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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.

#45 Spyro 23:35:19 10/12/2007
I just have one queston for you, do you have any pictures of Ember on this site?

P.S. the pictures are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#44 Spyro_and_Red 11:41:15 26/09/2007
Sweet pics! I like the one with Spyro and Otto on it!

#43 Crush 13:42:46 06/09/2007
Screen 7.

Red: God dawn! I knew I shouldn't have eat that!!!
#42 redthedragon 17:39:19 16/08/2007
I used to have a humungo crush on Red, (how I was named) but I got over that. What I was saying that I had like THOUSANDS of Red pictures under my pillow, Including that one.
#41 SBM 05:04:57 10/08/2007
that's cause reds closing his eyes in the screenshot
#40 SBM 11:42:55 03/07/2007
Oh thx spyrodude25
#39 Spyrodude25 17:12:53 02/07/2007
It is just an ad from the trailer.
#38 Sailor_B_moon 12:08:08 02/07/2007
Hey I have a question....on the 2nd row with the pictures of red i've played the game but i'vd never seen spyro fight red in that area is it part of a ad or do you get to fight red again?

P.S. Im a HUUUUGGGGGEEEE fan of spyro and sailor moon lol
#37 game geek 23:23:40 29/06/2007
my favorite realm is the snow place
#36 game geek 23:22:04 29/06/2007
last pic on 3rd row it looks like red has no pupils
#35 game geek 23:20:14 29/06/2007
the first pic on the bottom row..look where spyro is looking when u click on it
#34 CynderLightLife 07:49:22 18/06/2007
Yah, I know. It gave it away that time when I went to these peoples house and played it (and sucked). But, i got it myself now.

#33 Pyro girl 18:42:53 11/06/2007
He's a mole. The Professor's nephew to be exact
#32 CynderLightLife 10:46:33 08/06/2007
On, I thing it 48, on Blink, it calls him Blinky. What, is he a Koala?


P.S: Sorry if you don't know who I'm talking about. I live in Australia, so, yeh.
#31 CynderLightLife 06:28:38 04/06/2007
Yeh, I spell things funny (on purposeses smilie). I mainly said that due to something my friend said the other day. Don't know if its too overated for this website, so I'm going to keep it to myself. But... Here's part:

Somebody pick up _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ phone. (x2)
Oh wait, there it is...

I'm done. It is a bit much. But you should of heard it.


P.S: _ _ _ _ _ _ _...... So on means that I decided to make it a puzzle. It doesn't swear, really. Just some fun.
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