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Demo Differences

The early demos of Spyro the Dragon had a few minor differences from the final version of the game, aside of course from not being the full game and limiting you to a few levels of the Artisans world.

Winter Releases '98

  • The silver Spyro life statues were gold coloured.
  • The Return Home portal had the final gem of the level hovering around inside it.
  • Tomas was called Silvus.
  • Dragons in Stone Hill and Dark Hollow were just text.
  • The dragon infront of Toasty wasn't there.

Crash Bandicoot 3

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square.

A more complete demo was released with Crash Bandicoot 3 which was basically the same as the normal game but had Town Square as the portal in the first area instead of Stone Hill. Dark Hollow, Stone Hill and Toasty weren't available to play but Sunny Flight was.

Demo One

An early video of the game showed the Return Home portal not only having a gem inside but the base being the same as that of the Dragon bases.

#15 Miyuki 23:26:40 23/01/2007
i wonder where and IF u can still get them...
#14 Lover of Spyro 19:53:08 12/12/2006
yeah! your right Miyuki!!!
#13 Miyuki 20:16:21 02/12/2006
i always wanted to play a demo of crash or spyro. the winter releases demo sounds rly cool...someone should take more screenshots of the demos...they look really cool. =D
#12 Lover of Spyro 10:26:20 02/12/2006
i like watching demos,especisly when i'm on the PS1 or PS2 and i'm waiting till i've finished some thing to eat!the first time i pplayed this game i watched the demo and it kindda helped me a bit!!!
#11 artiste_violet 01:45:48 29/11/2006
Umm...I dont think so..
#10 Miyuki 19:31:33 25/11/2006
omg how do you get a demo of this game? are they still available?
#9 artiste_violet 22:52:20 25/09/2006
funny, i have the demo of this game and the only available levels were stone hill and dark hallow. and thomas wasnt called silvus in the demo i have. ?_?
#8 Dancinkayley 05:01:09 17/07/2006
I have the Winter Releases '98 version. I didn't notice the statues. And also I have Crash Bandicoot 3, but have never tried out that demo. The music in the '98 version was different in both the home world and Stone Hill.
#7 simon 06:11:46 05/07/2006
Really? how did it sound like? smilie
#6 ih8u2 21:33:57 18/06/2006
there was also different music in some of the levels, like in town square.
#5 Blacksheep 21:14:09 17/06/2006
Woah!! Yea I noticed some of this when I played the demo that came with my Playstation
#4 simon 06:12:39 11/06/2006
I mean oh. smilie
#3 simon 06:02:36 11/06/2006
Ugh! ¬_¬
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:59:57 10/06/2006
What? I'm not sure why you'd buy a demo version of the game. smilie

This was one of a collection of demos on a disc called Winter Releases '98 which happened to be packaged in with the actual game, there's very little chance of any kind of mixup.
#1 simon 14:43:48 10/06/2006
Wow.....i understand,but i hope i don't buy the wrong game. smilie
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