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Cheat Codes

These codes are for the original PlayStation game, cheats for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy are found on the cheats page for that game.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped demo

Hold down L1 and Triangle on the start screen.

You will need to reset the PlayStation in order to get back to Spyro.

99 Lives

Go into the Inventory screen and press the following keys:

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle

No confirmation sound, but you should see your lives increasing all the way to 99

World Select

Press the following buttons in the Inventory screen to get the balloonist to let you go to any of the homeworlds:

Square, Square, Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left , Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down

View Credits

Again, go into your inventory and press the following combination to be taken directly to the credits.

Left, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2

#60 Purple 01:52:46 15/11/2011
@Icera if you turn the pengy upside down the dots are eyes < > these are flippers and the bill is the same.
#59 Dragon-year 17:53:26 13/11/2011
A Rattatta, and do dee do....I don't know the lyrics.
#58 Thunderdragon14 11:06:04 13/09/2011
That only occored on my PS2, the Crash thing works fine on a PS3....
odd that it doesn't work on a PS1 either :/
#57 Dragon-year 14:02:13 23/08/2011
Buy a new controller. I have two different brand ones. >.=.< Isn't the little pengy cute? > and < are eyes. . and . are flippers. = is the bill.
#56 Azul10166 22:22:30 12/06/2011
My friend and I need the 99 lives because she might mess around but then die on accident. smilie
#55 Spyro-Gamer - Hunter 08:04:03 01/05/2011
Without knowing about it, I tried the Crash cheat. I randomly pressed L1 and Triangle but the screen just went black. So I reset my PS1 and didn't try that again.
#54 Sparky5 16:37:44 10/03/2011

Think you can.
#53 pony_girl24 17:00:34 26/09/2010
Question! '

* can you use the 99 lives code twice?
#52 Thunderdragon14 03:07:32 01/09/2010
the crash thing cheat wont work cuz it gives me a black screen and never ends. btw are there any color cheats????
#51 Spyrorocks99 13:18:16 06/12/2009
Hey every body the 99 lives works GREAT I just tried it and I now have 99 smilie
#50 willard45 23:09:36 29/06/2009
stuff :P
#49 Icera 15:15:50 21/05/2009
99 lives sounds useful
too bad my controler is BROKEN
#48 SD-King 02:54:40 17/01/2009
Press Select or Press start & go down to The Inventery
#47 dragons 18:13:18 16/01/2009
How do you get to the iventory page?
#46 American Spyro 20:25:14 13/11/2008
I sorta like this game.
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