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7:42 PM - Monday the 26th of June, 2006 - by dark52
It only took a year and a half but I've finished the maps for A Hero's Tail. Along the same lines I've finished the maps for Season of Ice too, only four and a half years late this time. Now all those lost things can find their way again, hurrah!

I've also now properly finished off the mobile Spyro the Dragon walkthrough which was previously hindered by the lack of the final level in my version of the game. It does indeed now include the boss fight.
1:14 PM - Tuesday the 6th of June, 2006 - by dark52
Amazingly it's now been two years since I first threw a version of darkSpyro onto the interweb. Who'd have thought this place would still be around, eh?

I meant to finish off the additions to A Hero's Tail by today but, y'know, I'm rubbish at deadlines set by myself. All I managed to do was a Dark Gem page, a Dragon Eggs page and a Light Gem page., ah well. Expect more (actual new stuff) soon(ish).
12:45 PM - Friday the 21st of April, 2006 - by dark52
I've finally finished redoing the Spyro: Fusion (Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy) section which for the most part looks better than before. Mostly the walkthrough though, which I've finally brought up-to-date.

In other site related updates, I've added the first Spyro mobile game to the Other Games section and added a Books section to Shadow Legacy. Oh, and of course I added a The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning section too.
1:30 AM - Saturday the 1st of April, 2006 - by dark52
This was an April Fools by the way...

It's been a long two years but I'm afraid this is the end for darkSpyro. I just can't see Spyro going anywhere, and that's why I welcome you to my brand new replacement website darkCrash. Without the four legged limitations of a dragon, this orange marsupial has a lot of room left to grow and improve. Whilst the sections are barebones at the moment that's something I'll be working on over the next few weeks.

Sorry for any inconvenience if you were expecting a Spyro the Dragon fansite, and hopefully there won't be any residual problems left over from the Spyro days, which I hope we can all now just forget as Crash is the only one with a real future.
12:53 AM - Tuesday the 21st of March, 2006 - by dark52
I've added a way of rating each of the games out of five. Just click on the stars at the top of each game page, choose the number of stars you want to rate it then just click on the corresponding star on the new picture. It doesn't work without JavaScript though.

Along with that I've added a top five at the top of the homepage, it uses the new ratings, as well as a short list of the latest news articles. As always there's always a chance of bugs this early on so please let me know if you find anything wrong with it.
5:47 AM - Tuesday the 21st of February, 2006 - by dark52
Aside from what may or may not be a vague prediction on IGN, there's still been no news of a new Spyro game. There's a similarly vague thing about it here (which gives a 3rd quarter release for Spyro 6 on the PS2, GameCube, GBA and DS) too.

In site news, I've put the Ripto Quest section back in action and have added a brand new Spyro the Dragon section for the Mobile game bearing that name. You'll find them in the 'Other Games' link on the right. There's also a new alternative link to the proper games sections just above it.

I've altered the news archives for individual years so that they show a calendar of the year rather then producing a long page of news items, though that option is still there. I might as well mention the forum changes too.

UPDATE: I've also just added a rather pointless poll on the right.
8:14 PM - Monday the 2nd of January, 2006 - by dark52
Welcome to the brand new look to darkSpyro. We've got the same content as before and a little extra (minus Ripto Quest which will be back soon anyway). Use the image links on the left to navigate your way around the games. All other links are on the right as well as the advert, remember that that's the only thing paying for the hosting.

Anyway, there may be some new glitches and mistakes around the site whilst I try and iron any out. If you wouldn't mind mentioning any you find in the comments for this news post I'd be very grateful. And just so you know, the random image selection in the top right isn't switched on just yet, I'll probably get round to doing that tomorrow when I fix up the banner as well.

As well as all that, I've written a brand new guide, for the Mobile Phone game Spyro the Dragon. View the basic text file here.

UPDATE: Now with hover effects.
8:47 PM - Sunday the 25th of December, 2005 - by dark52
Yep. Hope you had a good one.

And look out for a new look to the site in the new year.
11:33 PM - Monday the 14th of November, 2005 - by dark52
Welcome to the brand new home for the site, Finally moved from the free hosts that have been vanishing as soon as we're established on them, but we're going to be staying at this .net location for quite a while now.

Since we went offline on the 28th of last month, I've finally managed to complete my Season of Flame guide along with a map showing the locations of the chests and keys as well as all of the eight items to flame/freeze/electricute in each level. I've also gone over a few of the older guides and spruced 'em up a little, there's not much new in them, but still. The Character Guide additions were put on hold just before the site went offline, but I'm going to start doing that again from Wednesday onwards. Oh, and a new small website has been setup to host all of my guides, see that at darkFAQs.

Some Spyro reviews are in, and it's not looking too good for Shadow Legacy if you're to believe them. IGN give it a 4/10, Eurogamer also gave it the same, Nintendo Power have apparently given it a 6.5/10 and Planet Gamecube gave it a 5.5/10. Check out some user reviews at GameFAQs and GameSpot as well to see their views.
5:33 PM - Sunday the 23rd of October, 2005 - by dark52
Looks like the site may be on the move again, our hosts are taking their server offline due to a rise in prices from their providers. They do say they are looking for a new server but I've no idea how long that will take, though I'll probably start looking for a new host after a week. In the meantime whilst this site is down, the extension will be pointing back to a geocities page where I'll post any updates to the situation. Seeya.

Sometime... smilie
8:21 PM - Monday the 17th of October, 2005 - by dark52
Five months on and I've finally finished off putting the Spyro the Dragon set of characters (88 in total), you can now find every single dragon in the Character Guide. Just another ten games to go... Oh, and I've added a thing on the right of the main page for some reason. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

In other news, the official website has been updated to promote Shadow Legacy, it doesn't really have anything new that we didn't already know, but there's a nicer link to the newest of the videos there.
11:15 PM - Tuesday the 23rd of August, 2005 - by dark52
Fifteen new screens have appeared on the VUGames website here. What's more it seems that the game will feature a new enemy, an evil wizard. And it's been rated E, which suggests that the game is now finished. Still no more news on a release date though, but the 18th of October still looks possible.

Scratch that, there's sixteen new screens. You'll find the extra one here it is 'there' but isn't on the screenshots rosta.

And some general bug fixes around the place, hopefully all images should now work that didn't before (Fusion title screens for example) and a slight behind the scenes change to the comments system to prevent some problems to do with urls.
10:15 PM - Saturday the 13th of August, 2005 - by dark52
Thanks to the nice people at Complete Free Host we've got some new hosting at last. Hopefully you've all found the new site easily and enjoy your stay here.

Just a slight change to the site with the right-hand menus being transferred to the left and into the main menu. Most of the posts in the forum have been saved as a back-up was made but a few were lost. You'll have to login again though as the old cookies won't work here.

My other site, darkGTA, will be staying down for a while longer.
7:27 AM - Tuesday the 12th of July, 2005 - by dark52
For no particular reason other then I woke up this morning and decided to do this, I've added a comment system to each of the Games pages. I also fixed a few minor problems with the forums too and added a few new basic features. I also brought in a new avatar system. Completely optional of course, with the default as being off. Go to your Profile and click Edit Profile, there in the bottom box put in the web address of your desired picture, please go for a square picture of 100x100 dimensions as that is what it will be squashed to. The restrictions of this web hosting means that I can't upload pictures to host here, sorry. Use ImageShack or similar to host your avatar.

Also added this update are all of the text versions of my walkthroughs, just in case you feel like downloading the whole thing in one piece rather then several. They should be identical or newer then the versions at GameFAQs so don't worry about that. I will get around to finishing the Season of Flame guide, sometime.

Please let me know it you find something wrong or an error crops up.
2:55 AM - Wednesday the 8th of June, 2005 - by dark52
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this website. Probably a good thing that I've lasted this long.
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