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May 28th 2003

Spyro is the special guest of the Fairy Queen for the Royal Ball. But just before the beginning of the party, none of the fairies are ready: their dresses are still locked in the magic chests. Help Spyro give each fairy her clothes in the right order or the party will be cancelled!

#161 Lunar 06:18:29 08/02/2020
i remember this i thought it was pretty good overall
#160 cassiojsl 11:48:34 08/08/2017
After long years this game was finally found.
Check it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMaGIPowig4
#159 MortyFluff 21:48:55 08/02/2016
So i been digging around in the web quite deep for a while now. With the help of the Wayback Machine i got in to Vivendi Games old website, it let me to Sierras old website.

that was a dead end so i decided to mail Sierra and ask them if they knew anything about the games. waiting for answer also mailed Sony Entertainment just because it never hurts to ask more and at last i mailed Activation Blizzard, the current owners of the Spyro Franchise.

waiting for answer (if there will be any lol). dont think there is anything more we can do. if none of these have any answers i will declare the game "Spyro" from 2003 lost.
#158 Spyro Fan 95 20:54:04 05/05/2015
I just acidently clicked to rate this 5 stars. I'm screwed. Although it could be fun cause I've never played it!
#157 Windbringer 00:05:15 03/02/2015
It's hilarious that this game even exists!
#156 Rick-Greenford 13:58:20 07/05/2014
i've played all other spyro games except this, anyone know where to get it?

Here's where to find this game. http://onetouch.h11.ru/in-fusio.shtml
#155 Spyrofanboy101 02:11:37 28/11/2013
well uhm is this Spyros oddest adventure or what?
#154 Hunter413 01:12:33 23/10/2013
Wish I could play this. TTwTT
#153 rfishi 20:12:37 20/05/2012
let's see does this work...

#152 rfishi 22:52:43 12/02/2012
Please can someone give me a list of phones that will let you play this game. I wanna buy a phone, but it's gotta be able to have this on it! Also, how do I get the game once I have the phone? Do you download it? I am confused.

#151 dragongeek101 04:15:41 02/11/2011
smilie i mean.
#150 dragongeek101 04:14:13 02/11/2011
Maybe :Ripto: is a girl... 0o0
#149 sparky87 13:04:32 18/10/2011
or stupid
#148 sparky87 18:09:21 13/10/2011
you said it its like : fairy, oh noo! ripto said he didn't like his cape so he stole all the BUTIFAL dressis evein though I have a LOT more dresses where that came from but they were SO two seconds ago like its STONE AGE old. spyro totaly buying it, oh yes fair fariy maiden i will get them back from the gey dinisor.
STUPID (i know i tried to play it ) hopfully I wasint too insaulting.
#147 XxXSpyrosXxX 14:28:50 14/09/2011
this name is not creativ smilie smilie
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