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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.

#118 Agenger1 12:24:29 20/05/2021
I've seen... My cousin Blink! With the skeletons in the Frostbite Village's underground before Ardyn Izunia killed him with a dagger like Ardyn with Lunafreya in Final Fantasy XV! I wanna what my friend Bianca resurrect him before is too late!

I like this game trailers, demos and final game of Spyro AHT. Cool! Wow.

That is my video game!
#117 Alydol 01:06:17 29/05/2015
Pic 21
smilie- what, is, that
smilie - a gem perfect for-
smilie - dangerous dark gem
smilie - yes,yes- oops I farted

Pic 18
smilie welcome,to the spyro news network!

Image 15
smilie die,die! Go,go away- I know you are gonna fart!!!!
#116 DragonDog 03:45:12 27/10/2014
1/50 in console is an early blink. His gloves are yellow not blue. 6/50 is an early version of the Gnasty Gnorc battle. Notice the background. 4/50 looks like Sgt. Byrd is in Volcanic Isles not any of his worlds, and 8/50 never made it in the game, Notice the location that Hunter is in? That looks like a REALLY early version of his minigame in Dragonfly Falls, 9/50 is an early concept near the Elders Tree. There is no plant like that in the game and if you look in the hollow log thing it looks like a large room with two creates in it, 10/50 is quite different. Moneybags shop looks bigger there is now frozen fountain there is two very large trees next to the building and there is a pole that is in a different location in the actually game next to Moneybags. Something about 12/50 feels off too. 25/50 no Sgt. Burd minigame portal. 22/50 has a different bomb logo and it looks as if the Dark Shard logo is different too. 24/50 electric breath logo is different. (Missing lightning bolt.) 30/50 (already mentioned differences.) 32/50 missing snow strange grey box behind Spyro's head. 40/50 looks darker shaded and 39/50 Sparx is a darker color, 35/50 possible early light gem next to the yeti. 50/50 possible early light gem appears again and finally 48/50 has the strange grey box again which I'm thinking is an odd view of the target crates.
#115 Arc of Archives 19:48:52 09/07/2014
Image 50:
smilie Must... Never... Run... Again!
#114 willspyro 05:24:42 18/05/2014
7/50, it's a fire arena, that doesn't happen in the game

and some of the artwork remind me of Crash of the Titans artwork
#113 LegendaryFlames 14:05:07 31/12/2012
In artwork on Page 3 those pictures of the levels make very good wallpapers.
#112 trentd78 21:43:31 16/06/2012

smilie die dark gems!

smilie spyro, those are not dark gems.
#111 RadMagicShadow 16:26:59 28/04/2012
For some odd reason the skeleton dudes remind me of Chop-Chop and Minecraft!
#110 Mr-McChicken22 03:01:25 29/02/2012
I dont like amp she hits.Spyro on the head smilie
#109 spyroisthebest8 19:41:24 25/02/2012
Image 36-

smilie come on hunter, what's taking you so long?
smilie (blinks) you made me lose my staring contest!
smilie (rolls eyes) lets go
smilie wait, the snowman wants to do another round
smilie (sighs)
#108 spyroisthebest8 19:37:28 25/02/2012
Image 42:

smilie ( sneezes) A-chooo! ( fire comes out)
smilie Cool! fire came out of my nose!
smilie what?!
smilie fire came out of my nose
smilie that is NOT cool
smilie (gasps) how dare you! it's awesome!
(bat takes hunter away)
smilie kills bat with nose
smilie i told you it was awesome!
#107 Brokensoul 22:11:57 18/12/2011
Image 19 -

Sgt. Byrd: *Shoots down last eagle*
Spyro: "Yay, can I get Light gems now?"
Hunter: "Dude! It's illegal to kill eagles!" *Holds another eagle in hand*
Sgt. Byrd: "Hey, what's that in your hand?"
Hunter: "Nothing..." smilie '
Spyro: "...Can I still have the gem?"
Sgt. Byrd + Hunter: *Fist fight*
Spyro: ...
#106 StevemacQ 00:38:34 04/11/2011
I can't deny how much I loved the cover that I saw on the internet months before A Hero's Tail's release.

I thought the game would darker and cooler by judging the cover alone. When I finally got to play the game however... it was basically more-or-less the opposite to my expectations because the actual game looks nothing like the cover.
#105 cynder1111 22:06:05 28/06/2010
o ya thats true thanks anyway
#104 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:20:38 23/06/2010
She's at number 45, she only appears once in the game (aside from the skin) so there's not much to work with.
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