ammo limit.

Charmed Ridge - The Impossible Tower

Go along through the level all the way to the place where there was an egg on a tower, here go over to the left and get as close to the tower you can see over on the left. Glide over to it and land on it to get the skill point.

Charmed Ridge - Shoot the temple windows

While in the Sgt. Byrd section, simply shoot out all of the windows in the room.

Bentley's Outpost - Push box off the cliff

Right near the end of the level when you have to push a box out of the way, instead of leaving it push it all the way off to the right.

Desert Ruins - Destroy all seaweed

Go into the portal which takes you to Hunter and the manta-ray, use it to shoot all of the seaweed in this area.

Haunted Tomb - Swim into the dark hole

Go through the level a short way until you reach a rather short and pointless stream, swim down into the darkness at the end of it to get the point.

Dino Mines - Hit all the seahorses

Go into the part where you go down the tunnel real fast, you'll need to hit each and everyone of the seahorses down here to get it.

Dino Mines - Hit the secret dino

In the Agent 9 section of the level, while you're in a gun-fight with the Bailey gang you might notice a dinosaur walking along in the back, it's a darker green then any of the others and won't attack, simply hit it as it tries to walk off behind a building.

Agent 9's Lab - Blow up all palm trees

Simply that. Use the bombs to blow up all of the palm trees in the level.

Once you've got them all you'll have an extra special extended epilogue with some extra info on the characters of the game.

#45 im blowhard 00:20:12 06/07/2009
sorry i went off topic *slaps himself*
#44 im blowhard 00:19:05 06/07/2009
Quote: selene
To "NightMareDragon": follow the link.

omg spyrohints.com finally works
#43 American Spyro 19:43:38 16/05/2009
i NEED to finish deez skill points but im playin crash bandicoot. I MISS PLAYIN THIS........... well i can play it anytime
#42 claw 09:26:53 21/04/2009
molten crater-assemble tiki heads is missing me. only that.
#41 bulbasaur 22:30:35 15/03/2009
The really imposible island
midnight mountain homeworld
Use a gameshark and use a certain code to get to the islamd
#40 SD-King 03:02:21 17/01/2009
These are EASY!Well most of them are smilie!
#39 American Spyro 00:14:19 03/01/2009
Im only missing a few skill points
#38 Selene 02:56:26 29/12/2008
Here's my Skill Point idea. I can't playtest this, because I don't have the game.

  • Exterminate the UFOs
  • Super Bonus World
  • Destroy all of the UFOs with one shot each. So if there are 7 UFOs, you can only use the Superflame 7 times. Also, you can't touch the ground or let the "Powerup Meter" empty. You also can't fly through the powerup once you start flying. No losing HP either. Have fun.

#37 Selene 00:09:52 29/12/2008
I have an idea. Let's share ideas about Skill Points that we think up.
It'll go like this:

  • Title of Skill Point.
  • Level of Skill Point
  • How to actually get the skill point

PLEASE make it make sense. As long as it is possible --- no, let's just do this. It can involve cheats, glitches, and Gameshark in it. Remember, no stealing ideas. Here's mine.

  • ???
  • Super Bonus World
  • ???

As you can see, I don't really have an idea, so don't do any Skill Points that involve Super Bonus World until I finish mine*.

*lest you want to be trapped in a series of unfortunate events.....**

**JUST JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#36 Selene 23:45:27 28/12/2008
To "NightMareDragon": follow the link.
#35 Spyro 101 01:30:28 23/10/2008
Now I finally got the last couple of skill points and the epilogue was a five star video clip.
#34 Spyro 101 22:37:56 03/09/2008
I have all these interesting skill points except Lost Fleet's Course record 2, because I try to make it and retry a few times, but I can't get the Course Record, because the timer get bigger, because you have to go around the course in 3 laps in 1 minute and 45 seconds, so I give up on that skill point and Fireworks Factory's area Agent 9's Powerup I can't get, because I'm too busy killing Rhynoc Ninjas, because when they don't see me I clear the 2 rooms and look at the ceiling and there's nothing there, so I have too kill the Ninjas, because they go through the doors and start hitting me with their karate sticks and the others shoot me with their guns, and I give up on that one too.
#33 SD-King 23:13:58 09/08/2008
Maybe a glitch?
#32 IcelectricSpyro 16:03:13 08/08/2008
My record in skateboard was in level in Midday Garden and it was : 18 000 ! I don't know how I was do that... With Hunter minigame
#31 SD-King 03:52:20 04/08/2008
Luck,Practise and Gliding.
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