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During his fight to save the Dragon Realm, Spyro inevitably has some larger foes to take care of. Whilst in this game they aren't exactly forced upon you, they're still a much more involved fight than with the regular Gnorcs.

This page will give you strategies for defeating all six of the game's bosses.



Found in The Artisans, Toasty is the first boss of the game. Initially dressed up as a Scarecrow, he is soon revealed to be nothing more than a sheep on stilts. Defeating him is a three step process...

First kill the sleeping dog infront of him, (two flames are needed, the first will wake him up so either quickly flame him again or get out of the way and go back to flame it again) the run up to Toasty and flame him.

Moving onto the second stage, another dog is added, kill the two dogs then flame Toasty again, this time revealing the sheep inside.

And finally it's three dogs guarding him, repeat the same to kill them and one more flame at Toasty will finish him off.

Doctor Shemp

Doctor Shemp

Residing in the self titled level (as are all bosses) Doctor Shemp is a giant, orange, Witch Doctor, Gnorc with a bit of flameproof armour on his front. He's so cool he wears sunglasses.

Jump onto the small jutting out bit just below the main platform which Dr. Shemp is standing on and jump up onto it, then back down. This should entice the good doctor to attempt to attack you. When he turns around and heads back, flame him. He will then move along to another platform just over a bridge.

Entice him again, but this time you'll have to get a bit closer, and stay there too. As he spins round, flame his back and dodge his stick. Again he will move along. And for the last time, make him mad and he'll once again spin, this time dragging the stick along the ground, jump over it and flame his back for the last time.



Nothing but a big bag of hot air. This tornado uses lightning bolts to strike at Spyro, but Spyro's flame is much too much for this guy.

The least concentrated boss of the game, Blowhard is met three times within the level, and each time all you need to do is to get up to him and flame him.



Certainly impressive looking, Metalhead is a giant robot Gnorc with a pink mohican. His source of power is conveniently a set of fragile poles in front of him. Well, fragile whilst they're green anyway.

Needing to be done twice, all you must do is to smash all of the electric poles whilst avoiding the gnorcs and electricity that he fires at you.



More of a Jack-in-the-Box, this guy throws boxes at you.

Each time he moves on, just follow him and flame him as you get near, he'll eventually just die towards the middle of the area. The only difficulty here is making sure you time your jumps right, as otherwise you'll fall to your death in the waters below.

Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty Gnorc

The final boss of the game, and of course your main enemy. As a giant green gnorc, Gnasty has built up several layers of security in his lair, not very good security but that's all good for Spyro.

After reaching Gnasty, you need to chase him around a circuit until you reach the point where he takes a breather at about the same time as he does, this is your chance to flame him. Follow him inside, jumping over the ever decreasing platforms to the final area. A simple flame takes care of this big bad boss.

#90 Matteomax 17:55:42 08/09/2012
I admit, Metal Head is the toughest boss in the game, Gnasty is second, Jacques third, Blowhard fourth, Toasty fifth, and Shemp sixth.
#89 L Cynder 12:06:33 04/07/2012
Here are my ratings on each of the bosses:

Toasty: Pretty Easy to me.

Dr. Shemp: A little hard, but not much of a challenge.

Blowhard: same as Dr. Shemp.

Metal Head: pretty hard, took me a while to figure out how to defeat him.

Jacques: Strangely easier to defeat then Metal Head

Gnasty Gnorc: Very hard to defeat, Took me almost forever to catch up to him.

One thing in common: All are very fun to toast their butts. smilie
#88 Triggerhappy124 17:28:12 20/06/2012
kaos vs gnasty gnorc would be cool.
#87 crashdragon 18:54:00 03/04/2012
To me the hardest boss in the game is Jacques.
#86 SaziSkylion 20:55:49 19/02/2012
Blowhard used to scare the crap out of me 8C
I think he's probably the freakiest villain in the Spyro franchise.
#85 Jacquesgirl 02:14:11 30/01/2012
crap Idk how to post images smilie
#84 Jacquesgirl 02:12:34 30/01/2012
on comment #79 The nowday's society is full of those people anymore Gnasty is a perfect example of that even when his "gangster 5" are defeated and don't mess with the good people... smilie Yeah oh if you wandered about why I came back to the game years later??? Here's your answer but btw it's not my art.:thumb177148435:
#83 Aurora Dragon 00:26:20 30/03/2011
i could NOT beat this game when I was younger all because of gnasty gnorc. it wasn't untill five years later that I beat him!!!!!
#82 adjam91 09:30:15 08/11/2010
o man. i was fighting blowhard the other day. he was on the ground and i flamed him 3 times before he took damage. i wish spyro would only gets hit when he wants to. that would make things easier
#81 PsychoBlaster 15:32:58 02/10/2010
I used to have such a tough time beating Shemp. I never realize you had to jump on the last part of the battle. Whoops.

smilie yay
#80 adjam91 20:01:23 30/09/2010
toasty was a weird boss. its a bit stupid that he turned out to be a sheep. what was that about? anyway he was easy to defeat. its those dogs that are annoying. its funny to see toasty run around the dogs when you get close to him

doctor shemp is a better opponent. its kind of sad (yet funny at the same time) to watch him hop along the bridge after he has been hit

was blowhard wearing a hat? weird huh? probably the strangest boss of the game.

i think metalhead has a weird hairdo as well. why do they give the bosses such strange characteristics. if you stand between metalhead and the poles he throws those enemies into the poles killing himself.

all jacques seems to do is run away. i couldnt even tell if i was hitting him because he never gave any gems when i flamed him.

all the bosses are cowards because they all run away. except for metalhead. obviously he had to run away to get more power
#79 adjam91 18:24:52 30/09/2010
It's quite funny to chase Gnasty. He acts so tough but runs away from you.
#78 RubyWings91 19:29:34 30/08/2010
I found chasing Gnasty very difficult. I kept falling off the trails or missing jumps. It got really annoying to start all the way back at chasing the theives and repeat the process all over again.

Still, it made me feel even better when I finally beat him though.
#77 the0game0master 22:59:01 10/07/2010
i personal think that gnasty is the best boss in this game
#76 gaul2 17:02:21 30/06/2010
@PsychoBlaster He's not really a boss.You make no contact with him and he's invincible (with out the poles).
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