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Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The third game in the Spyro series, and the last to be made by Insomniac Games. Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the biggest of all the Spyro games so far made. It incorporates several new playable characters as well as a new evil to fight.

In this game you play mainly as Spyro, but there are certain levels and parts of levels where you can only play as a different character. The playable characters in this game are: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. James Byrd, Bently the Yeti and Agent 9.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: Year of the Dragon
North America Oct 11th 2000 European Union Nov 10th 2000

The Story

Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom celebrates its most important event: the "Year of the Dragon" Festival. Fairies deliver a new batch of dragon eggs and dragons come from all around to dance and feast until everyone drops from...eggshaustion.

The Year of the Dragon is upon us again and the fairies have brought 150 eggs to the Dragon Worlds. However, unbeknownst to the celebrating dragons, a sinister plot is about to unfold...

Far away - on the opposite side of the world - lies a kingdom long since forgotten by dragonkind. So forgotten, in fact, that even the legends about these "Forgotten Worlds" have now been forgotten.

This kingdom is ruled by a mean and spiteful Sorceress who has frankly become quite fed up with being forgotten. As she sits on her forgotten throne, the Sorceress has hatched a fiendishly evil plan. A plan to restore the fading magic to her forgotten realm. A plan to conquer the dragons once and for all. All she needs is a little help from her army of horn-nosed 'rhynocs', the cooperation of her mysterious disciple Bianca and of course, those 150 magical dragon eggs.

The Controls

Spyro the Dragon
XJump. Press again when in the air to glide
CircleFlame/Spit out rock
TriangleLook around/Aim rock/Drop out of glide/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Spyro fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Sheila the Kangaroo
XJump. Press again when in the air to go higher. Press again the moment you land to double jump
TriangleLook around/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Sheila fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Sgt. Byrd
XFly, hold to go higher
SquareDrop bomb/projectile
CircleFire guns
TriangleLook around/Aim
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Sgt. Byrd fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Bentley the Yeti
CircleSpin club
TriangleLook around
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Bentley fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Agent 9
SquareThrow Bomb
Square (hold)Aim Bomb
CircleFire Weapon
TriangleSniper Mode
R1/L1Zoom in/out in sniper mode
R1/L1Dodge left/right
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Gems are strangely identical to the last game. Strangely because Avalar and The Forgotten Worlds are most likely further away from each other then the Dragon Realms is from the Forgotten Worlds. Strange how they have the Avalar set of gems rather than the Dragon Realms set, maybe the Sorceress had the GemCutters in from Avalar though.

Gem ColourGem Value

The same containers for the gems as in Avalar. However here you get gems from killing the Rhynocs whereas in Avalar they released a Spirit Particle. Also this game sees the return of a locked chest, slightly different in appearence from the first game, but you will still need to find a key to open them.

Anyway, on with the walkthrough, and on to Sunrise Spring!

#15 Hannah 22:44:35 15/04/2006
This game is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#14 Topaz Flare 17:06:49 13/04/2006
This is the last game by Insomniac..the rest were ruined by Vivindi or whatever their name is. although the spyro game on my mobile phone by Vivindi is alright o.0;;
#13 john 20:56:59 12/04/2006
In this game you will find gems and hard mini-tasks and the best way of doing the hard one is the last levels are to have experiance from the other games. Also the names of the skateboard tricks are named after the bosses like Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Toasty, and Dr. Shemp. In this game you get to use UFO's and other flying and road vehicles in the game. This game is so GOOOOOOOOD compared to the Hero's Tale.
#12 nothin 12:40:15 09/04/2006
how do you get the 25 gems in the sheila level where u have to kick the rocks and stomp the mushrooms to help the bug dudes?? ive tried everything and right now im riping my hair out!!!!!! help me pleze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
#11 Me 00:10:13 08/04/2006
ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER PERFECT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#10 Fodder 20:56:51 26/02/2006
its great lots of fun i love dino mines and sunny villa did you ever notice that giant chicken so cool this is my most favorite game non-stop action and fun
#9 Ross Anderson 17:01:01 26/01/2006
Again with the boss guides!:

Buzz: Part 1: Buzz will run up to you, charge back at him and he'll bounce backwards, keep on charging Buzz until he falls into the lava! Now run away and after Shelia takes a hitpoint off him with a stomp he'll roll into a ball and start sawing after you, charge away until he stops. Repeat.
Part 2: Same as before, only now Buzz occasionally brings up a fire shield, wait for it to go away then charge him into the lava. Repeat.
Part 3: Same as before, only now after Buzz's shield thingy he'll sneeze up three fire shockwaves, jump over them and charge Buzz till his in the lava. Repeat again and Buzz'll sink into the lava!

Spike: Part 1: Spike will start shooting at you, basically you've got to charge away from the shots all of the time, he'll also run up to you and attempt to smack you, though don't worry! Charging is the key defence, though you'll have to stop when you get to a rock so as to charge it into Spike to take a hitpoint off him. Repeat twice more.
Part 2: Spike'll now fire an extra shot each time and now red mines will appear, you have to pick one up then fire it at Spike as a superflame, only not as we know it. And also be in the know that Spike can pick up the mines and use them as giant shockwaves, so hit him before he hits you! Repeat twice more.
Part 3: Same as before, only now there are blue mines and Spike is much more greedy. You're mines can be thrown at Spike out of your mouth much like those rocks, but Spikes will send out an electrical line which wfill chase you around for about 10 seconds. Repeat and his dead!

Scorch: Part 1: Scorch'll start in to different ways: 1) Throw a shower of fireballs towards you, 2) Spit out eggs with crabs inside. Just charge to the edge of the arena with number 1 and charge the crabs for 2. Occasionally, Bently will toss out some attacks, they are: 1) Red rockets 2) Green rockets. The red rockets will give you rapid fire ammo of 50, while the greens will give you 1 firecracker. Shoot at Scorch with each until he loses a hitpoint (NOTE: Scorch can not be hit when he's shield is up). Repeat twice more.
Part 2: Same as before, only now Scorch will lay eggs hatching those TNT carriers from Icy Peak, though don't threat, they can easily be killed with a single bullet or a flame. Repeat twice more.
Part 3: Same as before, only now Scorch lays eggs hatching mini-suns which you can shoot or burn out by charging away OR (drum roll) Buzz, yes his back, only now without his advanced attacks and can be shot, just get him into the acid and fire at Scorch. Repeat three more times and Scorch is acid bait!

The Sorceress (1): Part 1: The Sorceress has three attacks: 1) The most often - A shower of electro-balls 2) Rarest - A twisty fireball 3) If you get too close - A magical whip shield. Just keep charging 'til Agent 9 shoots down a cannon, jump on the cannon to use it, you have ten ammo, fire towards the Sorceress hoping one or more hits her then escape when she's about to fire her fireball. Repeat four more times.
Part 2: Same as before, only now there's 2 turrets that Agent 9 will get down, jump on one and fire straight at the Sorceress, and to avoid her fireballs just move away on the turret as you can drive it. Reopeat four more times.
Part 3: Same as before, only now there are hoverboards which you can fly really high, but do note that if you go high then the Sorceress will fire at you, oh and you have unlimited ammo so you can now stay on the board forever! Repeat four more times and she'll fall into the lava, not that a hand sticks outsmilie!

The Soceress (2): She's back, now you're both in UFO's and must fire at each other, the floor is made of magical liquid so don't go low, you must just fire at the Sorceress while avoiding her shots as you can only take 3. Repeat 19 more times, while it does get harder ofcourse, and you've beaten the game!
#8 Ross Anderson 13:45:50 14/01/2006
Well I must say, this is cool!! This is WICKED!! This game is my favourite Spyro game, and even though I don't have Attack of the Rynocs, it sounds super great, but will never be better than this one! So far I have 139/150 dragon eggs and 15,000 and something/20,000 gems (sorry if this confuses you, so I'll say I used a cheat to get to the Super Bonus Round). My hardest level is Fireworks Factory because of the impossible Agent 9 part. C'MON YOU'VE GOTTA AGREE WITH ME!! I mean ninja's are shooting like crazy, the ones with staffs block your view and they're coming from the ceiling (please I need serious help on this level!) and my second hardest level is Dino Mines for the difficulty of getting it's eggs! Though really cool!
#7 ADRIAN 01:27:48 14/01/2006
#6 spyro_master 17:21:57 29/12/2005
i love all the 3 spyro games!!!! man thanks for this site it makes me feel more happyer!!!!!
#5 Sarar Ayache 18:33:25 15/12/2005
Oops,this is what I meant below!smilie

This game is kinda of O.K. but there are 2 levels that are such lazybones(smilie) and load way too slow.Another level is a real lazybone and won't load at all.smilie

Hey every time U post a comment,state your favorite character.Mine is every character the tries to kill Moneybags!LOL smilie smilie smilie
#4 Sarar Ayache 18:26:50 15/12/2005
This game is kinda O.K.But my copy wasn't as fun,because,the data was scratched and it takes forever to get in Sheila's Alp and Spike's level.The freaky looking tall tan dude with the gun(smilie) and Sargent Byrd is helping.

Hey every time you put up a comment state your favorite character.Mine is ever character that tries to kill Moneybags!LOL smilie smilie smilie
#3 Evangeline Nitz 17:38:08 03/10/2005
I agree with Anonymous.
I love defeating the Sorceress over and over.
While defeating her, after I use the cannons
and the machine things, I love to ride around
on those hover board things. while riding them,
I have figured out how to make the sorceress
hit herself with her own fireball!
#2 Anonymous 06:26:12 10/09/2005
This is the best Spyro game ever made!
#1 Hannah Roberts 12:03:58 25/07/2005
Wow!!!! Coool! I love the game. your site has made it so much clearer! THANKS! I'LL KEEP IN TOUCH!!
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